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Wearing trainers on a hiking holiday - AIBU?

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RangeTesKopeks · 23/07/2017 14:42

Hi everyone,

I'm on a hiking holiday with friends at the moment, although it's all very relaxed and we can do our own thing if we like.

Everyone else has walking boots that they've brought with them and i haven't. I own a pair, but couldn't get it before the trip (long story, but it's somewhere in my parents' house, which is 6 hours' away from where I live).

I've brought a pair of trainers instead with me, but am a bit worried about hiking with these on. (All of the other people in the group are really keen walkers, and I'm not really).

AIBU to wear trainers on the hikes instead of buying another pair of walking boots? I don't go on walking holidays at all really, and don't really want to pay for another pair of boots as they're quite expensive. But I don't think it's very safe to walk up mountains in trainers and I'm quite nervous about the walking aspect in general (scared of heights etc.)

WWYD? Would you buy a new pair of boots?

OP posts:
lanouvelleheloise · 25/07/2017 13:18

As people have been saying, there's a big difference between relatively flat-soled gym trainers and trainers with grip, like trail shoes, when it comes to scrambling (basic climbing). As soon as you're on rock (esp wet rock) at an acuteish angle, you need more grip than most flat trainers will give. I did a quick Google and most of the 'trainers' recommended for the Pacific Coast Trail look to be what we call trail shoes, i.e. they have grippy rubbery soles with an aggressive shape that can gouge into a soft surface and grip on a hard one!

5foot5 · 25/07/2017 13:27

I honestly don't mean to sound whingey and pathetic (promise!)

You don't!

Scafell Pike is a really tough walk and if they went up one of the difficult ways I don't blame you. Was it the Corridor Route? DH likes that one and a few years ago he took DD and I that way. We do quite a bit of walking but I am a bit uneasy about too much scrambling or anything where I feel exposed. I found that way up really difficult and, although we made it up, I asked him to take us down by a different way because I couldn't face it again on the way back.

In Keswick you can do lovely walks around Derwentwater and use the boat to get to and from the places you would like to start from.

Your "friends" sound very unaccommodating. There are lots of walks you could do that everyone could enjoy so it is just mean to insist on the one that put you out of your comfort zone.

AnnaleeP · 25/07/2017 13:43

They sound very selfish. I often go on group holidays to the Lakes, no one is left out, we all eat together whether in the pub or in the cottage, people decide what kind of walking they want and people split into groups.

KickAssAngel · 25/07/2017 13:58

she doesn't sound like a nice person at all.

If you want to see her family, then stay in. Otherwise go out for the evening, or even head home. She's being a bitch, quite frankly.

2rebecca · 25/07/2017 14:39

Agree I wouldn't go on any more holidays with her. You sound a bit passive though as you could have piped up "neither am I" when one bloke said he wasn't fond of cauliflower, and told her that if she really wanted the rest of the house's opinion on the meals she should have given you options to choose from not like it or lump it options. I never understand why people tiptoe around people who are totally self centred and don't tiptoe round or consider other people.

RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 15:53

You're absolutely right 2rebecca - I am quite passive Blush Trying to work on it though.

Had a lovely day today though :) went out to Windermere with the other two guys, who've got a car. We had a nice lunch in town, and now heading to Lake Windermere for a walk. They're both still quite sore after going up Scafell Pike yesterday though!

OP posts:
RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 15:55

I feel a lot more relaxed today - feel a bit on edge with her, to be honest.

OP posts:
livefornaps · 25/07/2017 16:01

I would ignore her and team up with the guys!!

You're not obliged to eat food you don't want (sounds like they don't want it either!)

Just do your own thing and leave the lovers to it.

Sounds like she has a perma-face like a cat's bum. It reminds me of that bit in the book "one day" where Sylvie's friend has a hen party scheduled with military precision to guarantee sucking out any potential for spontaneity or joy...!

I'm baffled as to why she invited you in the first place if she was going to leave you to cook on your own. How miserable !

By the way, if you are forced to join in "Mexican night", be sure to get in the José cuervo and get a few tequila slammers down ya! Arriba arriba!

seasonschooner · 25/07/2017 16:02

I walked around Ambleside in sone Rockport terrain shoes. I only had one blister and a friend a pair of trainers. I think hiking boots are overkill and heavy tbh.

RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 16:07

Ooh livefor the tequila idea sounds amazing! Definitely up for that Grin
(Guess what? She doesn't drink Wink).

