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the boring thead, class not an issue

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Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:23

I need to cut my lawn. Do you think I'll need to do it again before the winter?

OP posts:
ElenyaTuesday · 23/09/2007 19:00

I think a white handle is quite dull, actually, so extra points to you for that. Is it part of a set of kitchen things with white handles, though?

Bluestocking · 23/09/2007 19:01

I'm worried about the grass in your compost heaps. Unless the compost is quite hot already, the grass will just sit there and go all slimey.

RustyBear · 23/09/2007 19:01

I'm afraid it's getting interesting. It has started to go down through the hole in the middle. Presumably it will then start going back the way it came, but on the underside of the table...

kidsrus · 23/09/2007 19:02

don't forget to hoover up the leaves too with your garden vac{grin}

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 19:02

No, the rest of them are just stainless steel.

I also have very dull pots and pans.

OP posts:
kidsrus · 23/09/2007 19:02

sorry i meant

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 19:04

the dullest thing I could find.....can you do better?

OP posts:
ahundredtimes · 23/09/2007 19:05

MB - I think you need to sort your leaves first. Wet leaves, damp leaves, dry leaves. In small neat piles, with a rake.

Then you count them.

Slubberdegullion · 23/09/2007 19:05

Bluestocking, do not fear I layer the grass with kitchen waste and crumpled up newspaper.

Rustybear, I'm imagining your snail too.

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 19:05

Bugger, you just spoiled this thread and made me LOL!

OP posts:
Mommalove · 23/09/2007 19:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

RustyBear · 23/09/2007 19:06

DH has now drawn the curtains.
We will never know what happened to the snail.

Bluestocking · 23/09/2007 19:07

What a relief, Slubber. There really is nothing nastier than a slimy compost heap . Do you put banana skins in? I don't think they break down in this climate but DP will put them in.

StarryStarryNight · 23/09/2007 19:07

Rusty, please defy your dh, open the curtains!

Slubberdegullion · 23/09/2007 19:07

The most boring thing I could find

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 19:09

and sluber shoots into the lead on the boring stakes there. Can anyone beat that stunningly dull entry????

OP posts:
Tamum · 23/09/2007 19:09


This reminds me of the episode of Ripping Yarns, does anyone else remember it> The most boring guy in the world bursting into his parents' house and saying "Hey, guess who's got a new shovel"

RustyBear · 23/09/2007 19:09

But if I open the curtains, I am admitting the snail is interesting.....

Can't see the snail - it's under the table.

I would go outside to look but I'm wearing my slippers (red with fur round the top)

elesbells · 23/09/2007 19:09


slowreader · 23/09/2007 19:10

I have packed up the packed lunches. They are only partly healthy.

It is nearly time for the Antiques Roadshow.

Tamum · 23/09/2007 19:10

Oh come on, red with fur around the top is far too interesting.

ahundredtimes · 23/09/2007 19:11

How about these?

the pattern effect may be too interesting I think.

I am lololol at Slubber's eggcup.

Tamum · 23/09/2007 19:11

slowreader, I believe Heartbeat is on later, too.

BroccoliSpears · 23/09/2007 19:12

I recently moved my pot plants from the patio into the porch, in case of frost.

Also, today I lost one of my slippers. I found it again.

ahundredtimes · 23/09/2007 19:12

Broccoli - that is a day of almost heroic interest. Doesn't count, not with the losing and then the triumphant finding. Oh no.

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