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To ask what would you do?

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Magazian · 15/11/2019 12:46

Yesterday I took my 3 week old to the gp as he had a slight cold, fever and was vomiting. They said it could just be a cold but to take him to be checked out at A&E so I did and they said it was probably a viral infection but they would keep him in to monitor him overnight.

So I tried to phone boyfriend (babies dad) and he didn't answer. But when I tried again his phone was off.

This morning he messaged asking why i kept calling him. I told him and he said he was busy helping his friend (who he knows fancies him and has tried to make a move on him multiple times) with an assignment.

Would you be suspicious about this? Or is it just hormones? And wwyd?

OP posts:

HollowTalk · 15/11/2019 12:48

He sounds like a complete waste of space. Everyone knows that a parent should answer the phone to their partner when there's a new baby. And yes, it sounds very suspicious - helping his friend with an assignment? Is he exceptionally clever?


Usernameismyname01 · 15/11/2019 12:50

no it not hormones!

are you together?


TheReluctantCountess · 15/11/2019 12:50

Yes, I’d be suspicious. Right now, you and the baby should be his priority.


attillathenun · 15/11/2019 12:51

what was his reaction to being told his child was in hospital? Because I hope he was sorry that he blatantly ignored your calls when something potentially very serious could have happened


MsChatterbox · 15/11/2019 12:52

So this assignment is more important than his 3 week old in hospital? He needs to get his priorities straight!


Damntheman · 15/11/2019 12:53

I'd dump him, is he 17 or something? His priorities are so out of whack, you don't need that shit in your life!


butterandbread · 15/11/2019 12:55

I’m so sorry, OP, I hope baby is on the mend soon.

Unfortunately I’d not only be incredibly suspicious, but also really very disappointed and angry. It was always very clear between me and my DP that phones are on and answered where possible once I got to the later stage of pregnancy and now we have our DD. It’s just a basic responsibility of being a parent, I think. You never know when you might be needed, as he clearly was!

What did he say when you explained the calls?


Novemberblu3s · 15/11/2019 12:58

how old your you and BF? I guess you don't live together? honestly, I would dump him.


DisplayPurposesOnly · 15/11/2019 12:58

I'd be rethinking my relationship as he doesn't seem like a committed parent.

Presumably you left a message in which case he should have returned your call whatever dodgy shite he was up to. I'd be livid on that score. And yes I'd be suspicious too.


fpurplea · 15/11/2019 13:00

Sorry, what? You phoned your boyfriend repeatedly, (I'm assuming, if he said "kept phoning.") And he switches his phone off and doesn't reply til morning? What time was this, what time did he leave hers? What sort of bloody assignment would mean he couldn't take a quick but probably important call from his girlfriend and the mother of his newborn baby? No way would any normal person not at the very least send a quick text to find out what's up, or contact you after he left hers. Sorry OP, this is suss as shit.


Thestrangestthing · 15/11/2019 13:01

Helping with an assignment means he had to have his phone off all night, I don't think so. He obviously doesn't care about you or his child OP, you are better off without him.


middlemuddle · 15/11/2019 13:10

I feel really sorry for you so don't want to say this but yes, it sounds like he was cheating.

I hope baby gets well soon and I'm sorry he is poorly so young. Don't hesitate to take him into hospital as much as you need to to be checked when he is this small, he is vulnerable. I'm glad they're looking out for him.


QforCucumber · 15/11/2019 13:16

This is your 17 year old boyfriend who has demanded that you take the baby to his mums on Xmas day and thinks he should have full custody isn't it?

Your other thread have told you you should be prepared to do this alone, I really think you need to start making moves in that direction.


Member984815 · 15/11/2019 13:28

Cut and run , you Know it's not hormones


managedmis · 15/11/2019 13:36

You're kidding, right?

You have a three week old and you're on here asking questions like this?

How's the newborn, BTW?



Magazian · 15/11/2019 13:40

He didn't say much he just said at least he's okay. But then he said hes got to go because he would be late for college as he'd just woken up.

I tried to call him when I was waiting to be seen at about 3.30 and when I called at about 5.30/6 his phone was off.

He's 17 and I'm 19. I wouldn't be suspicious but I know she fancies him and has been trying to make moves on him.

OP posts:

satanstoenailsandwich · 15/11/2019 13:42

Sorry mate, I know LTB is easier to say than to do but this guy sounds very much like he's cheating on you and he couldn't care less about you or your baby.


DisplayPurposesOnly · 15/11/2019 13:43

Who fancies who is the least of your problems. He's not stepping up as a parent.

Bin him, and lower your expectations. I hope you've got good family and friends around you Flowers


Magazian · 15/11/2019 13:55

Boyfriend didn't demand me to take son to his mum's for Christmas his mum told him to tell me I've got to. And his mum told him to get full custody of son.

We've been together for almost 2 years.

Son is OK.

OP posts:

middlemuddle · 15/11/2019 14:11

Lol, full custody of his son that he hasn't got time for when he's ill.


AryaStarkWolf · 15/11/2019 14:14

Whether he fancies the girl or not, his attitude towards you and his son's well being stinks. And don't go to his mothers for Christmas and make sure you get on to protecting your rights over your child


SantaIsReal · 15/11/2019 14:27

He'd be out the door!
Doesn't seem as if he cares all too much for your little boy!
I'm glad your son is better Smile


Magazian · 15/11/2019 14:29

I decided I'm not going to his mum's for Christmas and I'm going to spend time with my family and if boyfriend wants to he can visit and then on boxing day he can take son to see his family.

OP posts:

JorisBonson · 15/11/2019 14:31

Get out. He's a complete waste of space. You're both too young for this. And his mum can fuck off too.


Justasconfusedwithnumber2 · 15/11/2019 14:32

Yeah I would cut and run here. Way too much stress with a 3 week old. It doesnt sound like he's ready for a child. Sorry OP

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