I'm a bit in awe of her DP as well - he turned vegan for her. And doesn't drink certain beers now, as they're not suitable for vegans.

OP posts:
livefornaps · 25/07/2017 16:15


Just remember they have no right to impose their rules on you !!!

Tequila sunrises/margaritas all night long! And fajita sauce out of a jar! Steal her avocados for guacamole! Melted cheese and nachos!!!

You gotta do something to liven up what sounds like will be a pious and po-faced night.

Are these two lads any better craic?

Footle · 25/07/2017 16:27

Did she ask you to come because she wanted someone to split the rent with?

RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 16:35

Hmmm not sure Footle. I heard from one of the guys that the trip had been organised since last August Confused And I was only contacted about it in December, so maybe I was a last resort? Hmm

OP posts:
RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 16:41

Oh gawddd - apparently there'll be torrential rain tomorrow, and AG still wants us to go up Helvellyn?? Shock

OP posts:
RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 16:51

I might bail out tomorrow - (probably will Wink)

OP posts:
GinAndToast · 25/07/2017 16:52

Glad you got some boots. And your friend sounds awful!!

Just to add re the catsbells discussion, my little one did it in trainers, as did I. It's a great walk. See the sweet photo of her in trainers admiring the Swallows and Amazons lake ;-)

There's barely any scrambling and it's very gentle. Even our silly little poodle type dog managed it too Grin If you do do it on your own, don't go down the same route. Continue on a bit then go off on the path to the right. It's an empty route back down and very pretty. Ask a local which one if you need to!

Wearing trainers on a hiking holiday - AIBU?
RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 16:53

Argh AG's just said 'there's an easy route, which I'm not proposing'. And her justification is that it's lower than Scafell Pike, so it's all going to be fiiine. Gulp.

OP posts:
RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 16:54

Awww that's such a lovely photo Gin! Smile So impressed your DDog
got up there too! I'm in awe of anyone whose dogs make it up with them.

OP posts:
GinAndToast · 25/07/2017 17:02

Range we are fair weather trekkers so if it's raining and slippy, we don't do it.

I was also impressed with the dog as on a normal day, she sleeps 23 hours and won't even countenance a trip down the road 🙈

We do have an assortment of boots and trekking shoes but I still have not found my perfect pair I live in hope.

2rebecca · 25/07/2017 17:10

Striding edge and swirrel edge at helvellyn are intimidating in any weather to regular hill walkers. Bad weather and novice hill walker sounds mad. I hate exposed heights and have managed very slow wimpy traverses of both but it was terrifying. I enjoy hill walking, but not exposed routes. Any route where I might die if I topple over is out. I like views with a flattish expanse either side of me. I couldn't do the Cuillins.

livefornaps · 25/07/2017 17:38

Tomorrow sounds like a Netflix, takeaway and bottle of wine day (with avocado chaser).

Wave them off and then set up camp on the sofa!!

RangeTesKopeks · 25/07/2017 17:46

Bad weather and novice hill walker sounds mad. It does indeed!! Just the thought of it sounds terrifying.

Tomorrow sounds like a Netflix, takeaway and bottle of wine day (with avocado chaser). Wave them off and then set up camp on the sofa!! Ahh bliss - my plan exactly livefor Wink

OP posts:
KickAssAngel · 25/07/2017 17:54

I wondered if she just wanted someone to split the cost with as well. I'm sure you're lovely, but she sounds self-centered enough to ask someone just for the money.

btw - Does she use any sugar at all in her cooking, or eat anything with any sugar in it? Lots of sugar is processed over charcoal, made from animal product. So if she's serious about being a vegan, you might want to mention that to her, as you swig the tequila.

It sounds like the 2 guys could happily start a minor rebellion with you. They're not exactly jumping for joy over all her planning, are they?

I'll proper luffs you if you eat all the avocado while she's out tomorrow.

DonttouchthatLarry · 25/07/2017 18:03

OP - don't even bother attempting Helvellyn if she's not taking the 'easy'route, especially not in bad weather. I'm a seasoned hillwalker and I've never done Striding or Swirral edges - if you didn't like Scafell you won't like that! Just not worth risking your safety to inflate AG's ego.

If I was up in the Lakes now I'd have met up with you and shown you some lovely walks - you could even have managed in your trainers Grin.

Hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your holiday - your 'friend' sounds horrendous and I bet it'll be the last time you go away together!

DonttouchthatLarry · 25/07/2017 18:05

2rebecca - I am exactly the same (sometimes have to come down on my bottom if it's particularly scary!)

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