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how many people get amazon prime by mistake

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LittleBookofCalm · 22/10/2018 07:09

it is wicked how easy it is to sign up.
and how hard it is to cancel!

OP posts:

rabbitmat · 22/10/2018 07:37

Audible are the worst for this!I paid for 7 months after getting a free trial of one book. And they don't refund you.


headinhands · 22/10/2018 07:37

Dd and dh. Was paying for months before we noticed. Amazon could see we hadn't used it so fully refunded. It's too easy and reckon a certain wedge of their profit is unintentional Prime memberships.


TheMaddHugger · 22/10/2018 07:43

I've got it by mistake. couldn't use most of the stuff casue it was the American one and Im Aussie.
No issues cancelling


Tawdrylocalbrouhaha · 22/10/2018 07:43

I've done it. I didn't find it hard to cancel, but I don't think that makes the trickery ok.

They are relying on the fact that people won't notice, or won't bother to sort it out, or are desperately confused by computers (I have relatives who fall into this category). I really disapprove of the tactics.


FinallyGotAnIPhone · 22/10/2018 07:49

I did! I cancelled straight away but did make use of it for a month. Quite liked it!


greatbigwho · 22/10/2018 07:51

I'm failing to see what the trickery is? It asks if you want a free trial, you click yes. It says that you're signing up to a monthly chargeable service.

It's hardly their fault if people click without reading.


Bugsymalonemumof2 · 22/10/2018 07:54

I pay 3.99 a month for prime. Love it! But yes very easy to accidently sign up so at least they make it easy to cancel/reclaim


Laiste · 22/10/2018 07:56

Been using amazon for about 100 years and never done it by accident. Maybe it's easier to make the mistake using a phone though? I'm always on a laptop with a bloody great screen.

At the mo i'm doing the free trial for a month thing. I've done it twice before. Was wary the first time but in fact they're always good about telling you you're about to go into 'not free anymore' time and it's a couple of clicks on a link to cancel.


IamPickleRick · 22/10/2018 07:57

Its very easy to cancel, I have even done that by mistake.


Satsumaeater · 22/10/2018 07:59

It is really easy to sign up by mistake. I had managed to avoid it for years but finally fell into one of their newer traps a few weeks ago. It really isn't that clear, you really have to be on your guard.

However, as people have said it is really easy to cancel. And I did get the benefit of it for a month. DH has it but we don't want to share an account.


schnubbins · 22/10/2018 07:59

I joined also by accident.My kids told me I had it a few months later.


wonkylegs · 22/10/2018 08:00

I did it by accident when distracted by the kids. Easy enough to cancel although I was annoyed with myself for not paying more attention to where I clicked.


gamerwidow · 22/10/2018 08:00

I don’t understand how people sign up by accident though. It says when you click on it that you’ll be charged after a month unless you cancel it. Obviously it happens because other people have done it but that’s on you for not paying attention. It’s not hidden, I didn’t have to search for the billing information. I’m not sure what else they could do to signpost the fact it’s chargable?


Satsumaeater · 22/10/2018 08:00

It asks if you want a free trial, you click yes

It wasn't. It was a different question when I got taken in by it.


funmummy48 · 22/10/2018 08:02

I love Amazon Prime. We definitely get our money 's worth out of it as a family and the music & movies are great.


gamerwidow · 22/10/2018 08:02

Having said the above it’s been a while since I signed up so maybe the question is different now?
I think when I signed up it said ‘do you want free delivery on this item?’ Then when you clicked it has the subscription details on the next page.


onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad · 22/10/2018 08:02

I signed up by accident but have kept it - absolutely love it.


GoldilocksAndTheThreePears · 22/10/2018 08:06

I was bought a year Prime as a gift a while ago, sadly couldn't use it as it was bought by a Canadian friend and couldn't be added to a UK account. The frustrating thing was it didn't just tell me that, using the code opened a .com account linked to my but separate, only able to use on .com products and the Prime didn't count for overseas so essentially useless. It all makes sense but they don't tell you any of this, buying the gift, applying the code, nothing to tell you it won't work on other Amazon countries. The gifter eventually got the money back as for some reason you can buy gifted Prime there but there is no similar thing here at all, so they couldn't even open a account in order to send the gift.

I've had Prime for a coupel fo years now but next month I stop it, they've ended the Twitch integration so pretty much everything I want it for is gone. I'll miss the delivery but it doesn't offer enough fro the money now.


Natsku · 22/10/2018 08:09

I got tricked into the free trial - ordering something and one box was clearly click here to start free trial and get free delivery and then the box below it was the same thing but not clear. I could not see any box to click to not start the trial. Really pissed me off.

Cancelling was easy though, I used the free trial until the day it ran out and then cancelled it (though the free trial wasn't much use to me except for watching a couple of films as don't get prime delivery in Finland)


BabySharkAteMyHamster · 22/10/2018 08:09

Its very easy to unlimited etc are another story though Halloween Angry


glamorousgrandmother · 22/10/2018 08:10

I joined by mistake and had to cancel it.


londonrach · 22/10/2018 08:13

Its vvv easy to cancel. I did it by accident once then free trial next time and both times i cancelled no problem. Can work out cheaper if you pay postage.


Accountant222 · 22/10/2018 08:14

Me by accident, I think they are out of order, it's not clear, I did have a bit of trouble finding out how to cancel, but was using my phone. I have joined now, as moved house and bought loads of stuff


KioreWahine · 22/10/2018 08:14

I got caught out and didn't realise I had it. It autorenewed for a couple of years before I noticed. I'd had no emails from them and they only contacted me when my bank card expired!

They did refund the 79 quid when I asked as I clearly hadn't ever used it. Bloody bandits.


FekkoTheLawyer · 22/10/2018 08:15

Yes and I almost did it just now. Ordering on a phone - and the sign up popup looks like it only has one button (a big Green one and a wishy washy gray one).

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