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How cold are you?

117 replies

HookedOnHooking · 05/09/2015 19:34

8 am cold.

I am currently wearing..

Socks. Slippers. Leggings. Dress. Jumper. Crocheted blanket.

I suspect I have that thing where your fingers and toes go white and numb and tingly. Or frostbite.

The rule is that the heating can only go on in October. I may be frozen solud and dead by then.

Might change my name to Ötzi.

OP posts:

godsavethequeeeen · 05/09/2015 19:35

Not cold at the moment.

Wearing thermals and have had the heating on for a while.


Hamiltoes · 05/09/2015 19:35

You need a hot water bottle!


nancy75 · 05/09/2015 19:35

My heating is on, I cant cope with being cold


poocatcherchampion · 05/09/2015 19:36

Get up and move about? Its been warm here today we've been out in the garden


ghostyslovesheep · 05/09/2015 19:36

my heating it on :(


MrsGentlyBenevolent · 05/09/2015 19:38

Not cold at all. Still sleeping with the window open at night. Only in pjs right now (was going for a bath, but being v lazy about it). Oh, I'm also 9 months pregnant, don't think that has anything to do with it though Grin.


HookedOnHooking · 05/09/2015 19:40

I do need a hot water bottle. Bloody good idea.

OP posts:

Bulbasaur · 05/09/2015 19:41

It's still 83 degrees here in the US. My feet are a little chilly from the AC though. Grin


HookedOnHooking · 05/09/2015 19:41

I've been moving all day. I have to stop occasionally.

OP posts:

Idefix · 05/09/2015 19:41

Brrr cold! The heating is on!
It has gone from 30 degrees to 17 here Sad
Went to a very chilly wine festival, the alcohol did help to warm me up a bit.


grassroots · 05/09/2015 19:41

Have put the heating on…but promised myself its only for an hour. It feels lush!


TimeToMuskUp · 05/09/2015 19:42

Not cold at all, but wearing jeans, a lovely thick cardigan and a long-sleeved t-shirt. It felt very cold this morning walking the dog.


StarlingMurmuration · 05/09/2015 19:42

Our heating has been on for the last couple of days - we have a nine month old DS, plus I really feel the cold.


AlphabetStew · 05/09/2015 19:43

I'm not very cold. My feet are cold. I am pregnant though.


NickNackNooToYou · 05/09/2015 19:44

I was cold but I've been sorting out paperwork which I've been putting off for years, I've been burning all the confidential stuff & now I'm toasty warm Angry < my red face from the fire Grin


OhYeahMama · 05/09/2015 19:44

I am cold. I will be putting the heated slanket on later. Oh yes, am looking forward to it.


IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes · 05/09/2015 19:44

I'm cold enough to finally put heating on and tempted to pack up summer clothes and get winter stuff out tmrw


HookedOnHooking · 05/09/2015 19:44

I'd like to cheat and crank ip the thermostat but H might notice and the boiler's not been serviced yet.

OP posts:

Stripyhoglets · 05/09/2015 19:44

I would be cold if the heating wasn't on.


tumbletumble · 05/09/2015 19:45

I'm wearing jeans and a T shirt. No socks or jumper and heating not on. I am quite a 'warm' person though.


HookedOnHooking · 05/09/2015 19:46


Me. All blue and cold.

OP posts:

DinosaursRoar · 05/09/2015 19:49

I'm off to put the heating on. I'm cold. (Jumper, thick tights and skirt and slippers)

I declared it 'tights weather' today, i'm too lazy to pack up the summer clothes yet. I really should do that tomorrow.


MintyLizzy9 · 05/09/2015 19:49

Fricking freezing! Heating is on but the chilled wine may or may not be helping!!! Wine


CigarsofthePharoahs · 05/09/2015 19:51

My back door has been open all day. It's not cold, its bracing
But I have a nasty feeling that if I get my dna checked it will probably have a higher % Neanderthal than average. They were very adapted to the cold.


Thebirdsneedseeds · 05/09/2015 19:52

I am too. Husband has lit the woodburning stove for me - bliss! It's roasting in my lounge.

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