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Pink and blue at NURSERY

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creepymumweirdo · 28/06/2017 13:44

WTF? Am I being thick/twattish here but why the hell would nursery do this?

They're thinking of having polo shirts for the kids so parents don't get upset if their kids clothes get messy (send your kid in scruffy clothes? Another issue). They have suggested pink polo shirts for girls and blue for boys. ConfusedHmm

Surely we're all trying to help kids break out of gender stereotypes not reinforce them? At 1 year old!

Some girls might genuinely like pink (I'm not one of them) and boys blue but why differentiate at all? Just pick a nice neutral colour that washes well and have done.

I've got my propper outraged face on right now. A rare thing.


OP posts:
Headofthehive55 · 29/06/2017 17:25

jelly I had the opposite. Instead of stereotyping and pushing towards girl caring jobs I was heavily steered away. Equally wrong.

jellyfrizz · 29/06/2017 17:31

I understand Head and neither is right. Just let kids be kids, no need to say that any career is better for girls or boys just give them all equal opportunities and role models.

No need for all the sciency/spy/gun toys to be aimed at boys or dolls/cooking/craft to be aimed at girls. No need for them to be pink or blue.

VestalVirgin · 29/06/2017 21:31

earning more money is brilliant, but not at the expense of having to do a job and degree you didn't want instead of one you were interested in.

As someone who earns below the poverty threshold and depends on the kindness of relatives for survival, I must admit I would rather have a job I didn't want instead of being jobless with a degree I wanted.

Besides, I am sure that, had it been presented as a good and suitable choice early enough, and if my teachers hadn't had unconscious sexist bias, I would have done a lot better in STEM subjects, and therefore have developed an interest.

The main reason I never liked maths was because I was bad at it.

In short, I wouldn't be sad about having been manipulated from the first day at school on into getting into a well-paid job that is in demand on the job market.
I wouldn't care shit about "agenda", if I was financially well off and happy as a result.

Sure, there's always people on whom the social conditioning doesn't work and who therefore are always unhappy, but a boy who wanted to get into a caring job and was discouraged from it will be as unhappy as a girl to whom this happens.

So while what happened to you was bad, it was not worse than the status quo.

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