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Wearing trainers on a hiking holiday - AIBU?

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RangeTesKopeks · 23/07/2017 14:42

Hi everyone,

I'm on a hiking holiday with friends at the moment, although it's all very relaxed and we can do our own thing if we like.

Everyone else has walking boots that they've brought with them and i haven't. I own a pair, but couldn't get it before the trip (long story, but it's somewhere in my parents' house, which is 6 hours' away from where I live).

I've brought a pair of trainers instead with me, but am a bit worried about hiking with these on. (All of the other people in the group are really keen walkers, and I'm not really).

AIBU to wear trainers on the hikes instead of buying another pair of walking boots? I don't go on walking holidays at all really, and don't really want to pay for another pair of boots as they're quite expensive. But I don't think it's very safe to walk up mountains in trainers and I'm quite nervous about the walking aspect in general (scared of heights etc.)

WWYD? Would you buy a new pair of boots?

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frenchysummersun · 23/07/2017 15:15

Tbh I think you'd be mad to go climbing with trainers on. Mad and a bit selfish too but that comes with living in an area known for not only having fabulous mountains but also an invaluable and overused mountain rescue service.

If something happened you are risking someone else's safety to rescue you. Even if it's a sprained ankle!!

MardAsSnails · 23/07/2017 15:16

I wouldn't get new boots. I know they'd shred my feet.

I had an issue on a hiking holiday recently - my well worn in boots shredded my heel on the first day, before 2 days of 12-15km hikes on rocky mountains! I got away with hiking sandals. I wasn't overly confident in them, but much better than putting my feet back in my usual boots.

See how you get on at first and reassess maybe.

frenchysummersun · 23/07/2017 15:17

Sorry cross posted - in that case I'd use it as an excuse to leave early!
She sounds a bit nutty Grin

RangeTesKopeks · 23/07/2017 15:17

I agree frenchy - that's why I'm nervous!

OP posts:
Beeziekn33ze · 23/07/2017 15:18

Staff in the Ambleside shops should be able to advise you. As PP have said the important things are a good grip and ankle support.
Enjoy your holiday in a lovely area.
Maybe you can borrow the key and get another made if the rest of the group go for a long hike and you're staying around Ambleside tomorrow.

sonjadog · 23/07/2017 15:20

I wear trainers for hiking most of the time (in the Norwegian mountains). I prefer them as I feel I get a better grip and also my feet get too hot in boots. I'd give them a go, if I were you.

Ceto · 23/07/2017 15:21

Take advice from the shops about which boots need less breaking in. Mine are made out of some sort of tough fabric and were fine straight out of the box.

sonjadog · 23/07/2017 15:22

I have noticed that British people seem to use hiking boots more than Norwegians in general.

caffeinestream · 23/07/2017 15:22

You're in my town OP - waves - depending on your budget, I would try Mountain Warehouse, Gaynors, or even Trespass for good value boots. There are some pricier shops too but if you're only really wearing them on this holiday, you don't need to spend a fortune.

Footle · 23/07/2017 15:23

Get the 555 to Grasmere and wander up to Allan Bank ( national trust property, very tranquil ) and read your book or your phone , or use the art materials to paint what you see out of the window. Red squirrels if you're lucky. PM me for more ideas if you want.
And if they're all horrid, go home early.

twirlbite · 23/07/2017 15:23

If one of your friends has a spare trekking pole, that will be very helpful coming down steep hillsides.

I hope you enjoy your holiday!

AprilShowers16 · 23/07/2017 15:25

I would give the trainers a go the first day and if it's a problem go get some boots. Unless you're doing climbing (as some people mentioned above) or really rough terrain I'm sure you'll be fine. I've always found it easier to walk in my trainers as long as the weather is good

MimsyFluff · 23/07/2017 15:26

I wear vans. They've been up most of the hills/mountains in the peaks in them will be walking Hadrian's Wall in them too. I find hiking boots uncomfortable most weekends we head out hiking

MargaretCavendish · 23/07/2017 15:26

She does sound a bit... difficult. I think I would definitely make sure you're wearing suitable, comfortable shoes as she sounds like she would not be very kind/patient about it if you struggle.

I once climbed Snowdon in fashion trainers, which was a bloody stupid idea.

VestalVirgin · 23/07/2017 15:26

It really depends.

There's tourist-y areas with nice, broad paths. Trainers should work there.

Then there's areas where there's a narrow path that no one has tread for the past two years. There, you need hiking boots.

If you stay in an area where you can buy boots if needed, I'd see how far your trainers carry you and buy boots only if you need them.

Girty999 · 23/07/2017 15:27

You could always wear trail running trainers if you thought you'd get some wear out of them

Cackleberry4 · 23/07/2017 15:28

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

sonjadog · 23/07/2017 15:29

Huh? What an odd thing to say.

caffeinestream · 23/07/2017 15:30

Whereabouts are you hiking? Are you taking things like Helvellyn, Scafell and Fairfield, or some of the gentler fells like Loughrigg or Catbells?

I've done the latter in decent trainers several times and have been fine but you'll need boots or proper hiking trainers for the former.

Have you been up here before?

frenchysummersun · 23/07/2017 15:31

To all those folk saying "yes why not, I do it" please give a thought for those UNPAID VOLUNTEERS up all night searching for the imbeciles who don't go adequately prepared. The conditions can change so quickly and almost unseasonably.

The selfishness is astounding.
Range honestly, the suggestion of a gentle stroll then book & squirrels is a good one Blush

tosto · 23/07/2017 15:33

As others said, you don't need to break in boots these days. If you're worried about that, though, get decent hiking socks, a couple of packs of compeed and get a patch on an area at the first sign of a 'rub'.

Get a pair of walking poles.

caffeinestream · 23/07/2017 15:34

YY Frenchy I agree, but it does depend on the mountain.

There's a big difference between wearing flip-flops and trying to climb Helvellyn, and taking all the correct kit and wearing trainers up Catbells.

andpeggy29 · 23/07/2017 15:36

Assuming you knew about this trip for longer than a month atleast, why didn't you go find your boots? Or just buy a new pair in time????? I don't understand why people go on these kinda holidays/trips turn up unprepared?

RangeTesKopeks · 23/07/2017 15:41

I'm sorry to say this but you sound like a spoilt brat! Grow up!

Why Cackleberry? Confused

OP posts:
RangeTesKopeks · 23/07/2017 15:42

Because im unemployed andpeggy and don't have money to spend on hiking boots. I agreed to this holiday and paid for it when I still had a job.

OP posts:
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