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the boring thead, class not an issue

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Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:23

I need to cut my lawn. Do you think I'll need to do it again before the winter?

OP posts:
RosaLuxembourg · 25/09/2007 14:21

Much better nlshrtr. I think you are getting the hang of this now.
I have no dryer sheets to sniff because they have fallen down the back of the machine and I can't face pulling it out to get at them. Maybe I should just buy some more. Or perhaps that would be wasteful.

Lorayn · 25/09/2007 14:35

Try sniffing the fluff instead, from the (cant remember name!!shocking)in the tumble dryer

Tamum · 25/09/2007 14:42

I have to take my children to the dentist this afternoon. Just a routine check-up though.

(am trying hard to be calm and boring whilst still sniggering about the patch-wearing sheep)

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 14:46

Another blue one has gone. A green one has replaced it. Now it's just a mad unsightly jumble of cars.

Lorayn · 25/09/2007 14:47

Can someone remember what the fluff collector in the dryer is called?

Tamum · 25/09/2007 14:48

Ooh, now that's a poser. Some kind of mesh, isn't it.

Lorayn · 25/09/2007 14:50

Filter, got it.

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 15:07

Tamum, any teeth updates? (btw I think an outing to the dentist is quite an exciting family trip out so maybe is not appropriate to be spoken about here).

I have dryer balls. They make everything fluffy.

Tamum · 25/09/2007 15:09

Not yet sorry, Slubber, have to pick them up from school first (the children, not the dentist) but rest assured that I will report back with a blow by blow account. I'll see if I can memorise the number thing they do when they talk to the nurse, that will be interesting for you all.

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 15:10

the number thing???

Tamum · 25/09/2007 15:14

I think it's an ID thing for teeth, you know like "occlusion right 3" or something...

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 15:17

Oh right. I was thinking the nurse was doing fun teeth number games with your DC to put them at their ease.

The densist tooth numbers thing is dull. Would fit here very nicely.

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 15:19

All the original cars have gone. The gold one is still there, along with a green, (different) grey one and dark blue one.

The green one has just gone.

slowreader · 25/09/2007 16:35

Are you not visiting your father then, Slubber?

I have made some leek and potato soup. I have put a carrot in it which I know is not correct but I must use the blasted things somehow. Tesco delivered a whole carrier bag full which I am sure I did not order.

Tamum · 25/09/2007 16:38

I got lots of raw beetroot I didn't order a few weeks ago. All back from the dentist, lots of "upper 4 5 6 partially erupted" but I lost the will to live trying to memorise it for this thread. All our teeth are fine thank you.

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 17:35

slowreader, just back.

He was most amused by your sheep vulva covers. Says he has never heard of such a thing before, but said he will ask his mate (another sheep vet, but a Scottish one) who may have heard of such a thing.

Sounds like you farmer was laughing out of his crazy "I've been out in the fields with me flock too long and started thinking up crazy inventions" face.

Oh and you put your ram in with the ewes on bonfire night not Halloween (typical novice mistake).

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 17:35

glad to here teeth are good Tamum.

slowreader · 25/09/2007 17:48

Slubber, look, bottom of page!!!!

slowreader · 25/09/2007 18:07

No actually don't look it is rather unboring.

nlsrhtr · 25/09/2007 18:49

Looking at sheep in a pasture will never be boring again.

lorayn- we refer to ours as a lint screen.

dryer sheets- I purchased 'bulk' package from the warehouse store called COSTCO, so I pinch a bunch and toss them in (usually 3 or 4). I like to tie them into little chains as I fold and leave it about for dh to see. Oh, how much laundry I have folded!

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 19:00

Well I never. Bratting eh? Will have to fill my dear old Dad in (he is getting on a bit). He will be most interested

motherinferior · 25/09/2007 21:07

I'm really sorry but my day has been unfit for purpose on this thread especially because (a) I got a freebie jar of toffee sauce (b) I overheard a colleague interviewing someone for a feature on sex (c) the builders are driving me into a frenzy of rage which is probably rather entertaining. I will try harder. I have a mysterious rash, is that boring enough?

RosaLuxembourg · 25/09/2007 22:01

Yes, MI a rash will be acceptable if not accompanied by a violent fever or likely to have been caused by illicit sexual activity of an interesting nature.

I am off to bed now. Horlicks, anyone?

GodzillasBumcheek · 25/09/2007 22:05

Do dehumidifiers fit into boring category? I was wondering (although not really interested) what is the correct humidity to have your lounge at?

Tamum · 25/09/2007 22:06

Yes, this is what we need, rashes and dehumidifiers to counteract the frankly rather interesting sheep story

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