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To wash bath towels after every use

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bananaramaspyjamas · 31/01/2019 13:33

Is this normal? I'm constantly washing towels.

OP posts:
diddl · 31/01/2019 14:04

We have one bath towel & one hair towel & the 4 of us use them until someone (usually me) decides that it's about time they were washed.

Both on hooks on the back of the door (the over door type).

CloserIAm2Fine · 31/01/2019 14:05

I’m in a flat and I hang mine over a chair or a door to dry. I currently have electric heaters but in previous homes I’ve kept it on the radiator, even in summer, it’s just somewhere to put it and spread it out so it can dry

Impicciona · 31/01/2019 14:05

No way, that's far too much washing! I have 2 bath towels and I get about a week out of each. I'm clean when I get out of the shower, it's just water. I leave it on the heated towel rail to dry.

DH has a towelling robe that he uses like a towel and it gets washed the same amount as my towel.

Teenage DD washes her towels when they're crawling around her bedroom floor screaming for mercy Envy not envy

Oopsy41 · 31/01/2019 14:06

There's four of us and we all have our own coloured towels so we know who's is who but no way would I wash them after every use

CantWaitToRetire · 31/01/2019 14:07

Yep, we have different colours for each person - me, DH, and 2 DDs.

I have a towel rail that I can put near the radiator (which holds 3 towels) and others get put over radiators.

Once a week wash in our house.

RiverTam · 31/01/2019 14:08

agree about hotels, the 'rule' seems to be that if you want fresh towels you leave your used towels in the bath.

TowelNumber42 · 31/01/2019 14:08

Hooks on the back of bedroom doors.

We did have hooks in the bathroom but DS1 discovered that sometimes after DS2 went to the loo if he was feeling annoyed with DS1 he would rub his (clean) buttocks on DS1's towel. Out of sight out of mind saved the situation. That was one hell of a scrap when it all came out. Joys of parenting, eh?

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie · 31/01/2019 14:10

It's just me and DP and we share a towel as he showers in the morning and me at night. Wash it about once a week. is that grim?

troubleswillbeoutofsight · 31/01/2019 14:10

Individual towels ( anything else is gross and heaven help you if anyone develops scabies) hung to dry on heated towel rail thing and washed about once a week or when bathroom is cleaned

bellabasset · 31/01/2019 14:11

My dh was a so and so with towels. He'd use them to stand on, water went everywhere, he'd dry the floor with them. When my dm realised how much washing he created she said no wonder I needed a dryer!. On my own it's a once a week change.

PuppyMonkey · 31/01/2019 14:11
Missingstreetlife · 31/01/2019 14:12

Over the door towel rack, Argos.
Communal hand towel in kitchen and bathroom, light colour, change weekly or more if grubby or smelly.
Individual bath towel, hair turban, wash very few uses, same for swim and gym towels.
Wouldn't share bath towels, fungal or other infections easy to pass on, usually have enough towels for a wash once a week. Don't use conditioner, fluff briefly in dryer and hang out for best absorbency.

Catsick36 · 31/01/2019 14:12

We have our own towels they get washed on 90 about once a weekish.

Thehop · 31/01/2019 14:12

We each have a bath towel and they’re washed when they get smelly. Aired out after each use between, and hung on a hook at the back of everyone’s bedroom door.

I usually pop them on with that rooms bedding on a weekend.

viques · 31/01/2019 14:13

Thinking about it I'm not actually sure I "dry"my body on my bath towel. I certainly wrap it around me when I get out of the bath, but by the time I have washed my face (which I don't do in the bath) ,cleaned my teeth and swished round the bath I am dry enough for body cream/oil and underwear. All the towel is doing is absorbing the drops of clean water left on my skin , I am not towelling down vigorously and removing skin cells, loose hair etc , it's more for keeping me a bit warmer.

MILHouse · 31/01/2019 14:15

OP, I’m sure you are aware by now that you are BU!

Not sure if the photo will work but we use these over-door hooks on practically every door upstairs (renting so don’t want permanent fixtures). They’re perfect for hanging multiple towels.

To wash bath towels after every use
WhenTheSkyFalls · 31/01/2019 14:15

Got to weigh in on this cos it's a pet hate of mine.
I wash after every use.
I think your drying your personal areas on this towel, do you really want to be using it again to dry other areas again? 😬
DH uses his more than once though.

bananaramaspyjamas · 31/01/2019 14:18

Agreed IABU. We do share hand towels and I'm sure I had separate ones when dcs smaller. Just got into bad habits. Going to get separate colours and an over the door hanger or hang over our doors so they don't get mixed up! Thanks.
Feel free to chat among yourselves about vulvas etc Grin

OP posts:
PuppyMonkey · 31/01/2019 14:19

Yes, your FRESHLY WASHED personal areas though...Confused

MeredithGrey1 · 31/01/2019 14:19

Where are you putting all these towels to dry out though? (I got a teeny bathroom)

Do you have any outside space? I'm in a flat without any at the moment, but in warmer months my mum hangs her and my dad's towel on the rotary washing line in the garden each morning so they dry and get aired out properly. Means they never smell damp, and get to dry properly.

Pickled0nion · 31/01/2019 14:22

We share bath and hand towels (just me and DP here) Confused, but we don't share the same one on a given day.

Depending upon the weather they're either hung over the banister, over a (hot) radiator or out on the line.

Piglet will be along soon to tell me off.

TowelNumber42 · 31/01/2019 14:23

WhenTheSkyFalls What do you manage to spread on your towel having come straight out of the showers/bath? Do you use a load of gunky lush products that don't come off your skin? Skin condition that makes you shed or has spores? Just how manky are your personal areas after a wash? Grin


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Theresahairbrushinthefridge · 31/01/2019 14:23

Kids have towelling dressing gowns in our house. one DD prefers microfibre dressing gown from Decathlon. We also take these when we go away to my parents for example. So people don't have to do lots of washing after we leave.

planespotting · 31/01/2019 14:25

Don't share towels
Wash weekly

SilverySurfer · 31/01/2019 14:26

Unless you mean a mud bath, it's ridiculous to wash after every use - they are just damp - so weekly is fine.

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