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To ask what age you consider to be socially acceptable to have a baby these days?!

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campino · 26/07/2017 22:50

I'm currently pregnant with my first and from chatting with my 24yo sister today I was shocked when she told me how many of her school friends have had babies of their own already. Not a bad thing by any means but thought it'd be interesting hearing your opinions on what age it goes from "OMG 'X' is pregnant" to "how lovely 'X' is pregnant!"


OP posts:

IcingSausage · 26/07/2017 23:03

I don't think of it as an age thing so much as an individual/personality thing. My sister had a baby at 18 and was/still is, a wonderful mum.

A friend I've know since primary school who's now 34 just announced she's pregnant and my reaction was 'OMG X IS PREGNANT'. She's just not someone I can imagine with a baby. But I'm sure she'll be great in reality.


itstoolateforthisbollox · 26/07/2017 23:05

its not my business but personally I think younger than 25 and older than 45 are mad to do it.


rollonthesummer · 26/07/2017 23:06

I was 25 when I had my first, I can't imagine anyone thought that was particularly young?!


missiondecision · 26/07/2017 23:08

It's a myob issue and I would not voice it to anyone but, younger than 25 older than 45 I'd raise an eyebrow.


SerfTerf · 26/07/2017 23:09

You were shocked that some 24 year olds had babies? Because you have some sense that that's not "socially acceptable"? Is that what you mean?


TestingTestingWonTooFree · 26/07/2017 23:10

I also think 25-45 and outside of that might be socially unacceptable. I'm in the middle so grateful that my parents were 22 and are young GPs.


Titsywoo · 26/07/2017 23:12

I was the youngest in my antenatal group, all the mother and baby groups then of the mums in dds class at school. I had her at 25. Maybe it depends where you live but nearer to 30 is more typical nowadays.


ineedamoreadultieradult · 26/07/2017 23:12

I had my first at 23 and I am a perfectly socially acceptable person thank you. It's down to a person's situation at the time. Is not acceptable to have a child if you are hooked on heroin whether you are 16 or 36 for example.


MumsOnCrack · 26/07/2017 23:14

I was 35 - don't judge anyone - least of all my friend who had DS at 18. Live and let live. 💕


missymayhemsmum · 26/07/2017 23:14

it depends. Round here most of the kids will be at Nana's 40th birthday party. In polite, middle class john lewis shopping circles 30-35 is customary. It also depends on circumstances, surely. A wedding is generally regarded as notice that you intend to procreate forthwith, announcing pregnancy without having permanent relationship/home/income sorted assumed to be unexpected/ problematic at any age.


MelinaMercury · 26/07/2017 23:14

I had a kid in school by the time I was your sisters age, he's a bit odd but generally alive and thriving well :o

In my hometown it's almost normal to have a baby (or 2) by 18 but where I live now it's probably more accepted around 21.

Personally I'd rather my kids waited until 25+ but if the parents are responsible and willing to put their kids wellbeing first then I don't think it matters.


80sMum · 26/07/2017 23:14

Gosh, is younger than 25 unacceptable? I had had 3 children before I was 25 and a 4th before I was 26. I married at 20.


SerfTerf · 26/07/2017 23:14

I'm really confused what you all mean by "socially acceptable". What do you do when a 22yo or a 47yo has a baby? Shun them?


elQuintoConyo · 26/07/2017 23:14

Between 17-50.

I have know fantastic parents at both ends of the spectrum. Fantastic parents. Not just mothers.


ThinkOfTheHorses · 26/07/2017 23:15

I think normal is 24-40 but I know many 15-22 year olds with children


BunnyBardot · 26/07/2017 23:35

In my area, 32-45.


ElizabethShaw · 26/07/2017 23:37

I'd say 20-40 is the norm.


AtSea1979 · 26/07/2017 23:39

To say OMG rather than congrats. Probably younger than 16 and older than 50


Brokenbiscuit · 26/07/2017 23:40

I'd say around 25-45 too.


KentMum2008 · 26/07/2017 23:40

I had my DCs at 20 and 22. Where I lived in London I was in the minority, but where I moved to in Kent I was one of the older mums!


TartanDMs · 26/07/2017 23:41

I had DS at 21. I was an older mum at his first primary school and a younger mum at the second primary. At secondary it's a mixed bag but it's a deprived area, lots of teenage mums.


3wayburger · 26/07/2017 23:41

Had my Dds at 19 and 24


BackforGood · 26/07/2017 23:42

It's more about 'stage' than 'age'.
If you left school and went to work at 16, or 18, you are at a different stage of your life aged 20/21 from your peers who are at University at that age.
If you are in a steady relationship and have been living with your partner for some years, you are in a differnt 'stage' from someone (who could be years older) who met their partner 2 months ago, or, who might have been seeing each other for a while but who live apart.




Notinyournelly · 26/07/2017 23:44

You need to be pretty fit having kids at 45.
I've got three and they wear me out.


CherryChasingDotMuncher · 26/07/2017 23:44

I had my first at 27. I felt like I was extremely young to be having a baby!

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