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Workzilla update..

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famtastic · 03/07/2017 18:26

Ok so she sent me a few more messages about how they just assumed I knew what they needed and didn't think they needed to spell it out for me! Saying that they do not know how they are expected to pay for childcare that they hadn't budgeted for as they was relying on me to provide it. And I shouldn't of said I could help if I wasn't willing to do so.

I've not replied to any messages

OP posts:
FreakinDeacon · 03/07/2017 18:50

I think you're doing brilliantly OP. She's nuts if she thinks what she is asking is reasonable.

Some people's lack of self awareness is staggering.

Flutteringkites · 03/07/2017 18:50

Op cancel the cheque!! Sorry, couldn't resist!

Hortonlovesahoo · 03/07/2017 18:50

A poster made a good point OP. Could you get some school run friends om side to back you up if they try causing a scene?

BeauMirchoff · 03/07/2017 18:51

FUCK.ME. I've never met anyone like this!!!

PurpleDragon76 · 03/07/2017 18:51

I have a big pompom in each hand cheering for Mrfamtastic, this womans skin is thicker than rhino hide, she sounds unhinged. Be content in the knowledge she will have no friends and yoir actions could help give your other put on friend strength to cut her off.

Christinayangstwistedsista · 03/07/2017 18:51

Never has a neck been so brass!

paxillin · 03/07/2017 18:51

Maybe write:

"Dear Workzilla, I have thought about it again. Don't want to leave you without childcare for the daily 7 hours. 6 weeks=30 workdays=210 hours. At minimum wage, that would be £1575. Add £2 each for breakfast and mid-morning snack each for your two kids, so £120 plus £4 per day per child for lunch and afternoon snacks (£240). This makes £1935. I would like to take them to the city farm, the cinema and the odd outing for ice creams. Rounding up to £2000 should allow for this. Greetings, Fam."

SallyGinnamon · 03/07/2017 18:52

Do keep all of her messages just in case you need 'evidence'.

Cary2012 · 03/07/2017 18:52

I had a couple of friends like this years ago, who would expect me to provide free childcare in the holidays, but I put a stop to it when I realised I was being taken for a mug.

This, however, is another league.

Don't explain or apologise. Their kids, their problem.

JigglyTuff · 03/07/2017 18:52

I wonder how this technique of railroading people (or attempting to) works out for her in life. I can't imagine you're the first person it hasn't worked on.

MrFMercury · 03/07/2017 18:53

Her level of entitlement is just breath taking!
Most parents I know plan this stuff out well in advance, triple check everything oh yes and pay the person entrusted with their children.
It takes a very special level of self absorption to act and continue to act the way she is doing!

CeeCeeEnnEss · 03/07/2017 18:53

The poor woman... imagine being that crazy!

Treble28 · 03/07/2017 18:53

I can't wait to find out if she turns up at 7! OP we are all with you, don't let her manipulate you. I think it's a lot easier saying no to a very deluded selfish idiot than telling 44 (and counting) pages of mumsnetters that you agreed to do a favour....

As an aside, she does know favours should be reciprocated? I believe she has agreed to take your dc to Disneyland for a week?

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface · 03/07/2017 18:53

I hope she's not late.

That would be so rude.

RandomMess · 03/07/2017 18:54

They are utter loons, the odd favour is that - the odd day - like maybe 6 over the whole holidays asked for well and advance and recompensed with copious amount of wine and chocolates and the favour reciprocated for you to have an evening or 3 out in return...

livefornaps · 03/07/2017 18:54

Six minutes to go...!!

juneau · 03/07/2017 18:54

I wonder how this technique of railroading people (or attempting to) works out for her in life. I can't imagine you're the first person it hasn't worked on.

Well she's clearly exhausted all avenues with parents of her DC's own ages, thus moving onto the OP, who has younger DC!

ASDismynormality · 03/07/2017 18:54

Waiting to see if she turns up!

AllGoingPearShaped · 03/07/2017 18:54

Wow, just wow.

Have just read through this thread and am astonished at the sheer brass balls of this woman. This can't be the first time she has done this, I'm sure if you mention it to other mums there will be stories.

The fact that your friend felt the need to tell you shows she suspected you didn't know about their "arrangements".

LazyDailyMailJournos · 03/07/2017 18:54

I'm not surprised. Nice people don't make breathtakingly entitled assumptions like this - selfish rude arseholes do. And selfish rude arseholes don't suddenly come to their senses after a few text messages - they get worse.

Think about it - what has she got to lose? She's desperate and her back is against the wall, so she's throwing everything she's got at the OP to try and browbeat her into doing the childcare. She'll rationalise it on the basis that if it saves her thousands in holiday childcare - which at the last minute will not be cheap - then she's still on a winner, even if she burns her bridges with OP. She'll worry about that next holidays and she'll find a new victim to latch on to.

There is no reasoning with crazy. However OP absolutely must tell the other parents so that they know the score. Forewarned is forearmed.

Chickydoo · 03/07/2017 18:54

It's unbelievable that even after your texts she still wants to come over to see you.
Clearly the message is not sinking in.
I wonder though if she asked her husband to ask you. He perhaps felt awkward, so made the casual help comment.
He goes home, wife asks him if he had okayed everything with you. He says says ( to avoid his wife having a go)
She assumes it's sorted, when actually you know nothing.
Now he's lying to his wife by saying he told you, she genuinely thinks you had been asked.
Only explanation I can think of., either that or they are both totally out of order!

MadamePomfrey · 03/07/2017 18:55

I doubt this is the first time it hasn't worked but I also think it's works way more than it should! people don't become this entitled unless others let them!


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Mittens1969 · 03/07/2017 18:55

Sounds like your DH is great, it's actually the sort of thing my DH would say.

All this fuss about children of 14 and 11, who could in fact be left at home in the care of the 14 year old (okay nearly 14), who very likely would hate to have to get up so early to go to OP's house for 6:30 in the morning. The teenager in particular will want a lie in lol.

Thanks for keeping us posted. Smile

Sonnet · 03/07/2017 18:55

If it's not too late I would avoid the texting
Wait until she comes around and explain that there has been a misunderstanding . You thought you were asked for the Monday only which you were happy to do to help a friend out. At no time did you realise that an assumption had been made that you were willing to do every day in the holidays and you are sorry that they thought this and are now in a predicament. You are sorry but are not able to provide childcare for them during the holidays
Don't get carried away with the froth of mumsnet. At the end of the day these are your neighbours and you see them daily on the school run and will do for a few years yet.

Slimeysue · 03/07/2017 18:55

OP you don't need me telling you yet again you are right and she's bat nut crazy. Can I just say though that with this thread and the Two earrings thread, my kids may well be phoning child line to report neglect!

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