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Education, the NHS and families cannot take much more

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WorldsGoneKrazy · 21/11/2019 20:59

INBU, but just thought I'd put this out there.

You cannot blame immigration or EU policies - try harder to explain that one please.The conservatives are to blame for the shitshow we're in - by having policies that lack any real foresight or holistic approach to public services, while working off skin and bone budgets.

Despite not liking Corbyn at all, worries about the erasure of women and some far left policy, I've changed my mind on who I will be voting for.

I cannot trust the conservatives to make any changes for the better, Brexit or no Brexit. I've never felt strongly about Brexit either way anyhow. Plus I don't want to have to retire at 70+, that is fucking bonkers.

I will be voting Labour. Anyone else?

OP posts:
Loopytiles · 23/11/2019 18:33

Would never vote Conservative, despise Tory policies on public services, and many other policies.

Not voting Labour under Momentum.

TheGirlFromStoryville · 23/11/2019 18:38

I'll be voting Conservative. Labour are promising a free for all which just isn't sustainable. That's without mentioning the antisemitism and the malign influence from Momentum.

3weemonkeys · 23/11/2019 18:46

The choice is miserable. The bufoonery of Boris, the cruel heartless opinions of Patel, the wishy washy overspending and questionable views of some labour candidates or the totally undemocratic- ness of that almost hysterical Lib Dem leader.
I will be voting with education and NHS in mind. For all the bloody good it will do. We are f***

DuckWillow · 23/11/2019 18:58

Anyone voting Conservative will get exactly what they deserve. Sadly they will be dragging those of us who value public services along for the ride.

cardibach · 23/11/2019 19:48

@Baguetteaboutit - did you also read the bit about retaining sex based rights? The bit TRAs are cross about?

Baguetteaboutit · 23/11/2019 19:58

Yes, but I know the topsy turvy world of gender rights.

When you have eroded the notion of woman to anyone who has a feeling of being a woman and ratified that via the GRA then it is very easy to champion sex based rights - because it's fucking meaningless.

Come on Cardi, please don't pretend otherwise and let's ignore the Dawn Butler led pantomime around it. The determination to push ahead with the GRA is right there in the fucking manifesto.

Baguetteaboutit · 23/11/2019 20:04

That was more sweary than I intended Blush, please just read it as a sign of a frustration with the game play around language in this area and not a personal jibe.

SeaWitchly · 23/11/2019 20:16

I will be voting Labour because of their manifesto and Corbyn as a leader. He has really impressed me at the recent leadership debate. We need a new vision and fresh start. I absolutely despair at the prospect of another 4 years at the hands of the Tories Envy

cardibach · 23/11/2019 20:39

Fair enough Baguette? But who do you think will be better on this? As well as rolling back austerity? As well as offering a way out of Brexit?

cardibach · 23/11/2019 20:39

There’s a stray ? in there.

Sn0tnose · 23/11/2019 20:58

I’m struggling with who to vote for, to the extent that I’m considering spoiling my ballot paper for the first time ever.

There was a comedian a couple of weeks ago who was questioning whether to vote for Boris, who would smash the country, or Corbyn, who would drop it. Quite an accurate description I think.

Baguetteaboutit · 23/11/2019 21:30

I honestly don't know Cardi I have no idea what I'm going to do. I do think that Labour is more duplicitous on this particular issue though because Momentum has weaponised the language on the left to make it difficult to have a straight conversation on the issue.

Anyway, I won't vote for the Tories but I don't think I can vote Labour this time either.

RipleysCat · 23/11/2019 21:46

Ex Tory voter here, no way I’d vote for the current lot though. They’ve had nearly a decade, and are acting like they’ve been in opposition the way they go on. It’s shameful. The boasting about the largesse they were about to bestow on the Police, after you know they fucking made the cuts in the first place.
You can almost feel the contempt for the plebs coming through the TV when one of them opens their mouth.

littlebillie · 29/11/2019 07:32

I'm afraid if there isn't a policy of business for the country then the taxation dreams of the Labour Party will fail and we are going to feel it for generations.

The NO MONEY LEFT policy put us in austerity in the first place. Also which is conveniently forgotten on these threads is that Labour started privatisation of the NHS in 2003 with the introduction of private firms to some parts of NHS

I am voting conservative

Actionhasmagic · 29/11/2019 09:05

Voting labour

angstridden2 · 29/11/2019 14:37

It’s interesting that the institute of Fiscal,Studies (independent group, no political allegiance) stated this week that theLib Dems were the only party who had a credible and prudent financial plan. Just saying....although they will not get in a hung parliament would mean a bit of common sense might be brought to bear on the Tories or Labour.

Oliversmumsarmy · 29/11/2019 14:44

What we are seeing now is how my family have been treated by the NHS for decades.

I don’t believe that this has anything to do with needing more money.

Dp has been in and out of hospital over the last few years.
(All treatment apart from a saline drip we have had to pay for)
How people work in the NHS wastes so much money.

I could single handedly save the NHS millions and in so doing create so many more beds just by doing 2 simple things.

AutumnColours9 · 30/11/2019 22:32

will be voting for labour. Not because of anything to do with Corbyn but let's face it most of the responses here directed towards Corbyn are based upon Daily Mail and Sun headlines.

This ^

I am also in the NHS and some wards I've been on have had no wheelchairs. And these are medical wards!

Justanotherlurker · 30/11/2019 22:50

will be voting for labour. Not because of anything to do with Corbyn but let's face it most of the responses here directed towards Corbyn are based upon Daily Mail and Sun headlines.

If in doubt pretend the opposition is just dumb and easily led it has worked so well previously so why not carry it on, someone with such a high level of critical thinking should be able to refute the arguments and offer sources that highlights that you are not involved in an echo chamber?

I mean we could highlight how come labour heartlands who would never dream of voting tory fell for right wing media and voted brexit but then that gets into the grey area that you're obviously to dense to be aware of.

Still trying to play it in simplistic terms shows more about you than it does about other people reading the daily mail, which is mostly read by women btw.

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