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I'm 34 and I have never tried a cup of tea

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2ndbase · 29/10/2018 10:32

I don't know where to start, how do you know which tea bags to use? Do I have milk, if so, how much? Sugar?

It's always puzzled me how people already know all this, I think it's what's put me off trying it before now!

OP posts:
Rufusthebewilderedreindeer · 29/10/2018 10:33

Why do you want to start?

I didnt drink coffee til i was in my 40's

Wish i hadnt bloody started now Grin

tabulahrasa · 29/10/2018 10:34

Well most people already know because they’ve been given tea fairly young by someone else that drinks tea, then they’ve fiddled with it till it’s how they like it best?

Do you drink any hot drinks? Because I take tea and coffee pretty much the same.

ethelfleda · 29/10/2018 10:34

Tea is horrible. Just drink coffee and be happy Smile

SavageBeauty73 · 29/10/2018 10:34

I'm 45 and never had a coffee.

I am a tea addict. I like Yorkshire Tea and Earl Grey. Just buy teabags and experiment.

2ndbase · 29/10/2018 10:34

Because so many people love it, I want to know if i'm missing out

OP posts:
PinkHeart5914 · 29/10/2018 10:35

Don’t do it, tea is the devils work! Stick to coffee

I can’t recommend a brand of tea but I’d make it black, sip it, then add a dash of milk at a time if you think you need it. Try it without sugar then 1 spoon at a time until you like the taste

Lemondrizzlecake1 · 29/10/2018 10:35

Why start now? If you must though, don’t put sugar in it!!

SavageBeauty73 · 29/10/2018 10:36

Don't put sugar in! No need if you haven't had it

Shutityoutart · 29/10/2018 10:36

I don’t drink tea or coffee. Both are vile. 🤮

fantasmasgoria1 · 29/10/2018 10:37

I like tea and black coffee

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer · 29/10/2018 10:37


I dont think you are missing out

I drank tea til i was 26... cant stomach it now

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer · 29/10/2018 10:38

I say i drink coffee

I only drink latte or cafe au lait pretty much coffee flavoured milk

2ndbase · 29/10/2018 10:39

I've tried coffee and didn't like it at all, I think it was a latte

OP posts:
PippilottaLongstocking · 29/10/2018 10:39

Williamson’s earl grey is the best - put teabag in cup, pour boiling water over teabag, leave to brew for a few minutes, take teabag out and add a splash of milk, no sugar

User12879923378 · 29/10/2018 10:40

Do you not know someone who can invite you over and give you a couple of cups to try? Give you a weak one and a medium one?

littlemissalwaystired · 29/10/2018 10:40

I don't know how anyone can live without tea! By far my favourite drink. I never used to like coffee....until I started midwifery. A good few years of night shifts meant I suffered through the taste initially but now thoroughly enjoy the stuffGrinBrew

ethelfleda · 29/10/2018 10:40

I only drank tea when I was pregnant because strangely had a craving for it. Hate the stuff again now! Even tried to drink a cup when I visited a tea plantation in Malaysia. Still vile.

ethelfleda · 29/10/2018 10:41

If you absolutely must - just drink green tea. Steep the tea for 90seconds. Obviously, no milk or sugar. It’s even nicer with jasmine.

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer · 29/10/2018 10:42

Like i say 2nd i was well into my 40's when i started Grin

I didnt have a problem not drinking tea or coffee, other people seemed to have a problem though Grin

Plus water is boring

But as others have said dont add sugar...

Underpressureidiot · 29/10/2018 10:44

Get a bog standard “everyday” blend, the twinings one in the yellow box is nice, you can get it from home bargains. I’d reccomend fairly strong, so leave the tea until it’s almost black, and then add milk until it’s a toffee colour. Then two teaspoons of sugar. If tea is too weak I find it really insipid and can’t drink it, I do prefer coffee to tea.

NewGrandad · 29/10/2018 10:46

I can't stand coffee. Never have since my first sip and the smell of it is sickening.

However I have recently (in the last 3 years) changed my tea drinking habits. From "two and coo" I've now switched to decaff green tea with a spoonful of honey. So much better for me but still allowing me to drink tea.

HurrahMoaningMyrtle · 29/10/2018 10:47

ethelfleda you are the opposite to me; I drink gallons of tea but haven't been able to stomach it during 4 pregnancies


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Sitranced · 29/10/2018 10:48

Don't use a bag. Get loose leaf. 2g per cup, boiling water and leave to brew for at least 3-4 minutes. Strain the leaves and add a drop of milk. Don't bother with sugar.

MrsStrowman · 29/10/2018 10:49

Yorkshire tea, let it brew so it's fairly dark but add a fair amount of milk after the tea or it scalds the milk (unless you're using bone China then milk first), so it's a shade lighter than David Dickenson. Add sugar if you prefer sweeter drinks. Nice builder's tea. I would try normal tea before earl grey etc which have a more perfumed taste.
I didn't drink coffee until I was about twenty and tea when I was about twenty five. I still go a good few weeks between cups often.

Elasticity · 29/10/2018 10:49

I've never had a sip of either tea or coffee.

They both look and smell disgusting. I generally don't see the appeal of hot drinks. I'll have a hot chocolate very rarely (once or twice a year?) and even then only if it's free - would never willingly pay for one!

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