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How does someone like Jacob Rees- Mogg even come to exist, let alone end up as Leader of the Commons?

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screentime · 28/07/2019 19:54

Is anyone else in utter disbelief at what politics has come to in the UK? The nation being pushed off the precipice because “democracy”, even though nobody voted for either if these last two PMs Confused and if the referendum was a GE it would have been a hung Parliament. Plus nobody even knew what Brexit would entail when they voted. Everyone knows and openly admits we’ll all be worse off, but never mind, it’s “the voice if the people” Confused. How the hell is BJ PM when he ducked out after the referendum result and flounced out of the negotiations? One day he’s saying he’ll get a great new deal and the “doubters” will be proved wrong, the next day we hear he’s preparing for a no deal as the most likely outcome. What planet is he on? And having brought the nation to this point where we’re the laughing stock of Europe, this JRM “Esq” is focusing on how many spaces to leave between sentences and wittering on about banning random words like some demented headmaster on some petty power trip! It beggars belief. And then he turns up in Wales with a son who is wearing the same clothes as him. If you went out in the streets and looked, you couldn’t find anyone who is more of an utter loon. How is any of this happening? I ask this as someone who has mainly voted Conservative in the past due to the economy, but who in their right mind would vote for this lot? AIBU?

OP posts:
Iggly · 28/07/2019 19:54

Rich privilege.

RosaWaiting · 28/07/2019 19:56

The first time I saw him on TV, I honestly thought he was a comedy character.

It’s horrendous isn’t it.

LadyRannaldini · 28/07/2019 19:56

For the millionth time, we have never voted for a PM!!!

NCforthis2019 · 28/07/2019 19:57

You won’t get many people on this thread who will say they support BJ or JRM - mainly because they are both so hated on mumsnet and anyone who supports them will be torn apart.

timeforakinderworld · 28/07/2019 20:01

Yes. If I have learnt one thing from Brexit it is that 1) our political system is not fit for purpose. It should not be possible for a minority of people (No Dealers) to bring us to a point where we know we are damaging our country and talking about the number of deaths this choice is going to result in. And 2) we have so many MPs who are bizarrely out of touch and/or incompetent and/or have no moral compass.

screentime · 28/07/2019 20:02

Bit who supports BJ or JRM in real life? Seriously? They are panto characters.
I live in a very Conservative-voting part of London, full of bankers, entrepreneurs etc - exactly the types these two would supposedly appeal to - but everyone is in shock. Nobody I’ve ever met would support them in a million years. They are beyond ridiculous.

OP posts:
ajandjjmum · 28/07/2019 20:04

He comes to exist in exactly the same way as you and I.

MaxNormal · 28/07/2019 20:04

I think there's been a bit of a coup tbh Sad

zen1 · 28/07/2019 20:05

I can’t bear any of them, but particularly JRM. Seeing him looking smug on the front bench as Boris performed in front of his audience was nauseating. And you’re right - what kind of weirdo dresses his oldest son in identical clothes to him? It’s like his children have no freedom of espression.

SquishySquirmy · 28/07/2019 20:06

Yes. They are like bad caricatures of Tories dreamt up by someone who hates the Conservatives. Shallow stereotypes. Except they're real!
And the worst part is that the belief they have in their own capabilities is utterly unshakeable. They believe that everything they have (and more) is owed to them, that they deserve those top jobs despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The only silver lining is that watching the news is the perfect antidote to imposter syndrome... I'll never question whether I'm a good enough for my job again. Not with BJ as PM and Rees Mogg haunting the HOC like the pedantic ghost of politics past.

SquishySquirmy · 28/07/2019 20:14


I know several people in RL who adore JRM and BJ. Blush None of these fans are massively wealthy, although none are struggling either. Unfortunately they are family members!
I extricate myself from the conversations when politics comes up, as nothing I can say will make them reconsider their opinions in any way, and i know from past experience that such conversations always turn into arguments (these family members get weirdly angry when discussing politicians they admire!)

timeforakinderworld · 28/07/2019 20:24

Can we add Mark Francois to the list? Who can possibly like him?

HelloyouKant · 28/07/2019 20:28

Born spectacularly wealthy, and have some deluded sense of his own superiority,

ssd · 28/07/2019 20:50

I couldn't agree more op. I want to say more, but I'm a bit stuck dumn with it all.

