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To hate the word ta

172 replies

chocolatekimmy · 15/05/2007 22:17

Always pronounced with that aaaahhhh a

(instead of thank you that is)

Drives me nuts, especially when after a child is used to it the mum insists on them saying thank you and correcting them each time!

There are many words a child won't be able to say or pronounce at a young age but we just wait don't we

OP posts:
barbamama · 16/05/2007 12:21

Aloha you are a very cultured commoner!

edam · 16/05/2007 12:22

But a council house down sarf, Aloha. Up north it would be breakfast, dinner and tea. And Nanna or Nannan.

pinknfluffy29 · 16/05/2007 12:24

"ta" is northern - i use it my dad uses it and so does the whole family - in informal settings usually "ta very much"

my dd (16mths)sys ta in a very funny voice but she is showing thanks and for that i am happy.

i would much rather somebody said "ta" than not offer thanks at all.

pinknfluffy29 · 16/05/2007 12:26

ha ha read the more recent posts about lunch/dinner and tea/dinner

everyone get so confused in our house as i use the former and everyone else uses latter so there are alwys moans of "we not had lunch yet"

i love being a northerner with our brews and owts and ta's

LostPuppy · 16/05/2007 12:28

Again, none of this really matters if meaning is conveyed correctly.

If i ask someone round for tea, i expect them to come at about 4pm. But oop north they'd rock up around 7pm.

harpsichordcarrier · 16/05/2007 12:35

I say lavatory

ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear · 16/05/2007 12:35

YANBU - I hate the word ta too (also gee gee, moo cow etc)

Not necessary!

laundrylover · 16/05/2007 12:39

Tea time here is about 5pm and we're up north. We have lunch and tea I guess so a real mish mash. I find the idea of supper as pasta very southern as I think supper is cereal or a chocolate bar in front of the telly at 10pm. Not for me these days as doesn't fit into slimming world!

BTW I'm reading Pies and Prejudice for book group and would recommend it for those interested in the north/south divide idea.

singersgirl · 16/05/2007 12:50

Haven't read all the thread, but 'ta' is part of some people's vocabulary and that's fine. I don't use it, so neither do my children. I confess I don't understand teaching them it as an easier way of saying thank you, unless it is a word you use as a family. There are lots of words small children can't pronounce (eg spaghetti, triceratops and frequently their names), but we don't teach them other versions. We just let them approximate until they are ready to say it.

So DS1 said something that sounded very much like "Fuk you" when he first started saying "Thank you".

goblinqueen · 16/05/2007 13:18

ffs, does the northerners are common stereotype need to be so prevalent here?!

I think I'll go join the Yorkshire Home Rule movement, anything to prevent the forces that want everyone to be Generic Middle Class Southerner.

nappyaddict · 16/05/2007 13:21

is ta without the aaaaaaaah a sound ok?

edam · 16/05/2007 13:23

I didn't read the thread as saying northerners were common, just that there are differences in vocab between north and south.

barbamama · 16/05/2007 13:29

I called my dp a common northerner as a light hearted joke (remember those?) but seeing as I have 2 children with him it clearly doesn't bother me (and I say toilet remember) as a poncy southerner - which I'm sure I get called just as much.

Astrophe · 16/05/2007 13:46

LOL at the shitter LL! DH uses all manner of tastless expressions I wont mention, but DD and I say toilet!

We have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I can understand 'tea' as th kids evening meal at 5pm, although we usually all eat together and atbout 6 at the moment. Agree LL, 'supper' is bickies or toast before bed.

But I'm not English so I guess what we say is not very relevant! People here in thr midlands tend to have 'dinner' and 'tea' I think.

Thinking about the toilet/loo thing - still not at all convinced that loo is posh! I would probably ask for the 'bathrooom' or the 'ladies' if I was trying to euphamistic, but would usually just ask for the toilets.

Astrophe · 16/05/2007 13:48

nappyaddict: No its not. sorry.

nappyaddict · 16/05/2007 13:57

well i say ta all the time. nothing to do with the fact i can't pronounce thankyou.

Astrophe · 16/05/2007 14:00

Well you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Go sit on the loo and have a think about your behaviour, and wipe yer bum with a serviette.

Polgara2 · 16/05/2007 14:09

Well I'm Northern and I say breakfast, lunch, tea and loo AND I think ta sounds dreadful!!

mm22bys · 16/05/2007 14:09

I'm amazed about the differences with breakfast / lunch / dinner (which are the three meals we have where I'm from - Oz).

"Tea" would be preceded with either morning or afternoon, to indicate a snack between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.

"Supper" is what I would have right before bed....

I use a toilet, where I am from "loo" is very colloquial and not at all posh!

Most of the time I would use a serviette...

unknownrebelbang · 17/05/2007 00:15

Coming back to this belatedly, lol, and not really sure that this is at all relevant, but my mum and mil were both nana, my stepmama insists on being called Grandma.

She is so far up her own backside.......

unknownrebelbang · 17/05/2007 00:16

oh and how come lunch is served by dinnerladies???

barbamama · 17/05/2007 11:57

good point!

because they originated up North?

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