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To be fuming

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Fuming123 · 07/12/2019 21:15

For a bit of back story a relative came by today with their kids to go out somewhere so they could play . Anyway it was all ok, kids had fun etc but this child in particular played up a bit as usual. Now tonight I've done my childs story and everything ready for bed, teeth etc. Went to put them in bed and what do I find?
The safety gate that was on so tight even I would have struggled to get it off has been yanked off literally. I noticed at 7 so I start trying to sort it out and it wouldn't go on nearly as tight or shut at all so was now unsafe. This gate had been left open all day and the kid in question went Into the room so it was definitely them as mine is small enough for stairs to still be a very real danger if they wake in the night. ( Do have a stairgate but don't feel right having no bedroom gate)
It would have taken no small amount of actually trying to yank it off to actually do it , and the fact they succeeded shows it was malicious intent.
So now I am fuming because of the risk to my child and the fact they even thought to do it ( for contexr they have a sibling of similar age to mine so should know better) . Now I am having to sit up stairs all night down the hall to make sure of their safety because I need the person who originally put the gate on to come and redo it which obviously they can't tonight at this time.
Luckily I always have a drink bottle upstairs but I haven't eaten my tea yet, and while I don't mind not having it if it means my child is safe it's besides the point.
I shouldn't be having to worry about my child's safety over the stairs if the kid hadn't yanked it off in the first place. To further more make me angry apparently I'm over reacting by been fuming and it's something all kids do!!

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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DawgLover · 08/12/2019 06:06

You are 100% overreacting and this odd little bedroom watch with only your water bottle for sustenance is over the top.

The 10 year old was most likely being careless, malicious intent is over the top. Its far more likely they were swinging off it/climbing on it than stealing away to dismantle it, chuckling away at the thought
of ruining your tea and endangering another child.

Get a grip of yourself, eat some dinner and have the 10 year olds old parents chat with him about owning up when you damage something. Though given your ridiculous response Im pretty sure I can guess why the older child didnt come over and tell you

Mummyoflittledragon · 08/12/2019 06:30

Once your dc is 10 you will realise just how impulsive and silly a 10 yo can be. My sibling and oh were like this with dd when she was 7 and their pfb a few years younger. Funnily enough the pfb is now up to the same antics and more...

timeisnotaline · 08/12/2019 06:35

mummy don’t you realise her dc is already 10? Grin

elmosducks · 08/12/2019 07:04


Mammyloveswine · 08/12/2019 07:04

So annoyed I've read the full thread and still have no idea how old the child is Grin

I reckon 3.5...

Op please answer peoples questions!

Also my 20 month old can safely go up and down the stairs!!

SarahH12 · 08/12/2019 07:18

I reckon the child is 8. Please tell us OP!

SD1978 · 08/12/2019 07:19

I'm going to say 4.

GrannyBags · 08/12/2019 07:37

Do you live at Hogwarts - is that why walls are moving?

This thread reminded me of when DS was about 4 and tried to open the stair gate by slamming into it. It pinged off, he fell on it and kind of body surfed down stairs on it. It went in the bin after that or it would have become his chosen way of coming down!

SaskiaRembrandt · 08/12/2019 07:37

I think the child is 18, and the gates are there to stop him escaping to university.

newbingepisodes · 08/12/2019 08:22

Please tell us did you sleep on the landing all night? Also my husband is a structural engineer who charges very reasonable Sunday rates if you'd like him to check the condition of your house? He might also be able to tighten two bolts on a stair gate for you!

MLMsuperfan · 08/12/2019 08:41

Never used a stair gate with any of my kids. Wasn't ever vaguely an issue - the kids worked out stairs on their own.

Or those electric socket covers people have.

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou · 08/12/2019 08:46

Or those electric socket covers people have.

Now those are DANGEROUS. Even RoSPA say so. There have been attempts to get them banned in th U.K. the way our electrical sockets work mean they are safer without covers which can override the already inbuilt safety features.....

IWorkAtTheCheesecakeFactory · 08/12/2019 09:43

I think the child is 18, and the gates are there to stop him escaping to university.


MoonlightBonnet · 08/12/2019 09:55

Oh this thread has made me laugh. A ten year old has accidentally pulled off a pressure fit gate, which isn’t that tricky to do. There’s another stair gate on the stairs. And the sleeping child is old enough to sleep in a bed and get up and wander around themselves, so almost certainly old enough to negotiate stairs. Plus the OP thinks the walls of her house are moving.

Actually having read that back, OP I think you probably need to talk to someone about your anxiety. This set of interpretations is outside the normal PFB over protectiveness.

CharityDingle · 08/12/2019 10:16

This thread reminded me of when DS was about 4 and tried to open the stair gate by slamming into it. It pinged off, he fell on it and kind of body surfed down stairs on it. It went in the bin after that or it would have become his chosen way of coming down!

Your DS had style! I love it Grin

Verily1 · 08/12/2019 10:19

You are being way too over anxious over this.

Do you get anxious about other things?

FenellaMaxwell · 08/12/2019 10:22

This is amazing. Grin OP I’d like to direct you to this thread:

Congratulations - 254 posts on the most batshit PFB things people have done for their children, and you win! Grin

CobbleDePook · 08/12/2019 11:14

Just close the bloody door.

user1471449295 · 08/12/2019 11:19

Op you are hilarious

AloneLonelyLoner · 08/12/2019 11:19

The fact that your walls move is more of a concern and you need to get this seen to. Why are you not more concerned about the ceiling dropping on your child's head and killing them???

How old is this child anyway?

You sound exhausting. You are over anxious.

Pinkflipflop85 · 08/12/2019 11:52

@GrannyBags that made me giggle!

My son tried to climb over his to escape when he was 2. Gave him one hell of a shock when the whole thing fell out of the doorway as he reached the top.

PickwickThePlockingDodo · 08/12/2019 12:10

How is your back today, OP? Grin

carolinelucaseshandbag · 08/12/2019 12:17

Am I reading this correctly, that there is a stair gate, but the gate that's broken is on the bedroom door?
OP I hope you realised how bonkers you were being last night and went and had some dinner. It's annoying that the gate got broken, of course it is, but your anxiety about there bring no gate on the bedroom door is not normal!

JKScot4 · 08/12/2019 12:28

Breaking News!!
OP has been medivaccd off her landing after mountain rescue reached her and her 15 yr old child, now being treated for dehydration and malnutrition.

viques · 08/12/2019 12:30


Oh I don't switch off when I see a fuming post. I leap on it and crunch it up with glee. Love a good fuming post me.


I'll tell you who boil my piss though and they are the posters who put fuming in the title in a jokey ironic way and then turn out not to be batshit crazy fumers at all. Time wasters.

This has been a good one though, lots of drama, unreasonable irrational behaviour, weird explanations, refusal to answer simple questions. Proper premier quality fuming.

I think MNHQ could start a new category, a bit like classic posts or sporners corner , but genuine fuming. There's a market for it, well there's me anyway.

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