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Education, the NHS and families cannot take much more

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WorldsGoneKrazy · 21/11/2019 20:59

INBU, but just thought I'd put this out there.

You cannot blame immigration or EU policies - try harder to explain that one please.The conservatives are to blame for the shitshow we're in - by having policies that lack any real foresight or holistic approach to public services, while working off skin and bone budgets.

Despite not liking Corbyn at all, worries about the erasure of women and some far left policy, I've changed my mind on who I will be voting for.

I cannot trust the conservatives to make any changes for the better, Brexit or no Brexit. I've never felt strongly about Brexit either way anyhow. Plus I don't want to have to retire at 70+, that is fucking bonkers.

I will be voting Labour. Anyone else?

OP posts:
MabelLouisaMorris · 21/11/2019 21:01

I don’t think I will be. Not totally sure yet. I don’t really want to vote for any of them.

GoosetheCat · 21/11/2019 21:06

Nope. Will definitely not be voting Labour. There's not one party I really want to vote for, I feel politically lost because. To be honest, I think they're all full of shit.

PinkSparklyPussyCat · 21/11/2019 21:08

Nope, I won't even consider voting Labour while Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell are there. I have no idea who to vote for as we don't even have an independent standing here.

TitianaTitsling · 21/11/2019 21:11

I also won't even consider voting Labour while Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell are there- am devastated by the shit show that is politics at the moment, also have no idea who to vote for.

Hisdoeherbuck · 21/11/2019 21:11

Can’t trust any of them. There is no good option

AzerByeBye · 21/11/2019 21:13

I can’t understand why any woman would vote for Labour. Like a turkey voting for Christmas.

madeyemoodysmum · 21/11/2019 21:19

Absolutely not as I feel his policies are badly costed and will take us back a decade. He is all spend spend spend.

Plus I can’t take to him as a human being and therefore I can’t see him negotiating with other world leaders.

Plus Diane Abbott’s is incompetent

I’m voting Tory in order to keep Corbyn out.

I’m not a Tory fanatic either. I’m a swing voter most elections but this one will hurt the most if labour are allowed to throw cash around like confetti

Caselgarcia · 21/11/2019 21:23

There's a severe lack of talent in the Labour leadership currently. So No.

Iggly · 21/11/2019 21:27


The last ten years have seen the conservatives make some awful poor choices which impact on the hidden in our society.

Homelessness has risen - and we aren’t talking about rough sleeping. Talking about families stuck in bnbs because they aren’t being paid enough to cover the rent. That’s even with housing benefit.

The housing benefit freeze was an underhand policy. It hit working families who claimed HB. Lower HB meant they couldn’t afford rents. So they turn to local authorities for help - who then have to line the pockets of private landlords to house them because of the social housing privatisation (RTB).

No one cares about these people.

Children have no voice. They’re stuffed with the education cuts.

Those who are old, sick, infirm. Also have little power and no one listens.

The Tories are snide, sneaky littles shits.

I work in a local authority and have seen first hand just what the Tories have done. I didn’t realise how bad it was just until I worked in local government.

Iggly · 21/11/2019 21:28

Plus Diane Abbott’s is incompetent

No more incompetent than Priti Patel 🤷🏻‍♀️

QuietCrotchgoblins · 21/11/2019 21:29

Strong anti labour responses on here!

Although I'm not completely sold on the current labour party, they are a far safer pair of hands for the UKs future than a conservative government for the reasons the op posted abd i will be voting for rhem. I'm seriously considering leaving this country of the Tories get a majority. To have seen what thier policies are, the effects of austerity and the complete f**g mess that is Brexit, I'm astounded anyone will vote to keep them in power! The country deserves them if it votes them in again and it breaks my heart to say that...

SheOfManyNames · 21/11/2019 21:29

I wanted to vote Green, but don't have a candidate where I am.
So I'll have to go labour as that's the only reasonable choice I have this time.

Dusty01 · 21/11/2019 21:42

I agree with you OP. Both my kids’ schools are at breaking point. 230,000 pounds in debt. 4 days a week. 10 staff made redundant this month and no replacements intended for certain.

I’ve been in hospital recently and the state of it shocked me to the core. I never want to have to go back there ever again.

It was filthy. There were barely any nurses or doctors. All the scanning equipment was broken. Honestly if you went in with something serious you’d never come out again. It made me understand very clearly where a large portion of these 100,000 deaths have come from.

