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how many people get amazon prime by mistake

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LittleBookofCalm · 22/10/2018 07:09

it is wicked how easy it is to sign up.
and how hard it is to cancel!

OP posts:
AJPTaylor · 22/10/2018 07:10

Both my daughters and my husband!

Ohheyyy · 22/10/2018 07:11

I know people who have done it by mistake but it's not hard to cancel it.

NonaGrey · 22/10/2018 07:11

It’s not that hard to cancel?

MarieMorgan · 22/10/2018 07:13

It's not hard to cancel. I'm not a great fan of Amazon but their customer service is excellent.

calpop · 22/10/2018 07:17

I agree they try and trick you into signing up when youre not paying attention, but its very easy to cancel and they will refund you for months if you phone up and complain.

greatbigwho · 22/10/2018 07:19

I really don't understand people who say it's hard to cancel, it's one click on a well signposted page…

Biancadelriosback · 22/10/2018 07:19

I've done it twice by accident

IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece · 22/10/2018 07:20

It’s incredibly easy to cancel Confused

makingmiracles · 22/10/2018 07:21

It’s a pain I agree, my ds2 did it by mistake once, back when the only option was £79 a year, I had around £100 in my account, cancelled it straight away which was easy enough but took 4-5 days for money to be credited back!

PreseaCombatir · 22/10/2018 07:22

I’ve got it, but I wanted it. I’ve always found amazons customer service to be pretty amazing.

JollyAndBright · 22/10/2018 07:22

As others have said, it’s not at all hard to cancel.

And if you do forget to cancel it after the trial ends or after signing up by mistake you only need to send one email to Amazon and they will refund your money the next day.

DinosApple · 22/10/2018 07:22

I've done it to, I used the free month that was on offer and then cancelled.

It's a pain because subscribing to something shouldn't be a one click affair, even if it's one click to cancel it!

sheldonstwin · 22/10/2018 07:22

Yes I too joined by mistake and had to work out how to leave. Now I refuse to join, on principle because I don't like their 'trickery' tactics.

KC225 · 22/10/2018 07:24

Happened to me. What is really annoying, is that is doesn't show up on your Amazon recent orders - I only discovered it via my bank account. When I tried to cancel they wanted to deduct the 'months' I'd used. I had never used it. I am in a EU country which doesn't have Amazon as an elderly owns the name and refuses to sell it to them. They backed when they realised my home address. When I pushed them as to how this could happen, I was told that if the cursor hovers over one of the banners too long they will take that as a 'yes click'. Also tried it on when I ordered a kindle for the kids and began deducting 'kids' kindle monthly which I never ordered. They are a pack of rob dogs.

greatbigwho · 22/10/2018 07:25

If you sign up for a free month you can cancel immediately by going to the Prime management page and cancelling the autorenew. You get a month's prime, and it doesn't auto renew at the end, rather it emails you to ask what you want to do.

DollyWilde · 22/10/2018 07:26

I like to think I’m pretty tech savvy but I’ve done it too. As others have said though it’s easy to cancel.

littlebillie · 22/10/2018 07:26

We are on Prime but have it as a family which is great

WhiteDust · 22/10/2018 07:27

SO easy to cancel!!
Sign in, go to your account, click cancel.
I've done it several times!

I do it when I have a few things to buy & want next day delivery.
I sign up to prime to get the P&P deducted, enjoy films for a month & cancel. Repeat.

Iscreamforbenandjerrys · 22/10/2018 07:29

My mum did. It really upset her as she took it as a sign she was getting old and that she wasn't savvy enough anymore to use the internet. Bastards.

ChrisSmallingsHair · 22/10/2018 07:30

I have Amazon Prime because I wanted it but it is so easy to cancel if you change your mind.

3boysandabump · 22/10/2018 07:32

Who even wants to cancel prime? I love it 😊

MondayImInLove · 22/10/2018 07:33

Very clear when you sign up and easy to cancel (couple of clicks).
If you don’t read before (accidentaly) subscribing then don’t complain!

Aridane · 22/10/2018 07:33

I have twice joined by accident

MemoryOfSleep · 22/10/2018 07:36

Started free trial, forgot to cancel. Still got it two years later because I find it very useful.

Thelastredwinegum · 22/10/2018 07:36

I've always found it easy to cancel.

Now I have cancelled though, every time I use the app it takes me straight to the Prime sign up/payment page.

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