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To think it's not normal for an 18 year old to play video games on their day off?

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FiremanSamuel · 25/06/2017 13:33

To think it's not normal for an 18 year old to play video games on their day off? Mine doesn't move!

OP posts:

WhooooAmI24601 · 25/06/2017 13:34

Sounds normal enough.


StripySocks1 · 25/06/2017 13:34

I thought it was obligatory


alltouchedout · 25/06/2017 13:35

It's very normal.


greendale17 · 25/06/2017 13:35

Yes totally normal


NotACleverName · 25/06/2017 13:35


Are you actually being serious, though?


FiremanSamuel · 25/06/2017 13:36

At 18!? I thought it stopped at 16!

OP posts:

Angelicinnocent · 25/06/2017 13:37

My 18 year old is exactly the same. As are my friends 19 and 22 year olds


JennyOnAPlate · 25/06/2017 13:37

I know grown men in their 30s who would be gaming all day if their wives would let them. I find it very odd but it seems normal!


EccentricPickle · 25/06/2017 13:37

I think it is normal.

A guy I work with (aged 18) recently booked a day of AL to do just that! Not something I would choose to do but hey ho. I'm sure he would find the things I do on my days off boring too.


FiremanSamuel · 25/06/2017 13:37

I'm being serious Hmm she'd rather sit on her console than go out with friends, etc.

OP posts:

LiveLongAndProspero · 25/06/2017 13:37

Why would you think it stopped at 16? Have you never heard of any of the thousands of over 18 video games?


MumoftheBoyandtheGirl · 25/06/2017 13:38

I'm in my 30s and that's how I spend most of my days off too. Why do you think that video games have an age limit? I don't think that way of thinking is normal HmmGrin


blueskyinmarch · 25/06/2017 13:38

Sounds okay. Would you think it weird if they wanted to read all day? Probably not i would guess. If they work and this is their way of unwinding it seems fine. My DD (age 19) can easily spend the whole day sitting on her bed watching crap TV if she hasn't got anything else to do. Same thing i reckon.


MatildaTheCat · 25/06/2017 13:39

Sounds equivalent to MN TBH. I can't see the point of video games but am pretty addicted to mindless scrolling on here.


TheHeraldOfAndraste · 25/06/2017 13:39

Why isn't it? I'm 28 and I intend to spend most of today playing Dragon Age Inquisition. My DC are out with grandparents and I'm up to date on household chores.

I may even branch out into designing my grey warden cosplay armour or writing some fanfiction.


missiondecision · 25/06/2017 13:39

Very normal .
What you you suggest or prefer ?


BeeFarseer · 25/06/2017 13:40

My DH works in the game industry and would love to use all his free time gaming. He's 35.

Have you been living underneath a rock? I'm genuinely amused that you seem to think it's a childish activity. If it stopped at 16, then who are all the 18 rated games aimed at? Grin


TaurenInAChinaShop · 25/06/2017 13:40

You don't want to know how old I am, and I still game in my limited spare time. Boo hiss Grin


DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings · 25/06/2017 13:40

Loads of games are rated 18 so how could you think it stops at 16? I'm in my 30s and I spend loads of time playing games and take days off specifically to stay home and game.


user1andonly · 25/06/2017 13:42

Normal. My 22 year old still does, and so do many of his mates. As long as it's on their day off, therefore not preventing them from holding down a job, I don't see a problem. It's just their way of relaxing.

My lad also watches telly, goes out, sees friends, pub, concerts etc. I'd worry if he didn't do anything else at all.


LoveMyLittleSuperhero · 25/06/2017 13:43

My DP is in his 30s and books a week off every year for when he knows the annual release of his favourite game series is so he can play it on release. It's very normal at 18 and at least she isn't out drinking!


MrsJayy · 25/06/2017 13:43

24yr old spends time on the playstation on her day off work it really isn't a huge deal do you really think liking gaming should stop at 16? Dh stil games and he is waaay over 18


missiondecision · 25/06/2017 13:44

Who buys the 18 rated games if at 16 "it should stop"


YouTheCat · 25/06/2017 13:46

I'm 47. A day off for gaming sounds like heaven.


MrsJayy · 25/06/2017 13:47

Does she not go out at all ? I would be a bit concerned if she never went anywhere at all but maybe she likes sitting in and not that fussed about socialising

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