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Rocketman sex scene

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Pgqio · 28/05/2019 22:23

I'm having a shite time atm, went to pictures to see Rocketman yesterday and found the sex scene between Taron Egerton and Richard Madden the hottest thing I've ever seen. Seriously, if you're a menopausal old hound looking for a boost in the fanjo, go and watch this on a loop.

OP posts:
OccidentalPurist · 29/05/2019 19:32

Tentomidnight phwoarrrrr!!

GenevaMaybe · 29/05/2019 19:37

Oh lord now I have a wide-on reading this thread and I never thought i’d be into homoerotic what have you

birdseatworms · 29/05/2019 19:39

Apparently there’s quite a big female market for gay porn.

I had no idea, and no interest. I don't care what somebody's sexual preference is but watching it, no thank you.

2LitreBottle · 29/05/2019 19:39

The mine went something like this..! With a salacious wink.

Rocketman sex scene
2LitreBottle · 29/05/2019 19:43

Name change fail!!

buttyblahblah · 29/05/2019 19:48

slashlover I've just discovered Supernatural fanfic. It's filthy, I've read so much m/m that I'm now slightly confused if it turns out to be f/m.

2LitreBottle · 29/05/2019 19:50

*mime FFS!!

Thefemalekeithrichards · 29/05/2019 19:50


I am pretty sure there must have been some leftover pork fat from their cowboy ‘fixins’ .. (jake gyllenhaals ass though ??) 🥰🥰

Pgqio · 29/05/2019 19:51

I'm soooooo pleased I started this thread xx

OP posts:
Pgqio · 29/05/2019 19:52

Lovely men are just so beautiful xx

OP posts:
IHaveBrilloHair · 29/05/2019 19:53

Guys together is just so hot.Grin

Figgygal · 29/05/2019 19:54

Going tomorrow can't wait now Blush

HermioneWeasley · 29/05/2019 19:57

If you like gay porn, I can recommend fan fic by Fabularasa on archive of our own

Thefemalekeithrichards · 29/05/2019 20:10


Yeahhhh lame AF the film....on your own of course haha 😂😂
Seriously though - it is a beautiful film, with haunting music and is quite heartbreaking,beautifully acted, with breathtakingly gorgeous (men) sorry ‘scenery’ ...(desperately trying to justify watching it as a piece of art)

IHaveBrilloHair · 29/05/2019 20:11

I like Eden Finley, Lane Hayes but my favourite is the Blue series by DP Denman.
Ok, they're a bit cheesy but an easy read, have hot sex scenes and they actually live each other.
Weirdly, (or not?), that's important to me.

PalindromicUser · 29/05/2019 20:12

OMG I thought it was just me and I was weird. Hottest thing I’ve seen on screen or in real life for quite some time Blush

Previously my go-to was that gif of Marlon Brando rolling his eyes.

AllTheWhoresOfMalta · 29/05/2019 20:19

Oh thank God this wasn’t just me. The actor playing EJ hadn’t crossed my radar before but I thought he was incredibly hot- even in full Elton regalia. If anything he’s at the hottest I’ve seen him (since having had a google) whilst in that low cut devil Elton John thing in the AA scenes that shows off his chest. I was beginning to think I’d gone weird and my taste was now for Elton John and was googling pictures of him when he was younger just to check I didn’t fancy him and hadn’t totally lost it.

Also didn’t get Richard Madden in Bodyguard really- thought he was easy on the eye but hardly anything specially- however thought he was gorgeous in this. Got to be something to do with him playing a smarmy fucker or the kipper ties.

I am another one though who thought the sex scene was beyond tame considering the fuss that was made about it though. Anyone who thought that was too much should steer clear of the Queer as Folk boxset. Now that’s got some raunchy gay sex scenes!

MidsomerBurgers · 29/05/2019 20:20

Did anyone watch Versailles when it was on? Philippe and the Chevalier.

Hell yeah!

Loved that program.

2LitreBottle · 29/05/2019 20:24

Oh lord now I have a wide-on reading this thread and I never thought i’d be into homoerotic what have you

Grin at wide-on!!!

Nat6999 · 29/05/2019 20:28

I was going to sneak my 15 year old ds in with me to see this, think I'd better not. I was more worried about the drug taking not the sex

Twocoffees · 29/05/2019 20:31

Relieved I’m not the only menopausal lady preoccupied with thoughts of Taron and Richard. Phwoar!!! 🥰 This has to be my new ‘over and over and over again film 😂.

Wishing I was ‘Tiny Dancer’ after hearing Taron sing it...

TFBundy · 29/05/2019 20:31

This reply has been withdrawn

Message from MNHQ: This post has been withdrawn

lololove · 29/05/2019 20:35

Taron (and Colin Firth, obviously ;) ) In Kingsman and it's sequel? Ding dong!

Summerb · 29/05/2019 21:17

Just seen this as meme on Facebook 😂

Peta11 · 29/05/2019 21:19

Look up the page ' Holy flaps ' on Facebook ! Your boost to the fanjo has become famous! 😂

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