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To hate the word ta

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chocolatekimmy · 15/05/2007 22:17

Always pronounced with that aaaahhhh a

(instead of thank you that is)

Drives me nuts, especially when after a child is used to it the mum insists on them saying thank you and correcting them each time!

There are many words a child won't be able to say or pronounce at a young age but we just wait don't we

OP posts:
JodieG1 · 15/05/2007 22:34

Why do people hate the word ta so much? Where I was brought up it was just something that was said by most people. There does seem to be a lot of judgement of more "common" words here. I talk very differently from the way I type usually too, although since moving to Cambridge I've become posher lol.

rabbleraiser · 15/05/2007 22:34

So is spelling, Kimmy. It's pronunciation.

niceglasses · 15/05/2007 22:35

'Ta' I think has been scientifically proven to give firm basis for the progression to the longer vowel sounds leading eventually to the correct ' Thank You'. It is, in other words, building up sounds and is easier for younger babies to annuciate. Or so I'm told. To be actively encouraged one would have thought would one not? What?

hatrick · 15/05/2007 22:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

NotanOtter · 15/05/2007 22:35

hatrick - makes you 'shudder' lol!

unknownrebelbang · 15/05/2007 22:35

Hate is such a strong word......

Doesn't bother me tbh.

Better Ta than no manners, imho.

edam · 15/05/2007 22:35

One of the perils of working outside the home is that other people teach your child things such as 'ta', IMO. Kept my dislike of the word very quiet when ds was at nursery.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry · 15/05/2007 22:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TricityBendix · 15/05/2007 22:36

I don't expect DS to say "thank you so much" - I don't, but I say "thank you" not "ta" I also say Scone like "stone" not Scon like "on" That's the way I speak. I guess if you say "ta" that's fine.

Out of interest, if you've started with "ta" how do you go about changing to "thank you" without constanly correcting? (genuine question - not being arsey)

chocolatekimmy · 15/05/2007 22:37

Oh sorry rabbleraiser - I must be such a brainless div to make a spelling mistake on here

Ta for pointing that out to me (don't mind adults using the word by the way).

OP posts:
Mhamai · 15/05/2007 22:38

I'm quite fond of ta muchly.

unknownrebelbang · 15/05/2007 22:38

I use ta muchly often on another forum, lol.

rabbleraiser · 15/05/2007 22:40

That point has been answered, Tricity. Using the simple form of Ta leads to an earlier grasp of the longer vowel sounds of Thank You.

I know lot of anal women in my village who don't like to use 'baby speak' because they find it offensive.

Oddly enough, most of their toddlers don't seem to say very much at all

Probably too farking scared to.

FloatingOnTheMed · 15/05/2007 22:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hatrick · 15/05/2007 22:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

NotanOtter · 15/05/2007 22:44

i would rather my child be mute than say taaaaaa

chocolatekimmy · 15/05/2007 22:44

Labeling people anal because of personal choice is a bit harsh isn't it.

Maybe the kids you refer to don't say much because they have seen you coming

OP posts:
unknownrebelbang · 15/05/2007 22:44


hatrick · 15/05/2007 22:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

littlelapin · 15/05/2007 23:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Londonmamma · 15/05/2007 23:00

I have NEVER considered this question before!
My neices are Welsh and their grandma always got them to say 'ta' when they were little. It seemed cute in their strong Welsh accents.

(They don't say anything much these days!!)

I don't think we need to get too wound up about the words others use when speaking to our DC (unless it's swearing or insulting, of course). As long as WE talk to them enough they usually end up able to speak as we want them to i.m.e.

They might not CHOOSE to speak like us, but that's another story..

Astrophe · 15/05/2007 23:05

It is reasonably common in Australia, but I don't say it to my kids, and neither did I growing up - Mum would have skinned us! Lots of people say it, but lots don't!

At the risk of sounding snobby and getting in trouble with the MN Class Police, its a bit 'working class' (in Australia), like saying arksk (ask) and haitch (aitch).

agnesnitt · 15/05/2007 23:06

I never spoke 'down' to my daughter, so she learnt 'thank you' instead of 'ta' and so on. Nothing to do with how it sounds I just thought it was better to start with decent English from the beginning rather than have to wedge it into her vocabulary as she grew. Thus there are no 'doggies' or 'piggies' either. Parents were warned on pain of death to not use patronising terms and it's worked out pretty well


rabbleraiser · 15/05/2007 23:17

Please explain to me how the f*k you can patronize a baby???

Watching this thread tonight, I am no longer confused about why kids are so stressed these days.

It's all perfectly fucking obvious, now.


OtterInnit · 15/05/2007 23:18

my children are not stressed
they do speak nicely

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