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To think my face looks different.

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Haircutdilemma · 29/10/2018 16:04

I had double jaw surgery a few months ago.

My friend says my fave doesn't look noticeably different. I think it looks quite different.

So AIBU to think my face is different and my friend is being awkward. The pictures are screenshots from our conversation hence the writing.

To think my face looks different.
To think my face looks different.
To think my face looks different.
OP posts:
proseccoandbooks · 29/10/2018 16:05

I also think it looks much better. you're beautiful, OP.

ItchySeveredFoot · 29/10/2018 16:06

You do look a little different. Even if you didn't though your friend is being rude.

user838383 · 29/10/2018 16:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stormwhale · 29/10/2018 16:07

It's made a big difference op. Not sure why your friend would say that, seems bitchy.

RatUnholyRolyPoly · 29/10/2018 16:09

Er, yeah, it looks loads different - GOOD different! You look gorgeous OP, I wish I could get round to sorting out my jaw issues. I want before and after pics just like yours Wine

Houseonahill · 29/10/2018 16:09

Yes it does look different Smile

foodiefil · 29/10/2018 16:09

Definitely different. You're friend is being quite bitchy there is she not?

Hope you're happy with the results of no doubt painful surgery - I know a couple of people who've had it. A long process!

al2002 · 29/10/2018 16:09

It is noticeably different. Looks great.
Ignore friend.

keepingbees · 29/10/2018 16:10

Yes it's made a difference. Maybe it's more obvious on side by side photos than seeing you regularly in real life. I hope she's not being unkind.

Notjustanyone · 29/10/2018 16:15

You look totally different. It's glaringly obvious to us all accept maybe to your jealous friend!
You look fab btw! Well done for going through all that pain!

Chocolatecoffeeaddict · 29/10/2018 16:16

Not a massive difference but can see a change. It's more noticeable on your second two pics, your teeth look a lot nicer. But don't worry, she's probably being a cow.

Haircutdilemma · 29/10/2018 16:16

@RatUnholyMolyPoly I would say go for it, it has massively helped my self esteem. I am still uncomfortable with my face but at least now I can walk into a room and think I look normal. Not saying you don't look normal but that was how I felt about myself if that makes sense.

Thanks everyone, I wondered of I were seeing things that aren't there. Friend says I looked lovely before and after so I don't think being unkind, that's what made me doubt myself.

OP posts:
Unicornandbows · 29/10/2018 16:18

Yup looks different I think if your friend saw you in real life it would be even more obvious I had mines done last year just lower jaw though and everyone can see a major difference

BackToTheFuschia7 · 29/10/2018 16:19

Yes you look different! Hope your friend isn’t being unkind.

Livingloving · 29/10/2018 16:20

You were brave to have that done! Yes it makes a big difference. You look like two different people in the first photo.

DishranawaywiththeSpoon · 29/10/2018 16:21

I can see a big difference op! Your jaw relationship is different, lower jaw has come forward in relation to the upper. Your not straining your lower lip to cover your lower teeth and your upper smile line is lower so you cover more of your upper gums. I think once you have your braces off it will look more different because you will still be straining a little to cover the braces.

Don't worry op! Its probably becayse your friend has got used toyou afterwards. You do look lovely before and but extra lovely after!

RatUnholyRolyPoly · 29/10/2018 16:21

I think I will Haircutdilemma, thank you. Perhaps that's why I see such a big difference in your pictures; the first thing I look at when I look at pictures of myself is my teeth and jaw! I always thought "why bother?" because I was used to having a Neanderthal jaw (as my dentist puts it), but it's bugging me more and more...

Glad to hear you're happy with the results and that it was all worth it!

troodiedoo · 29/10/2018 16:25

You did look lovely before but you can tell you are straining. You look much more relaxed and confident in the after photos. Good for you.

One of my friends had a breast enlargement and one of my other friends was dead against it and refused to acknowledge it. People are odd.

youarenotkiddingme · 29/10/2018 16:31

It looks great. Your friends an arse.

I imagine it was very painful but I'd say it was totally worth it.

spiderlight · 29/10/2018 16:31

I can definitely see a difference. You looked fine before but you're gorgeous now!

Haircutdilemma · 29/10/2018 16:33

Thanks for the lovely compliments, I still have issues with my face but I think it's a lot better than it was. I am now focused on my wrinkles and large nose Grin never happy!!

OP posts:
TheBigFatMermaid · 29/10/2018 16:34

I have watched the surgery you had, when I was a student nurse.

It is not minor! They do not do it if they cannot see it will benefit you in a major way. The improvement is obvious!


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Haircutdilemma · 29/10/2018 16:35

@TheBigFatMermaid was it quite brutal to watch? I watched it on YouTube and they had hammers Shock I am glad I was asleep.

OP posts:
LegoPiecesEverywhere · 29/10/2018 16:35

What was the recovery like op?

overnightangel · 29/10/2018 16:38

@haircutdiemma you looked lovely before but if you weren’t happy it’s not nice for you, you look absolutely beautiful 😊

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