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Workzilla update..

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famtastic · 03/07/2017 18:26

Ok so she sent me a few more messages about how they just assumed I knew what they needed and didn't think they needed to spell it out for me! Saying that they do not know how they are expected to pay for childcare that they hadn't budgeted for as they was relying on me to provide it. And I shouldn't of said I could help if I wasn't willing to do so.

I've not replied to any messages

OP posts:
DontTouchTheMoustache · 03/07/2017 18:44

I've just caught up. Read the last 10 pages with this face Shock
I'm speechless that people like this can even exist. What an unbelievable cunt.

famtastic · 03/07/2017 18:45

Oh gosh so many comments already ha! Il try and keep up. So I got another asking if I'm in at 7!

I'm still not replying but Husband wanted me to put il be bathing my kids why did yours need one too!!

OP posts:
Bluntness100 · 03/07/2017 18:45

Jesus, it just gets better, it's part of being a parent budgeting for childcare. It's really quite astonishing,

Don't respond, just ignore her now. You've said it all already. I suspect she's now going to get the violins out. I honestly can't believe anyone would ask someone for a few favours then just assume they would provide daily child care, it's actually mind boggling, then to abuse you like that and demand!

GreenTulips · 03/07/2017 18:45

Text back

'You are embarrassing yourself now'

LaurieFairyCake · 03/07/2017 18:45

"You ASSUMED id do 240 hours free childcare for you? Are you on glue?"

DudeHatesHisCarryOut · 03/07/2017 18:45

Thank goodness you heard what the plan was now! Can you imaging if the first you knew of it was the kids saying "see you tomorrow" when they left on the first Monday? Or just turning up on the Tuesday?

Keep strong!

TheCakeCrusader · 03/07/2017 18:45

If you are going to cross paths over the next few weeks on the school run, do make sure that you have notified your friends/ other mums of the situation in case she tries to confront or harass you. Unfortunately these things can escalate quickly and if she is as aggressive verbally in real life as she is on text, then others need to be aware too.

garmsfresh · 03/07/2017 18:45

Is she the type to start airing her drama out on social media OP? You may want to remove her ( if you have her on anything ).

Mumzypopz · 03/07/2017 18:46

What Cora said further up with bells on!!! My response would be.....I have never ever agreed to do your daily childcare, for the whole of the holidays. You have never ever even asked me to do this. Your husband mentioned the odd favour and possibly the first Monday of the holidays. Neither he or you have mentioned or asked that I do any more than this. Any more than that, ie daily childcare is NOT an appropriate thing to ask of a friend. I have no responsibility for your children or your childcare. I am not sure why you think I am responsible for them? My free time is exactly that, and it is not for you to tell me how I should spend that free time. Goodbye.

GreenTulips · 03/07/2017 18:46

I'd screen shot the messages and FB them

SallyGinnamon · 03/07/2017 18:46

Actually hoping the DM does run with this. She could do with seeing people's replies. Unanimous.

Bluntness100 · 03/07/2017 18:46

Husband wanted me to put il be bathing my kids why did yours need one too!!

Bwahahahaha . I like your husband.

Bellini81 · 03/07/2017 18:46

My gob is truly smacked Shock but the title of this thread should have been WORKzilla Wink cheeky bloody cow...

BhajiAllTheWay · 03/07/2017 18:47

Beyond crazy. She sounds totally fixated and unhinged. I've been coerced into provided free childcare/ one off favours that turned into every day...until I got wise to it. But this takes it to a whole new level. Stand firm OP...she's completely barking mad.

Whatthecrepe · 03/07/2017 18:48

I honestly cant believe the cheek of her! Id be so tempted to send her the link to these posts 🙈 she has no shame!! Its basically bullying the way she's acting and speaking to you. If hubby wasnt home I'd feel intimidated tbh x

MrsChopper · 03/07/2017 18:48

Roll on 7 Grin

juneau · 03/07/2017 18:48

I'm glad your DH is there - he sounds like a good 'un.

FuzzyCustard · 03/07/2017 18:49

I like greentulips "embarrassing" response. Either that or just ignore her completely for ever. but not as much entertainment for us MNers

HolaWeenie · 03/07/2017 18:49

I'm so shocked! This woman has more front than Brighton.

Theducksarenotmyfriends · 03/07/2017 18:49

This is amazing. (Not placemarking at all....)

PlectrumElectrum · 03/07/2017 18:49

12 mins to go...Grin

Anatidae · 03/07/2017 18:49

Definitely a heads up to mutual friends. And a bottle of something nice for the one who tipped you off. I am aghast. Well done you though - doesn't it feel nice to assert yourself? And to have a united front with dh? I hope you see this as a learning moment where you can start being more assertive and realise that expressing your needs is ok 👌


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Writerwannabe83 · 03/07/2017 18:49

I hope she turns up at 7!!!

TinselTwins · 03/07/2017 18:49

If you are going to cross paths over the next few weeks on the school run, do make sure that you have notified your friends/ other mums of the situation in case she tries to confront or harass you

it's usually not necessary! my personal ex piss taker has had to move on to a completely different year group to find her current favour-"friend" as she's shown her colours to enough of us for nobody in our year group to be suckered in.

Even those in the year group who were never personally stung will have seen her kid picked up by a stream of others without her also picking up other people's kids in return.

You can spot the pisstakers that way, lots of parents share pick-ups/drop offs and you get to know who usually picks up which other kids, so you do notice the ones that only work 1 way

BritInUS1 · 03/07/2017 18:49

I would reply with 'No means no ! There is nothing further to 'discuss'. You will need to make alternative childcare arrangements, I am not available. Please stop messaging me now.'

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