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Rocketman sex scene

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Pgqio · 28/05/2019 22:23

I'm having a shite time atm, went to pictures to see Rocketman yesterday and found the sex scene between Taron Egerton and Richard Madden the hottest thing I've ever seen. Seriously, if you're a menopausal old hound looking for a boost in the fanjo, go and watch this on a loop.

OP posts:
Sissy79 · 29/05/2019 23:50

To the poster who said they found the real Elton “hot” before they found out he was gay, newsflash, he wasn’t ever hot. Before or after we found out he was gay Confused

I am quickly off to google Jamie Bell’s age now to see if I am a wrong’un!

1moremum · 30/05/2019 01:28

Sissy, I recall him being under discussion at my school.
Mind you, he wasn't top of the list of cute rockstars, but he was on the list.

AllTheWhoresOfMalta · 30/05/2019 01:40

For the thirsty for Taron amongst us:

Gingernaut · 30/05/2019 01:59

Love Holy Flaps. Still wish I had bought their infamous Cath Kidston mug.

I've got this beauty on order.

Rocketman sex scene
boatyardblues · 30/05/2019 02:00

I have this Korean beauty on DVD. The naughty patissiere is the Korean actor sometimes referred to on kdrama forums as His Hotness Kim Jae Wook: Antique Bakery trailer with English subs

CodLiverOil556 · 30/05/2019 02:45

Eeeeek I'm off on a first date to watch this...should I reconsider?

Birdie6 · 30/05/2019 03:54

Did anyone watch Versailles when it was on? Philippe and the Chevalier

I love watching the "MonChevy" YouTubes dedicated to this pair. Gorgeous men !

HerculesMulligan · 30/05/2019 08:12
SoHotADragonRetired · 30/05/2019 10:34

Congratulations, OP. Grin

Whoops75 · 30/05/2019 10:44

That’s brilliant Grin

REDCARBLUE · 30/05/2019 10:48

I was the same. Love those guys.

Should have included Jamie Bell too😉

Pgqio · 30/05/2019 11:05

I can't get my head round this. So glad I'm anonymous!

OP posts:
IHaveBrilloHair · 30/05/2019 11:29

Haha, Omg, that's hilariousGrin

HeyHeyMckenzie · 30/05/2019 17:55

@boatyardblues is Antique Bakery as cheeky and tongue in cheek (ahem) as it looks? It looks brilliantly silly!

snowballer · 30/05/2019 17:59
Yamayo · 30/05/2019 18:08

I remember Queer as Folk back when it first aired.
Never seen any gay sex scenes before. Seriously sexy. Littlefinger was hot. Grin

VerbenaGirl · 30/05/2019 18:12

That’s fabulous! My teen took her (fairly conservative) Grandma to see this on Saturday and they loved it. Now I know why ;-)

Pgqio · 30/05/2019 18:14

My dc can't believe their old hound has gone viral. I'm delighted that Taron liked it, he seems absolutely lovely.

OP posts:
kenandbarbie · 30/05/2019 18:20

I see where you're coming from (ahem), but I find them both a bit young looking. Maybe because Elton is supposed to be a virgin in that scene.

I took my baby to the baby screening. She liked it.

Little finger in Queer as Folk is a different matter. He is so hot in everything. If you fancy him, watch Love Hate, he's a coke fueled gangster in that - fit.

ALongHardWinter · 30/05/2019 18:30

Went to see it yesterday. Brilliant film.

AnnaDine · 30/05/2019 18:31

Can I recommend the US tv series Oz - set in a men’s prison - won’t say anymore as am off to lie down with my thoughts in a cool dark room!

puddleduckmummy · 30/05/2019 18:44

Genuinely was not expecting this thread to go the way it has! Have to go and see it now!

MrsPlesWearsAFez · 30/05/2019 18:49

Usually when I manage to sneak off to the cinema in the daytime, it's me and a couple od men in anoraks all sat apart in silence.

I can see that it could be a very different crowd following this thread.

mrsjg · 30/05/2019 18:49

This thread has given me a laugh.

MrsSnafu · 30/05/2019 19:08

This thread is bluddy hilarious!! Grin

Another fan of brokeback here, I remember watching it and saying out loud...ohhh myyyy!! Blush

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