IAskTooManyQuestions · 28/07/2019 20:55

Your OP is very prejudiced.

carrie74 · 28/07/2019 21:00

JRM is my MP, I've met him a few times, and his son (the one you mention). I don't like his stance in the least, but he's a highly intelligent individual, never gets flustered, is devoted to his family, and (according to some acquaintances), has championed local causes. His family also has a lot of local ties to the area, so that's how he gets to exist.

However, I deplore his politics (and have written to him a few times about things he has done that I don't believe are in his constituents' interests), and am even less impressed with having BJ as our PM.

The comment about TM not being elected though, there was a GE soon after she became Tory leader, wasn't there? So she was ultimately voted in. BJ not so much, waiting on the cote of no confidence from Labour. Not sure what they're waiting for? Not long until the next Brexit deadline...

ragged · 28/07/2019 21:05

JRM would be quite amusing if he were a TV presenter. Stuck to Jeremy Clarkson level of public profile.

Instead folk put him in power. Blame his constituents, I guess.

Y does JRM have a double plummy accent when his sister sounds so ordinary voiced? Has she learnt to tone down her natural accent while JRM deliberately exaggerates his?

TooManyPaws · 28/07/2019 21:05

I remember JRM standing as a Tory Boy standing in a no hope seat in Fife, full of miners and shipyard workers who felt thoroughly screwed over by Thatcher. I remember the local incredulity at him,especially as he brought his nanny with him to canvas and drove around in some great fancy car, possibly a Rolls Royce. He behaved himself and stuck very closely to the Labour candidate because, as the labour guy remembered, RJM was literally in fear for his life as he only needed to say one thing wrong in the days after the miners' strike to be lynched. Don't forget that Fife was the last place to elect a Communist councillor and he only retired a couple of years ago as an independent. JRM didn't go down well.

screentime · 28/07/2019 21:07

I know quite a lot of people who went to Eton etc, but these two are something else entirely. JRM Esq is a walking joke on every level. When I first saw him I actually thought he was a comedian doing a satirical sketch. How is he not laughed out of Westminster?
I bet now there will be a competition in Parliament to see who can include the most “banned” words into their speeches. Surely nobody takes him seriously?

OP posts:
Fantababy · 28/07/2019 21:14

Your OP is very prejudiced

So how would you counter the OP? In what ways is the OP wrong? How would you defend JRM? It seems these days that any criticism of the Tories invites whiny responses of 'don't be so mean' or 'that's a horrible post' without any thoughtful political response.

SquishySquirmy · 28/07/2019 21:15

How is the op prejudiced?
Please explain, IAskToo because having re-read the op, I'm struggling to see it!
Unless "prejudiced" = expressing dislike of a politician and giving reasons and examples for this opinion.

screentime · 28/07/2019 21:24

Apparently he drew up his list of banned words years ago in his constituency. It’s astonishing. How can you ban the word “equal?” And why? If anyone else did this they would be referred for assessment.

OP posts:
MaxNormal · 28/07/2019 21:25

I'm also curious to hear in what way prejudiced.

Fraggling · 28/07/2019 21:30

JRM terrifies me.

He has v regressive views on reproductive rights for women and he seems very cold. No abortion under any circs is very very hardline.

I think he wants to go back to a ruling class with everyone else serfs tugging forelocks when their betters pass by. No exaggeration I think that is what he wants. Rich elite and downtrodden underclass who must do their bidding or starve.

scaryteacher · 28/07/2019 21:33

Plus nobody even knew what Brexit would entail when they voted. Yawn, some of us had managed to work out that no deal was a distinct possibility, given that the Commission would try to make things difficult, and it was mentioned iirc, in the propaganda leaflet from HMG that we would leave the SM and the CU; so we had been told.

I live in mainland Europe, and no-one has laughed at me, neither do they laugh at the UK in the large multinational HQ where dh works.

As for JRM and the way he likes his paperwork set out, at least the man has standards. Judging by the abysmal grasp of SPaG by many candidates at GCSE, thank goodness someone is at least trying. I would also point out that many places have a house style in their official paperwork, so does JRM. So what?

JRM is well dressed, polite to a fault, and very intelligent. It's a shame more MPs on both sides of the House don't take a leaf out of his book in appearance, good manners and engaging their brains before they open their mouths.

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