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the boring thead, class not an issue

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Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:23

I need to cut my lawn. Do you think I'll need to do it again before the winter?

OP posts:
Bluestocking · 23/09/2007 18:44

I am watching The Night Garden on my own because I have bored DS to sleep and have just ironed four tea towels. Do I win?

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 18:44
Wisteria · 23/09/2007 18:45

I've just done my college work and am now pondering whether to cook a proper dinner for dear, devoted, patient dp (who has incidentally mowed our lawn today and taken down dead hanging baskets which I was too lazy to water last week ) or to get a pie out of the freezer?

Oh these decisions are just too hard for a middle class bore like myself!

BigGitDad · 23/09/2007 18:46

of course you must cut the lawn! And it will need a few more cuts before winter with this warm weather about at the moment..
(BGD cuts his lawn religiously every week..)

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:46

I'm going to send the children for a shower.

Have done the boring dinner, round the boring (new) table. It was boring putting it together. And worst of all, it is from boring IKea.

I think I win

OP posts:
Doodledootoo · 23/09/2007 18:46

Message withdrawn

Elasticwoman · 23/09/2007 18:46

My dh has tedious habit of mowing HALF our quite large lawn and then saying it's too dampt to mow the rest.

That slippers side-thread is mindbogglingly boring, I can't compete with that.

ElenyaTuesday · 23/09/2007 18:47

Oh, dh took some tree cuttings to the recycling place today so I think I will have to sweep my drive too. But he doesn't have slippers - is that a problem, do you think?

BTW I'm very interested in the snail.

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:47

But anyway, back to my lawn. Should I rake it this time of year BGD???

Or would that be too exciting

OP posts:
Wisteria · 23/09/2007 18:48

I don't think you technically qualify as middle class without slippers

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:48

am too boring to give my kids a trampoline

OP posts:
Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:49

boring slippers, although the suade ones are a tad racey IMHO

OP posts:
ElenyaTuesday · 23/09/2007 18:50

Wisteria, my life is over (actually that sounds too dramatic for this thread).

MB, I think you should rake the leaves.

Slubberdegullion · 23/09/2007 18:50

Can I ask is it very bad for one's compost to mow the lawn with the leaves still on top, or should I rake first and then mow?

lionheart · 23/09/2007 18:53

Yes you do.

Bluestocking · 23/09/2007 18:53

I'm wearing my slippers - they're purple Haflingers - a very fine slipper, not at all sweaty, and you can wash them.

Wisteria · 23/09/2007 18:53

We do slubber

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:55

Purple, isn't that a bit of an interesting colour?

My tin opener had a white handle. What do you think of that?

OP posts:
RustyBear · 23/09/2007 18:55

The snail is half way across.

StarryStarryNight · 23/09/2007 18:56

I have discovered that it is almost perfectly feasible to brush your carpets with a strong durable brush with "natural" hair (as opposed to nylon), if your Miele packs up. It takes a while, but on a boring day, with nothing to do, you may as well get some exercise out of it.... I mean, I guess we all so Karate Kid in our childhood?

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:57

Rusty, I'm worryingly drawn to your snail

OP posts:
Slubberdegullion · 23/09/2007 18:58

I often mow in my sheepskin bootees.

I am relieved about the grass/leaf combo in the compost.

StarryStarryNight · 23/09/2007 18:58

Slubber. Rake first, then mow. Then rake again. Perfect layers. Dont forget your compost activator.

StarryStarryNight · 23/09/2007 18:59

I wear slippers when I brush my carpets. They are Ninja Turtles slippers.

Slubberdegullion · 23/09/2007 19:00

balls, have been lazily doing the lot together (using lawnmower as leaf hoover). Is my compost now substandard?

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