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To ask how often you do laundry?

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pudding24 · 04/07/2017 20:59

I've been looking online for a suggested housework schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and was surprised to see laundry listed as a weekly task in many!

There's only two of us, and what with clothes, underwear, exercise clothes, towels, bedding, etc., if I don't do laundry every day, it starts piling up.

I don't have a dryer and have limited airing space so can't do more than one load a day - do others just do several loads on a designated day?

OP posts:
iamUberA · 04/07/2017 21:48

About 1 load a day or every other. There's only me and dd age 8 but she has toilet issues so gets through a few outfits a day

ludog · 04/07/2017 21:49

9kg machine. I do at least 14 loads per week. I always mean to count but forget halfway through the week. There's 5 of us, four adults and a 16 year old.

BuzzKillington · 04/07/2017 21:50

At least one a day. There are 4 of us.

Often 2 or 3 loads a day.

amousehaseatenmypaddlingpool · 04/07/2017 21:54

I have a leaky toddler, we wash about five days in six.

When he finally gets the right liquids in the right places I'd still wash a few times a week, you need loads of clothes and storage to only do it once a week, surely?

Rossigigi · 04/07/2017 21:56

2-3 a day:
1 x lights
1 x darks
1 x towels
1 x bedding

Blush but as things are only used/worn once here they go on quick wash then straight in the tumble dryer,
Quick shake when dry means very little ironing....

Rossigigi · 04/07/2017 21:57

Oh and there is 5 of us (two smelly teens!!)

Emma2803 · 04/07/2017 22:06

I'd say I do about 5 loads a week. A light wash, two dark washes and two towels. Then bed clothes every few weeks. Me dh and 2yo ds. Usually bung his bedding in with the light wash as it's mostly pants and his vests and the odd t shirt. I do it as I go and always use tumble dryer!! Very lazy!

ArgyMargy · 04/07/2017 22:09

Oh good another tedious laundry thread. If you don't want to do so much laundry, stop washing things when they're not dirty.

Onhold · 04/07/2017 22:10

About 4 loads over the weekend.

PurpleDaisies · 04/07/2017 22:11

Or, if you don't like "tedious laundry threads", why not ignore them when it's perfectly obvious from the title what they are?

AgathaRaisonDetra · 04/07/2017 22:11

Wow argymargy just wow

MsAnnThropic · 04/07/2017 22:13

Every. Fucking. Day

phoenixtherabbit · 04/07/2017 22:13

3 or 4 times a week. Usually 2 loads on one or two of those days though.

There is me do, 12yo and 1yo.

iamdazedandconfused · 04/07/2017 22:14

Just 2 of us in our house and I do it all at the weekend. Probably 3 loads on a Saturday and 1 load of bedding on a Sunday.

I do hate doing it though (or rather I hate sorting it all and putting it away!) and it would probably feel less relentless at the weekend if I spread it out through the week.

OhDearToby · 04/07/2017 22:18

Family of 5 (me, dp, 7yo, toddler, newborn)

We do it most days. Little and often is definitely easier for us. We have a tumble drier but try not to use it too much in the summer and dry things on the washing line or pully airer instead.

MrsJayy · 04/07/2017 22:18

I wash most days dh and dd both have limited work uniform it and dds seem to use a million towels however dd2 has been away for 3 weeks and my washing has halved 😕

LtGreggs · 04/07/2017 22:18

Family of 4. Laundry every day. It adds up from:

  • Underwear x 4 + DH work shirt go in wash after each day
  • Uniform x 2 & my clothes every 2-3 days
  • Weekend outfit or two x 4
  • Sports kit from DH and me total about 5 x week, and from kids once or twice a week
  • swimming kit once or twice a week
  • bedding, towels etc are two loads, once a week
  • kids coats etc washed ad hoc
crazypenguinlady · 04/07/2017 22:19

Generally it works out:
Cloth nappies on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Bedding and towels (seperate loads) on a Friday and/or Saturday
Kitchen and cleaning cloths get thrown in with the bedding or towels
4 month old DS's stuff usually works out 2 loads a week (lots of dribbling going on at mo!)
Darks and whites/lights, each usually 1x/wk
Colours typically work out once every 10 days

Darks/lights/colours gets done as and when needed.
Most gets dried on the after but bedding/towels are put in my mum's dryer (she genuinely doesn't mind!)

RoganJosh · 04/07/2017 22:20

Family of five. Probably 6 washes a week.

I noticed you mention your cardigans. You don't wash them after just one wear do you?

headinthecloud · 04/07/2017 22:21

Family of 5 and I do a minimum of 2 loads a day. It's never ending.

allegretto · 04/07/2017 22:23

Family of 5 and we do about 6 loads a week. No garden or dryer so our clothes horse gets pretty full.

firenze86 · 04/07/2017 22:24

About every 30-45minutes! Grin

Maryann1975 · 04/07/2017 22:24

Today 22:09 ArgyMargy

Oh good another tedious laundry thread. If you don't want to do so much laundry, stop washing things when they're not dirty.
^ this ^
There's 5 of us. I have stopped washing stuff so often, clothes are worn again if not dirty, towels last a week, bedding done once a fortnight.
I don't do any laundry at the weekend, but do 2 loads on a Monday, 1 tue/wed/Thursday and then 3 or 4 on a Friday.
Does my head in that it's so much and as I say I've lowered my standards considerably.

BlackStars · 04/07/2017 22:27

every bloody day of my life! and 2 - 3 loads on weekend days - lucky me

sarahsnail · 04/07/2017 22:28

at least 2 loads a day here :-( morning before work and evening before bed.

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