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To hate the word ta

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chocolatekimmy · 15/05/2007 22:17

Always pronounced with that aaaahhhh a

(instead of thank you that is)

Drives me nuts, especially when after a child is used to it the mum insists on them saying thank you and correcting them each time!

There are many words a child won't be able to say or pronounce at a young age but we just wait don't we

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MamaG · 15/05/2007 22:24


MamaG · 15/05/2007 22:24


MamaG · 15/05/2007 22:24


MamaG · 15/05/2007 22:24


hatrick · 15/05/2007 22:24

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Message withdrawn

heifer · 15/05/2007 22:24

isn't it time for you to do some baking MamaG?

JodieG1 · 15/05/2007 22:24

Ta, thank you, same difference imho.

MamaG · 15/05/2007 22:24
rabbleraiser · 15/05/2007 22:25


Gopping? Lovely word.

JodieG1 · 15/05/2007 22:25

Well ta to me is from where I'm from. I still say ta now sometimes, guess I'm just a common cockney.

Whoooosh · 15/05/2007 22:27

I hate it-would rather the child said nothing until it could attempt some semblance of thankyou as my dd did.
So call me a snob but I hate hate hate TA!!!!!!!

Rachmumoftwo · 15/05/2007 22:27

Why teach a child to say 'ta' when they learn 'thank you', or 'thanks' just as easily? I used to get wound up when people would say 'ta' to mine when they were little. It is just lazy, and not good modelling of language.
How about 'cheers mate'?

macmama73 · 15/05/2007 22:28

Not something I really worry about, but didn't teach mine ta, and got annoyed at my mum for it. They learn thankyou quick enough anyway. (or tankoo, as DS used to say)

TricityBendix · 15/05/2007 22:28

Would rather a child said "ank oo" than ta. I'd never use "ta". Why would I teach it to a child?

MamaG · 15/05/2007 22:28

Actually my DC don't say TA, they say thank you or thanks. never have said Ta as its not a word I use but it doesn't BOTHER me.

Babies drinking tea bothers me more

tombley · 15/05/2007 22:29

Who has the energy to waste on a word like Ta?
Couldn't you get more wound about the Nestle thing? That at least has a purpose.

MamaG · 15/05/2007 22:30

I found out today that nestle make nescafe


will have to switch to kenco now

rabbleraiser · 15/05/2007 22:31


That might explain why so many children have no manners. Waiting for a child to annunciate THANK YOU SO MUCH is perhaps waiting too long.

It is the ethic of saying thank you that's important, not how you say it.

My ds started off with ta. When he could speak sentences, he automatically went to THANK YOU.

hatrick · 15/05/2007 22:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

chocolatekimmy · 15/05/2007 22:32

Agree its even worse when someone else is giving it the TAAAA AH (repeatedly) to my child

OP posts:
NotanOtter · 15/05/2007 22:33

gopping is fab it very accurately describes 'ta'

hatrick · 15/05/2007 22:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Spidermama · 15/05/2007 22:33

HATE it.

chocolatekimmy · 15/05/2007 22:33

rabbleraiser - manners and pronounciation are two different things

OP posts:
tombley · 15/05/2007 22:34

Very true Hatrick but this is the second time I've seen this thread in my very brief MN membership.

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