I’m very very worried about what is going to happen to the NHS and schools if the Tories get in. That’s only part of my worry.

Mistlewoeandwhine · 21/11/2019 21:43

I’m voting Labour as is actually every person I know. Two Lib Dem people have recently decided to go for Labour in the last couple of weeks.

minesagin37 · 21/11/2019 21:44

@AzerByeBye and a person not earning a million a year voting for the Tories is also like a turkey voting for Christmas. Do you earn a million a year? Maybe you do!

itsgettingweird · 21/11/2019 21:50

Can't actually say who I'll vote for.

Always been labour due to working in education and having a disabled child and relying on nhs and unable to work a high paid job due to care needs and hours.

But the party just don't inspire me with confidence atm.

Neither do conservatives or Lib Dem's.

It's a shocking shit show tbh.

minesagin37 · 21/11/2019 21:50

I will be voting for labour. Not because of anything to do with Corbyn but let's face it most of the responses here directed towards Corbyn are based upon Daily Mail and Sun headlines.

No I will be voting Labour because I'm a nurse. We currently have a 40% workforce shortage brought on by this Government. People are literally dying because of this government policies. But hey some people don't give a shit do they? They don't care if Boris wants to spend our money on his socialite friends or erect garden bridges with it. As long as he doesn't have to mix with the school kids that sit in leaky classrooms it's all good isn't it?

iamadalek2 · 21/11/2019 21:53

It's so difficult to decide. I think Boris and corbyn are nutters. Too far from the centre for me. Snp in Scotland also too left wing, libdem a basketcase which leaves green, a wasted vote. So depressing.

Sayhellotothethings · 21/11/2019 21:54

I'm with you OP.
I think the debate had a lot to show about the real priority of the conservatives, too.
What about the NHS? BREXIT
What about trust? BREXIT.
What about Christmas presents that are not political? BREXIT OF COURSE.

BJ isn't looking at what happens after we leave the EU and I do not believe cares one bit about the working class of this country. I do not trust the Conservatives. They are out for themselves and BJs own voting record shows that.

CabbagePatchKids · 21/11/2019 21:55

I would like to vote Labour for the reasons you have listed. I work for NHS & DH is in education. We have directly seen the decline in these areas and it's been devastating.

I will tactically vote Lib Dem though as Labour will never get in here. I hate the FPTP system.

Sandsnake · 21/11/2019 21:55

Dusty - where do you live, out of interest? Please don’t think I’m doubting you for a moment, it’s just so different to where I am (although things are by no means perfect here).

Vegheaven · 21/11/2019 21:57

I'll be voting Lib dem because we are more likely to get the current Tory MP out that way. If we want better public services - we need to pay more taxes that's just the way it is.

iamadalek2 · 21/11/2019 21:57

@madeyemoodysmum agree about corbyn. I find him very aggressive in his interviews. He's also a hypocrite. He grew up in a manor, went to private school, his child went to private school and now he's all left wing and all for closing private schools. I can't take to him at all.

cannycat20 · 21/11/2019 21:59

@AzerByeBye I agree. I don't understand why any woman; any person with a disability; any person of colour; any working class person; any Northerner, Welsh person, Scot, Geordie, Scouser, or Brummie (I could go on); or anyone earning less than £100K PERSONALLY, not as family or husband's income, or anyone in healthcare or education would vote Tory (though apparently there's a Tory teacher in Newcastle who's standing, and our old head in the same city was a Tory). Mind you, it took 18 years last time to get them out, and then it was only because Tory Boy Blair didn't offend their right wing sensibilities and, being a lawyer by trade, knew how to present himself in public.

People get blinded to the actual policies of the various parties by the way the mainstream press presents personalities. And also too many people are stupid, lazy and selfish to the core and don't go and investigate the facts for themselves.

Winterisnigh · 21/11/2019 22:01

My dc school isn't In debt and I'm afraid your very lucky if this is the first time, you've encountered a filthy hospital.
Filthy, failing hospitals were in abundance under labour believe me! I had to use the them.

In under no illusions that finances take a long time to turn around. This country was bled dry under labour, then the credit crunch hit, compounding the problems.

Labour's policy on immigration did not help.

What was the following government supposed to do?

Keep spending?
Tory Austerity went too far and hit the wrong people too hard. The change over to universal credit was an utter disgrace.

As soon as tm came in she booted out osbourne et all. And now... They will invest again.

But I dislike this idea that the tories just created austerity for no reason.

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