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So who's going to replace Corbyn?

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PineappleDanish · 13/12/2019 07:07

Worst election defeat since Michael Foot in the 80s. Surely Labour has to realise that they need someone to appeal to the masses and the floating voters like me who would never vote for the Momentum crowd.

Keir Starmer is impressive. He's bright, articulate and has a life outside politics. Would Yvette Cooper be up for it?

And more importantly, can the Momentum lot take their blinkers off and realise that THEY are the problem?

OP posts:

Bluntness100 · 13/12/2019 07:12

Apparently McDonnell is talking about throwing his hat in the ring and going for it..they are going to try and get another hard left socialist leader. Whether they do or not remains to be seen,


Bibijayne · 13/12/2019 07:14

Keir Stammer would be a good choice


PineappleDanish · 13/12/2019 07:16

My opinion of McDonnell went up last night when the exit polls came out and he was honest enough to admit it was a disaster. He didn't try to put a positive spin on things.

But if they voted for him to replace Corbyn, it would be the same all over again. They need to move back to the centre ground.

OP posts:

Patroclus · 13/12/2019 07:31

the arsehole is talking about staying on last thing I saw?


Orangeblossom78 · 13/12/2019 07:45

I wonder if they may be able to recover from this,


Andysbestadventure · 13/12/2019 07:46

He's staying on. The absolute muppet isn't throwing his hand in yet. Even after that. It shows how he thinks. So that's Labour dead. Totally dead.


PineappleDanish · 13/12/2019 07:48

He's really not got a lot of self-awareness, has he?

Labour needs him out now. Or at least before the end of the year. New leader. New approach. Strong opposition and building towards the next election. If they dither over this or choose another leader in the same vein as Corbyn/McDonnell, they're done for.

And whatever your politics, not having a strong opposition is a bad thing.

OP posts:

TulipsTulipsTulips · 13/12/2019 07:49

Stella Creasy


wowfudge · 13/12/2019 07:50

By not resigning Corbyn has made it clear that Momentum will be in charge of electing the next Labour leader. They are deluded if they think they will ever win an election unless they move to more centrist ground.


thiscouldbethehill · 13/12/2019 07:50

Keir Starmer would be good. Labour needs a new leader now and to start rebuilding some credibility


TulipsTulipsTulips · 13/12/2019 07:50

(But Stella is probably too close to the centre to be voted in by the labour’s loony extremist members)


nrpmum · 13/12/2019 07:51

Is he? I thought he stood down last night. Not one for standing down graciously then. What a dick.


Verily1 · 13/12/2019 07:51

It has to be a woman or Labour will just look like a permanent old boys club.


Patroclus · 13/12/2019 07:52

People are being entirely over dramatic. Of course they'll recover. Its just like being in 1987 again. I dont know many who didnt predict this result.


Patroclus · 13/12/2019 07:53

He said he wont lead another election but is staying on for now I think?


Bluntness100 · 13/12/2019 07:53

My opinion of McDonnell went up last night when the exit polls came out and he was honest enough to admit it was a disaster. He didn't try to put a positive spin on things

There is no way to put a positive spin on it, but to be fair they tried, the leaked memo that was sent out to labour MPs told them to "blame brexit".


TulipsTulipsTulips · 13/12/2019 07:53

Has there ever been a female labour leader?


WalesStar · 13/12/2019 07:53

Jess Phillips would get my vote. Agree it needs to be someone more centrist.


Patroclus · 13/12/2019 07:54

Im set on Keir Starmer as well. I would honestly ban the post 2015 joiners from any leadership election as well. That sort of hijack shouldnt be allowed


Mammyloveswine · 13/12/2019 07:55

My moneys on Angela Rayner... she's been brilliant this whole campaign!


Patroclus · 13/12/2019 07:56

I think Harriet Harman was technically leader for a bit (infact she was incharge of the country for a minute bit)


bigbluebus · 13/12/2019 07:56

Thought I saw on the BBC this morning that Corbyn is standing down. Shame he didn't do that months ago - it might be a very different picture this morning.


TrickyD · 13/12/2019 07:57

Yes, OP. Keir Starmer or Yvette Cooper would be good choices. Sadly it is more likely that some hard left fanatic will be chosen who will say Labour lost because its policies were not radical enough.

Never mind needing someone to appeal to the masses and floating voters, they need someone sane in whom those who usually support Labour can have confidence.


Patroclus · 13/12/2019 07:58

ah yes seems he is going now, still a bit vague as to when though. Thank fuck for that


Patroclus · 13/12/2019 08:03

This is what all those petulant arse labour MPs should have waited for, rather than throwing public paddies. They should have had a plan for this very moment to act before momentum to get somebody like Starmer or Cooper in.

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