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To wash bath towels after every use

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bananaramaspyjamas · 31/01/2019 13:33

Is this normal? I'm constantly washing towels.

OP posts:
bibbitybobbityyhat · 31/01/2019 14:31

Different colour bath towels for the four of us. We hang them to dry on radiator airers like this in our bedrooms. I change my towel weekly, it's up to the others to remember to change theirs (dh and teens) we always have clean ones in the drawer thanks to me .

ClarabellaCTL · 31/01/2019 14:31

We don't share, but we use them loads in between washes! I hang them over the bannister, on a radiator or the kids get hung up on hooks on the back of their bedroom doors to dry.

Drum2018 · 31/01/2019 14:32

We each have our own towel. Kids hang theirs over the bannister at top of stairs. Dh and i keep ours on towel rail in our en suite. You can buy freestanding towel rails or else hang a hook on back of bedroom doors and let everyone hang their towel up after use. Or fold them over a radiator.

bibbitybobbityyhat · 31/01/2019 14:38

Just noticed that the over radiator towel rail I linked has a 10% off code expiring today!

Judystilldreamsofhorses · 31/01/2019 14:40

Ours get washed every Thursday. We have a heated towel rail in the bathroom, so once used they dry on there. Beds stripped and changed on a Saturday. I can't wait for the weather to get better so things can get line-dried instead of having to use the dryer and clothes-horses. If I put them out now they would freeze solid.

BitOutOfPractice · 31/01/2019 14:40

oh OP don't you know how AIBU works? You're supposed to argue till you're blue in the face that you are NOT being U, even though you are. You're not supposed to say "OK, fair enough, thanks for the input". That's not how it works at all! I'm disappointed in you Wink

bengalcat · 31/01/2019 14:40

Usually wash mine @ once a fortnight or if they look grimy - the dogs gets washed after one use because said towel will smell of soggy dog and be covered in mud

pigsDOfly · 31/01/2019 14:43

I can't believe that some people share a bath towel with other people.

The person using it before you might have dried their bum on the exact same bit of towel that you're now using to dry your face.

I know they've just showered but they're still not sterile.

I certainly wouldn't wash towels after every use but sharing a bath towel, no not ever.

adaline · 31/01/2019 14:45

On a serious note.

We wash ours once a week, and we most certainly have separate towels. They get hung on the heated towel rail between washes.

Glitterblue · 31/01/2019 14:46

We all have our own towels and our own peg in the warm cupboard where they get hung after use and I wash them on a Friday.

bananaramaspyjamas · 31/01/2019 14:48

bitoutofpractice Grin

bibbitybobbity thanks

pigsdofly Shock yes I should hope nobody would share towels with the dog Grin

OP posts:
Ifangyow · 31/01/2019 14:52

This again.
Wash them every day, don't wash them everyday. It's upto you.

SpringForEver · 31/01/2019 14:53

We have 2 or 3 towels each. I have one large one and a small one for my hair, and there is a third for hands in the bathroom which is technically mine as the bathroom is mostly mine.

Males have one large and one hand towel and a bathrobe which is used to dry after bath or shower, large towel is used for the bits that don't get dried on the robe, mainly hair. Small one is a hand towel.

There are towel rails above the radiators which are used for the hand towels and hooks on the doors. I also have an over the door thing will several hooks and kind of stretch the towels out over a few hooks each.

Shower towels are hung over the shower door and there is a folding laundry airer for gym or other towels which don't fit elsewhere.

Different coloured towels so we know which ones are ours.

Washed weekly if used daily. If showers are at the gym then a bit less often.

Nanny0gg · 31/01/2019 14:54
Thebookswereherfriends · 31/01/2019 15:02

I hang each person’s towel in their room. Towel rail on a wall, finish using, hang up in room. No mix ups and they’re nicely aired.

Lovemusic33 · 31/01/2019 15:05

I wash them once a week or when I have extra space in the washing machine.

Jon65 · 31/01/2019 15:13

I wash after every use. I hate used towels. I'm ok with hand towels unless we have guests, then I go round after they've gone and wash them all

MariaNovella · 31/01/2019 15:16

sharing towels?

It is really unhygienic to share towels.

Everyone needs to have their own towel and to have a dedicated place to dry/store it. In our home everyone uses the radiator in their bedroom, but it could be an airing cupboard or towel rail.

Mabumssare · 31/01/2019 15:17

We each have a different colour towel. They get washed once a week. We have 2 of each colour so when ones in the wash the other gets used.

We have 2 bathrooms and I bought over door coat hook things which we use to hang them on. The 3 for the kids on one door and mine and DH on the other :)

BreakfastAtSquiffanys · 31/01/2019 15:18

We haven't had a "you're minging if you don't wash your towels after every use" thread for....oh at least a week

cardibach · 31/01/2019 15:19

Mike why don’t you dry those areas on a towel? How do you dry them?
I’m very puzzled.

IAmWonderWoman · 31/01/2019 15:22

You’ve backed down far too easily OP, you’re supposed to at least disagree several times and flounce right? Wink

We have separate towels and wash every week, or when I remember.


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Confusedbeetle · 31/01/2019 15:22

I would give a fresh clean towel to a guest. Everyone else uses the same one and dries it on the radiator.
Outpinked many hotels give you the choice on environmental grounds

donajimena · 31/01/2019 15:26

I use towelling bath robes. I know that's not what you asked but I'm here to spread the love for them. There is nothing nicer than getting out of the shower and putting it on. You keep warm and dry off whilst doing your other stuff (making coffee, drying hair etc) I would thoroughly recommend it as a superior towel alternative.

Fluffytheevil1 · 31/01/2019 15:26

I wash mine after Every use... that's because my lot put them on the floor after they've used them and they get soaked. Plus my hair towel is usually sopping. We only have a heated towel rail in the bathroom so it wouldn't be practical to dry them all.

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