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To ask for your tips on drying washing in this awful rain!

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nomorebabiesyet · 09/08/2017 21:14

I feel like i am drowning in washing! 3 kids, dh and me! We all end up changing daily. Kids are 4 months, 2.5 years and 4 years. Dh works in an environment where he needs fresh clothes everyday. And i am covered in baby sick and god knows what by the end of the day. If im lucky the 2 older ones will wear their clothes for 2 days.

Anyway. We dont have a tumble dryer. We had one but it didnt work when we moved in. And i wanted a dishwasher so that went in its place. No where else to put one! I have a clothes airerer. Its not big enough so would need another one but it takes days for clothes to dry when its crap weather so then the washing backs up! Its not cold enoigh to use the radiators. And it is effecting my chest havimg damp and wet washing around. Ive seen the heates airers. Are they any good...? Any other ideas


OP posts:
selly24 · 09/08/2017 21:18

Deluxe heated airer (or largest normal one) with the cover is fantastic. From Lakeland. Works v well and is so worth the investment. As flat dwellers, couldn't live without it!

MudCity · 09/08/2017 21:19

Another one for the Lakeland heated airer. It is the one thing in this house I would replace immediately if it stopped working (apart from my iPad). I love it.

nomorebabiesyet · 09/08/2017 21:20

Thank you! Are they expensive? How long does it take for clothes to dry?

OP posts:
MrsMyreton · 09/08/2017 21:20

I feel you OP! I have a four month old and a husband who needs fresh shirts/suits etc. each day. Well done on managing another two kids laundry on top of that!

So I've been using two indoor clothes airers, and basically just popping them outside for a while when we get an hour of sunshine. Does mean I'm constantly on 'rain watch' though. I also iron trousers etc. when they're almost dry and put them back on the airer.

I'd love to hear some other suggestions too!

nomorebabiesyet · 09/08/2017 21:20

Ok im going to google now. I have a sinus infection and with all this damp washing it feels like its creeping to my chest Sad

OP posts:
nomorebabiesyet · 09/08/2017 21:21

Oh god the ironing! I hate the ironing. Because the drying takes so long the ironing builds up! Where do all these clothes come from?!? I dont remeber buying them! Confused

OP posts:
SloanePeterson · 09/08/2017 21:22

Honestly? I'd gladly forgo my dishwasher for a tumble dryer. And have done in the past. I had washing hanging all over my flat when I had two dc and my lovely nan bought me a tumble dryer out of pity. Wouldn't go back to having airers now as like you it was bad for our chests. I feel guilty for using it in august but there's no other way of dealing with the amount of washing our family of 5 produces, and without the heating on it's still take days to dry on airers.

Akire · 09/08/2017 21:23

Heated dryers are good if you cover them or dry things flat. Heat risers so if you have space for a puller dryer somewhere that will help all year around too.
Failing that stick dryers in a room, windows open, a dehumidifier also will help dry things quicker

NapQueen · 09/08/2017 21:24

When it rains out we have no alternative than radiators on, windows open. Its a waste of heating but we do not have the space for a tumble dryer.

Also, iron less! The kids clothes dont need ironing.

Bearbehind · 09/08/2017 21:24

I'd also prefer a tumble dryer to a dish washer.

You have to fill and empty and dishwasher so the time saving compared to actually washing up in a sink is minimal compared to not being able to get clothes dry for hours/ days,

LoniceraJaponica · 09/08/2017 21:25

Can you put a tumble dryer in another room or the garage? I have a condenser tumble dryer, and the amount of water that a load produces is several pints. It is no wonder your house is damp.

If you can't have a tumble dryer then the Lakeland heated airer is a good alternative.

Dancinginthemidnight · 09/08/2017 21:25

Our tumble dryer hasn't long broken so we are using an airer. As long as I don't over load it and space it out one load will dry in a day. It's such a ball ache though. I'm going to get another airer because we are drowning in washing too. I used to have a dry buddy, it wasn't very good because it didn't have much space so couldn't dry a full load.

nomorebabiesyet · 09/08/2017 21:25

I dobt iron the kids clothes Blush only dh's he has 2 wardrobes ! He has more than me! They just materialise! He hasnt been shopping in 2 years. I tried to get rid of a lot of them but it just doesnt work...

OP posts:
FruitBadger · 09/08/2017 21:26

Dehumidifier! We have the Delonghi Dem10, costs about the same as a fridge to run. I can fit 3/4 loads of washing (7kg machine) on my two airers and have the lot dry enough to put away in 24 hours. Smaller loads / more spread out would be dry overnight.

AllToadsLeadToHome · 09/08/2017 21:27

I also have a Lakeland heated airer. It wobbles a lot and is a bit flimsy, plastic hook things that the shelves rest on so you need to not lean on it.
It warms the room up nicely and if you pay the extra for the cover it dries quite well although larger items that are folded seem to take 2 nights (if it is only on at night and not during the day as well).

I started off by not buying the cover and draped bedding etc over it to dry, made a tent by using pegs to hold it together and it was fine. Then I decided to get the cover. I still drape things over the top of the cover though, so as not to waste any heat.

It is cold enough at the moment to put the heating on for a few hours so am also putting stuff on the radiators. I am struggling to keep up with our washing too. Normally put it out and bring it back in dry at this time of year.

Dancinginthemidnight · 09/08/2017 21:29

Oh yeah tumble dryer in another room is a good idea. My condenser dryer was in the dining room

DeadDoorpost · 09/08/2017 21:30

We use regular air dryers but also have a dehumidifier to suck the moisture out of the air. Do a usual wash, then another spin, then hang up. If it's also near a heater with the dehumidifier it works quicker.

nomorebabiesyet · 09/08/2017 21:30

I just popped the heating on Blushit is chilly though

OP posts:
jmh740 · 09/08/2017 21:30

I have a huge back log of washing after o took dd to London for a few days and ds had a week at cub camp you can imagine the state of his clothes when he came back! I do have a washer drier but it takes forever to dry things. I've been putting things on the airer and then putting the radiators on for an hour to speed up the drying

Purplemac · 09/08/2017 21:32

I feel your pain OP. We have a large kitchen but no wall space for a tumble dryer so have done without it for years. Like a PP I will put the clothes airer outside as often as possible.

Might be a ridiculous suggestion but is it worth having two airers? One with clothes for the next Day, and one for everything else. So clothes for the next day can be spaced out better to dry quicker?

DH irons his clothes if they're still damp to dry them - I am lazy and have been known to put clothes on when theyre still not quite dry Blush they dry much more quickly once theyre on!

MrTrebus · 09/08/2017 21:32

Get a condenser tumble dryer and it can go anywhere you just need a plug point.


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SciFiFan2015 · 09/08/2017 21:32

Can you do an extra spin cycle on your machine? I do that with all my loads and the amount of water it spins away is surprising. Doing this means a load of washing will dry overnight here. Scotland so colder. I pop the airer in the kitchen and open lock the windows.
It helps. Takes an extra 13 minutes for the spin cycle but totally worth it.

Kaykee · 09/08/2017 21:32

How do you dry clothes in the winter? Where I live it's very rainy and I have 3 airwrs and use the radiators even when they're not on and there are 5 of us in the house. I also need a fresh uniform each day there is always washing around but it's not horrendous

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