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To wash bath towels after every use

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bananaramaspyjamas · 31/01/2019 13:33

Is this normal? I'm constantly washing towels.

OP posts:
zizza · 02/02/2019 21:50

And those of you who think hand towels need frequent washing - maybe learn (and teach others in the house) to wash hands properly - great for avoiding illness - hand towels are for drying clean hands not wiping dirty hands on

RoseMartha · 02/02/2019 23:23

Each person has a hand towel for drying hands after washing them, and a bath towel. Hand towels are washed weekly. Bath towels every couple of weeks, unless they need washing sooner. Eg someone wees on it, it goes straight in laundry pile.

Fleurdalys · 02/02/2019 23:50

Can't be arsed to read the full thread but do people really use the same towel for a week?
Clean fresh towel for everyone in my home for every shower.
Sod the environment.
I pay the water bill 😁

BBTHREE76 · 02/02/2019 23:57

I have a clean towel every bath or shower too. I didn’t know that it wasn’t considered normal. My family and friends all do this.

Fleurdalys · 03/02/2019 00:05

Towels washed every couple of weeks

WhentheDealGoesDown · 03/02/2019 05:49

If you wash towels after one use what do you do when you go on holiday, do you only go to places that provide daily towels. We have a touring caravan which we often go away for a week in, if we took 14 bath towels (one daily one each) they would fill it. Either that or I would have to be using the caravan site laundry all holiday to wash and dry towels which I wouldn't want to do. Also with self catering holidays it would be a lot of towels to take with you or do self catering places provide daily towels.

CallMeVito · 03/02/2019 08:14

Clean fresh towel for everyone in my home for every shower.

How dirty are you all when you come out of the shower that all towels need to be washed immediately? Shock

CallMeVito · 03/02/2019 08:16

And those of you who think hand towels need frequent washing
I disagree with you, they do! It's not about wiping dirty hands on them, but they are used so frequently they never get a chance to dry properly.
Also you can't know how well outsiders wash their hands...

LucheroTena · 03/02/2019 08:17

Wash and tumble dry them a couple times a week. Hang them to dry on the heated rail after use.

BillywilliamV · 03/02/2019 08:23

I tried to have separate towel for everyone but DD doesn’t play so given up. 4 towels, 4 people washed once per week,or after swimming. They don’t smell because I hang them up to dry each time.
No nasty skin diseases, no unexplained coughs and colds. Don’t remember the last tummy bug anyone had,
Have a clean towel every shower if you like but it’s a lifestyle choice not a health issue,

EmeraldShamrock · 03/02/2019 08:26

I was after the 2nd use at most. I can never dry myself with a pre damp towel, I have a nose , like an ant eater for damp smells. We will share the towel to dry but not let dampness dry in and reuse.
I use an eco wash, and take lots of other steps to help the environment. I also wash T towels and cleaning clothes daily with a splash of zoflora.
I always imagine dampness, redrying causing germs to get stuck in the fibre.

EmeraldShamrock · 03/02/2019 08:28

I wash*

greenpop21 · 03/02/2019 08:54

Have a clean towel every shower if you like but it’s a lifestyle choice not a health issue,


DitheringBlidiot · 03/02/2019 09:10
SaturdayNext · 03/02/2019 09:55

EmeraldShamrock, dampness doesn't "dry in", it evaporates out. Why should it be dried in after a towel is used for a shower, but not after the towel has been thoroughly soaked in the wash?

Cel982 · 03/02/2019 10:10

We will share the towel to dry but not let dampness dry in and reuse.

Hmm... by 'dampness' you mean 'water', yes? It doesn't dry in, it dries out. Much as it does after you wash it.

Cel982 · 03/02/2019 10:10

Or, what Saturday said!

CurlyhairedAssassin · 03/02/2019 10:15

11 pages! Grin

Which I’m going to add to to say sharing towels is so so grim. Who wants someone else’s arse crack/snot/fungal infection/pube/acne pus/period blood/toothpaste spit/head louse/tahini sauce stink on the towel they’re using? So so gross....

the tahini sauce thing is quite specific. I was brought up in a (normal) household where you each had your own towel. DH was brought up in a household where you didn’t. 8 people shared the same hand towel. Are you feeling sick yet?

I was once staying there overnight. Didn’t have a clean hand towel left on my bed like when I was staying at my mum’s. I didn’t realise that some people didn’t leave a clean towel out for overnight guests so hadn’t brought my own. I went to get ready for bed, washed my face then used the only manky looking towel available and nearly threw up. It stank of savoury garlic smell. DH explained “oh, that’ll be because DBro had a kebab on the way home, it’ll be the tahini sauce.”


MIL is great but they do things differenu in their house as regards hygiene. When I first moved in with DH he was embarrassed when I expressed my horror that he didn’t put new undies and socks on every day. He said he had never been taught to! DFIL’s clothes often look filthy so I can believe that. Mind you I don’t think it helps that they dry their clean clothes in the kitchen and they cook a lot of fried foods.

I just don’t get the lack of basic hygiene in some people. I really am not over fussy about it, but come on, not sharing towels is such a basic thing.

Oliversmumsarmy · 03/02/2019 10:16

If you wash towels after one use what do you do when you go on holiday, do you only go to places that provide daily towels

You mean stay in a hotel

CurlyhairedAssassin · 03/02/2019 10:17

Unless a damp bath towel is stretched out to dry then of course it won’t dry properly. If it’s hanging on one hook in folds then how can it air to dry? Parts of it can but not the bits that are touching each other.

EmeraldShamrock · 03/02/2019 10:34

I used to stay in my aunts in the summer, she had a shower curtain and it stank of damp, her towels did too, her house was tidy but I always remember dodging the shower curtain while in it, I felt myself inhaling the damp stink, after I barely dried with the towel I used to feel ill, imaging all the smelly damp bacteria on me. OTT I know but I couldn't help it.
It is why I wash towels after use, if I share a towel with DP I use it first, it is straight in the machine.

Whisky2014 · 03/02/2019 10:46

Most hotels now have a policy to "help the environment" and dont want to change towels every day. They still will if you out them in the bath but otherwise, if you hang them up they dont get changed.
I think that's fine.

Sharing towels is not something I would do.
I don't understand why youd clean a towel after 1 single use since you are drying a body that's just been cleaned and isn't actually that kuch eater. Hang up on heated towel rail or back of door. Simple.

sod the environment great ethics there fleurdalys Hmm
People are so ignorant and wasteful. It's really disappointing.


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greenpop21 · 03/02/2019 10:50

I would always leave towels for guests.

Just because we use 1 towel each for a week, dried on a heated towel rail, does not mean I am like your DH's family. There is a norm in between extremes.
In our house of 4, incl 2 DDs and DH, we have one hand towel in each bathroom and it is changed once a week. It is used for drying clean hands. Nobody wipes dirty faces or hands on them as they have been brought up not dragged up.

G5000 · 03/02/2019 11:14

Of course there aren't just the ones who only use towels once, and the ones where a family of 8 uses the same towel for 2 weeks.

If you talk about clean and fresh, I bet if I would take that towel you used once, dried it and put it back on the shelf, you would not notice any difference.

Mamasha3 · 03/02/2019 11:34

Each have their own towels and wash after two times .No need to wash after each use when you scrap your body till it's clean. I don't clean my feet with the same towel,rather use my cloth .Face towels are separate too

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