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To ask how often you do laundry?

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pudding24 · 04/07/2017 20:59

I've been looking online for a suggested housework schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and was surprised to see laundry listed as a weekly task in many!

There's only two of us, and what with clothes, underwear, exercise clothes, towels, bedding, etc., if I don't do laundry every day, it starts piling up.

I don't have a dryer and have limited airing space so can't do more than one load a day - do others just do several loads on a designated day?

OP posts:
Libitina · 06/07/2017 13:39

3 adults. 6+ loads a week including bedding. Plus my uniform is washed at work so I just wear the same thing most of the week to go to and from work in the car (Jeans and a top).

However, I'm currently on my 4th load today to take advantage of the sunshine.

ShotsFired · 06/07/2017 13:44

OMG indeed @SheGotOffThePlane OMG I do umpteen washings every single day. Monday it was 3 loads, yesterday 2, today the first is on and then a load of towels after this.
2 adults, 2 kids and a dog.

How is that even possible? Are you all wearing 10 layers?! Or change clothes multiple times a day?

sowhatusernameisnttaken · 06/07/2017 13:56

Once a week unless an item is required in an emergency! Who has time to be running washing everyday, I don't get it

Cailleach666 · 06/07/2017 14:53

Once a week It's not the finding the time that's hard, it's the amount of laundry we physically need.


We have 5 beds in our house.
Five adults- three are heavy gym visitors.

Work and school outfits.

So in a week:

Five sets of bedding
10 towels ( minimum)
10 pairs trousers ( minimum)
35 T shirts
35 sets underwear
15 sets gym kits

Never mind all the extra clothes, jeans, sweatshirts, etc.

If you can fit all that in a single load you must be a miracle worker.

paxillin · 06/07/2017 16:15

The shock horror- why more than weekly/ monthly/ annually reminds me of a recent bunfight on here.

A mum living on her own with one small child and an 8kg washing machine started a thread about 1 machine a week being plenty... I think we can all assume that most of us do the minimum amount necessary to fit our particular family at any time. No need to patronise others or belittle them with a snooty I-have-better-things-to-do attitude.

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