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to ask the MN Tory voters, what do you think of the DUP?

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ssd · 26/06/2017 21:53

and how much do you know about them?

do you know about the cash for ash scandal?

do you think the GFA will be affected?

am curious to know what Tory voters think of this, am wondering how happy they are about this deal that's been done today.

OP posts:
ssd · 26/06/2017 22:13

gosh, the tory voters on here have lost their voices.............

OP posts:
hahahaIdontgetit · 26/06/2017 22:25

Not a true Tory voter, I pick and choose based on manifestos.

Totally horrified by this outcome, huge backwards step.

Crumbs1 · 26/06/2017 22:28

Just dreadful as risks undermining all progress in NI. It is a bribe to allow Tories to retain power.

ssd · 26/06/2017 22:28

thank you for answering hahahal

am curious as to why more tory voters can't answer me

OP posts:
hahahaIdontgetit · 26/06/2017 22:30

Probably feel crap at the outcome.

Not that I think Jeremy could get us through Brexit, but other than that I think he's better for the uk.

I didn't vote leave and everything since has seemed a compromise.

Mercime · 26/06/2017 22:32

My best friend voted Tory and is just relieved the alliance means jc won't get in.

JustArandomUser · 26/06/2017 22:33

Tbh I don't think many Tory voters have a great opinion of the DUP, why would they? None of the Tory voters voted for the DUP.

SuperBeagle · 26/06/2017 22:34

Why would they be happy? Confused

Tory voters didn't vote for the DUP. They have no obligation to be happy about the outcome. But they probably are content that Corbyn didn't win.

NoBetterName · 26/06/2017 22:36

MN and Tory voter is something of a contradiction in terms is it not?

MsFortunaMajor · 26/06/2017 22:37

You haven't exactly given people long to respond to your post before asking why you haven't had more replies. It's late, people may not see your thread tonight.

JustArandomUser · 26/06/2017 22:39

For Balance you should also ask all the Labour voters how they feel about the Lib Dems, SNP, and all the flotsam and jetsam of MP's they would need to get on board to form an effective government.

The DUP are far from ideal, but as far as governing the country goes they're the least worst option for the largest party.

JeReviens · 26/06/2017 22:41

I am horrified by it but it does help at least to know I didn't vote for them this time.
I may not fully comprehend it all but to me it feels like cash for votes - and grubby votes at that. I don't believe I'll ever be able to vote for them again.

thisiswhatyou · 26/06/2017 22:41

I'm not happy about it at all, OP. But ultimately I didn't vote for this and nor did anybody.

However, I was in a very difficult position this time.

I have always voted lib dem. But I couldn't vote for them with their Brexit stance, even though I voted to remain.

I really was concerned about economic ramifications of voting Corbyn's Labour in.

So, really, what could I have done? Voted for that tweetie pie thing? Smile

ssd · 26/06/2017 22:41

are they the least worse option when the GFA is at stake though?

OP posts:
FriendPlease · 26/06/2017 22:41

I'm sure they care mostly about brexit and keeping corbyn/labour out of government.

ssd · 26/06/2017 22:43

I'm glad to read so far no one who voted tory is actually happy at this deal and are just as horrified as non tory voters.

OP posts:
thisiswhatyou · 26/06/2017 22:46

I'm not sure if is at stake, ssd, to be fair.

I think there are many people assuming that NI was somehow frozen mid bombing in 1998 with the GFA and that given the slightest nod the spell will be broken and they as a nation will disintegrate into unrest and mutiny once more.

In fact, NI has continued to evolve throughout the decades. And people have enjoyed that. People have enjoyed having access to Tesco, Asda, mainstream stores, strong links with the mainland, jobs, housing.

In short, people are enjoying peace. Integrated schools are increasingly common. I suspect in the next two decades they will be the norm.

No one can say for sure. But I think NI, like all of us, have moved on to a certain extent.

JustArandomUser · 26/06/2017 22:47

The GFA might be at stake, but I think the reality of it collapsing is a long way off yet. This deal is far from permanent.

I wouldn't go so far as to call myself horrified, but nobody in their right mind would choose this as their first choice outcome.

Except perhaps Arlene Foster?

thisiswhatyou · 26/06/2017 22:47

But what should we have done then, ssd? Smile

'I had better not vote for the party I think is best at the moment, because if they lose, they'll have to form an alliance with the DUP.'?

NashvilleQueen · 26/06/2017 22:47

The abandoned manifesto promises that she was so committed to delivering..... dropped like a stone. She's lost all integrity.

Rhayader · 26/06/2017 22:50

Not sure what other options they had tbh... The last thing we need is another general election. So in the situation they found themselves in, they formed a deal with the largest party in Northern Ireland (because nobody else would deal).

What exactly did you want the tories to do, magically go back in time and win the election by more seats?

ssd · 26/06/2017 22:50

I'm not asking what you should have done thisiswhatyou, I'm asking how you feel about the DUP and the deal that's been done.

No one knew this would happen.

OP posts:

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JustArandomUser · 26/06/2017 22:50

The abandoned manifesto promises that she was so committed to delivering..... dropped like a stone. She's lost all integrity.

That's politics for you.

Wonder how many pledges Corbyn would be forced to retract if he were forming a minority government? Quite a few I expect.

Rhayader · 26/06/2017 22:53

Also this:

Labour tried to do a deal with the DUP in 2010 and in 2015.....
ExplodedCloud · 26/06/2017 22:53

NoBetterName did you not read threads in the run up to the election? There were plenty around then.

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