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To message him when he's out with friends ...hardly spoke all day.

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awayupthe · 26/12/2019 18:09

I've been seeing a guy since August.
Anyway haven't seen him in 5 days with it being Christmas etc.
We've been texting all Xmas eve/Xmas day
Spoke on the phone the other night for nearly 3 hours.
Anyway he has hardly said a word all day.
He went out at 2pm with his friends on a pub crawl.
Every time he goes out he forgets I exist but is posting pics of pints to Snapchat /Facebook.
Haven't spoke since about 1pm when I was trying to make convo but I could tell he couldn't be arsed.
Do I text him now?
Just general light heart convo or will I be annoying him whilst he's out with friends?

OP posts:
SilverySurfer · 26/12/2019 18:39

So clingy and claustrophobic, let the bloke have a night out with friends. I'm so pleased I dated pre mobile phones and social media.

Nicknacky · 26/12/2019 18:39

Can’t you distract yourself? Why does he need to do it?

ilovesooty · 26/12/2019 18:39

I hope you wouldn't be contacting him if you were out with your friends. If you expect him to be texting you that's rude.

Can you really not occupy yourself at home?

ElizabethMountbatten · 26/12/2019 18:41

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the request of the OP.

awayupthe · 26/12/2019 18:41

@Nicknacky I'm gonna have a Netflix binge I think.
I can do other things to occupy myself,I just miss having a chat.

OP posts:
Panpastels · 26/12/2019 18:42

What would you do if he wasn't in your life? Watch Netflix or something jeez

Panpastels · 26/12/2019 18:42

Ha Grin

awayupthe · 26/12/2019 18:42

I wasn't going to pester him or anything.
I was just going to say have a fun night.
Or are you drunk yet ?
Nothing crazy

OP posts:
gamerchick · 26/12/2019 18:42

Christ leave him alone. What the hell do you chat about when in constant contact? Let him have some time with his mates.

CupoTeap · 26/12/2019 18:43

Sorry i agree with leave him alone - message here instead

TooSweetToBeSour · 26/12/2019 18:44

The fact you’ve felt the need to start a thread about this speaks volumes. Work on your clinginess.

Nicknacky · 26/12/2019 18:45

You sound so needy with the “forget I exist” crap. He is out with friends and giving them his attention and rightly so. You have only been seeing him a few months. Hell, I don’t do that with my husband of 14 years!

Chill out.

crosspelican · 26/12/2019 18:46

posting pics of pints to Snapchat /Facebook

Is he in The Inbetweeners? Confused

For the love of God don't call him while he's out with his friends, but possibly upgrade to an adult in the new year!

AllergicToAMop · 26/12/2019 18:47

I am not trying to be mean, but you do realise you sound like that obsessed people in movies who end up wearing beloved ones skin?

judithandholofernes · 26/12/2019 18:47

Don’t take it personally, he’s out with his friends and distracted. You would be the same if you were out tonight and not at home and bored.
Tomorrow he will be hungover and needy - you will get lots of texts then!

BacktoMA · 26/12/2019 18:47

OMG you haven't spoken since ONE PM?! Have you called the police to make sure he's still alive?

Soufflejet · 26/12/2019 18:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFaerieQueene · 26/12/2019 18:49

You have been seeing him for a matter of weeks. Stop stressing about this almost stranger and have fun with your family and friends.

awayupthe · 26/12/2019 18:49

I'm not going to message him.
I knew it wouldn't be the right thing to do,that is why I posted here...otherwise I would have just text without even thinking.

OP posts:
Nanna50 · 26/12/2019 18:50

Chat to someone else. I never text my DH when I’m out nor he me, we are too busy chatting to other people. You are too needy and need to learn to be apart and keep your own interests.

SwingingBy · 26/12/2019 18:50

Leave him alone to enjoy his time with his friends.
If my husband was texting me when I'm out with friends I would just ignore it. Not that he would anyway.

Newbie1981 · 26/12/2019 18:51

Oh god! You're embarrassing. Leave him alone 🙈

Rachelfromfriends1 · 26/12/2019 18:52

You do sound clingy/needy. It’s something you should work on.

This goes both ways, too. My best friend’s ex was nice enough, but he was so insecure to the point that he was very intense whenever she was out without him - including at work. He would literally bombard her with texts whilst we were at dinner or going out, nothing important but just 20 messages/calls trying to make conversation and telling her how much he misses her already, then he’d make her feel guilty if she took too long to respond. It didn’t sit right with me, nor with her hence why they split up.

If you want a partner you text all day like this, your current partner obviously isn’t the one.

Daisy7654 · 26/12/2019 18:53

You are so hyper clingy. Radio silence ffs!
You'll lose him if you keep up at this.

WaggleWiggle · 26/12/2019 18:54

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in this situation at some point when we’re keen on someone. However, it’s infinitely more attractive to date someone who just gets on with being busy when you go out without them. It’s not great when they sit at home with no plans texting you on your night out to make small talk. So, no matter how bored you are, give him space with his friends and resist the temptation to send dull messages asking if he’s drunk or telling him you’re bored and not up to much!

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