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AIBU to want to send my DC to private school after seeing kids in park?

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Fishnchipsagain · 24/06/2015 19:16

DS is 2 so schools haven't really been on our radar yet. But the local primary is rated Outstanding so we just assumed he'd go there in due course.

This afternoon we met some friends at a park at 4pm. The park is close both to the state primary and local prep but is not one we usually go to (and we normally avoid parks at school turning out time).

The park is big but was packed with school children most of whom looked about 7 or younger, so was pretty chaotic. Most of the kids were dressed in polos and shorts or summer dresses and looked pretty much the same. However I rapidly realized that the children in one uniform were generally behaving far better than the others, so I looked at the uniforms to see which schools the kids attended.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving between the primary school kids, and one was utterly foul mouthed. These kids were also the ones who tried to shove the toddlers out of the way on the climbing frame, were clambering the wrong way up the slide, not waiting their turn or yelling at/pushing my DS and his friends if they tried to go in the play house. They took no notice of me when I suggested they wait. One picked up my son's toy and pulled the string so hard he broke it, then just chucked it down and ran off laughing. Obviously they weren't all like this, but a significant number were.

In contrast, the prep school kids we met were universally respectful and friendly to the toddlers, waiting their turn and not sliding into the child in front, one said sorry when he ran into my buggy and they generally seemed to be playing much more nicely together and have more social awareness.

AIBU to want to send my DS private after witnessing this or am I just not used to 4-7 year olds and this is normal? Ive looked on the prep school website and we could just about afford it if we scrimped and saved.

OP posts:
formidable · 24/06/2015 20:26

Typical of a group of closed minded objectionable posters with ignorant views to take the personal abuse to the next level...

Putting across your view is interesting and enlightening.

Resorting to personal attacks and insults is both dull and makes you look childish.

timelyreminder · 24/06/2015 20:26
usualsuspect333 · 24/06/2015 20:27

I bet the OP has already got her next goady thread ready to go...

Lucyccfc · 24/06/2015 20:28

Wasn't Jeremy Clarkson educated privately?

There was a report in the paper today showing a privately educated 'City banker' snorting coke on a tube.

Lovely behaviour from both of them.

Parents have far more influence over how their children turn out.

MorrisZapp · 24/06/2015 20:30

So much hypocrisy on this thread. Calling private school kids robots, druggies and rapists.

But apparently state school kids can't be defined and pigeonholed as we're all different.

Outrageous snobbery.

formidable · 24/06/2015 20:30

So Lucy why are you not blaming Jeremy Clarkson and that Banker's parents?

You have written two sentences and they contradict each other!

Sparklingbrook · 24/06/2015 20:30

Perhaps the OP has gone back to the park? Or the chippy? Grin

formidable · 24/06/2015 20:31

Exactly Morris.

TheWordFactory · 24/06/2015 20:32

Nothing like a clear goading OP, to release the inner nastiness of many an MNer.

Why ignore when you can say vile things about children?

Sparklingbrook · 24/06/2015 20:32

I don't think this is a serious thread TBF...

LapsedTwentysomething · 24/06/2015 20:32

Another hopelessly narrow observation here: two of the most disgustingly unethical adults I know we're privately educated. Seriously, they both have an enormous sense of entitlement and aren't afraid to voice it. They are truly awful human beings.

Though of course there are lots of wonderful privately educated people too on this thread

My point being that if you want your DCs educated around wonderful, pleasant people all the time, you're deluded, however much you spend.

formidable · 24/06/2015 20:33

Well it brought a few more posters out of the woodwork who can be added to the spreadsheet....

Yarp · 24/06/2015 20:33

Morris, formidable

I think those comments were meant to be ironic.......

formidable · 24/06/2015 20:34

Really? I read no irony there whatsoever.

LibrariesGaveUsPower · 24/06/2015 20:34

WordFactory - but it does give you a chance to update your spreadsheet, so swings and roundabouts Wink

usualsuspect333 · 24/06/2015 20:34

Do private school parents go to the chippy? It's a bit chavvy.

Sparklingbrook · 24/06/2015 20:35

Good point usual. OP should go state-definitely. All state schools let their pupils out to go to the chippy at lunchtime. FACT.

formidable · 24/06/2015 20:36

Private school parents go to the chippy, because both are working all hours to afford the fees.

Therefore no time for cooking, therefore the chippy Smile

usualsuspect333 · 24/06/2015 20:38

oh yes , they drive there in their old bangers.

formidable · 24/06/2015 20:38

Well actually we walk because it's only round the corner Smile

Sparklingbrook · 24/06/2015 20:39

usual Grin

hazeyjane · 24/06/2015 20:39

In 2014

53.4% of children without a statement attended state primary schools
5.4% of children without a statement attended independent schools
26.2% of children with a statement attended state primary schools
5.1% of children with a statement attended independent primary schools
(These independent schools include specialist independent schools)

Formidable, what they are missing out on, is seeing children from all walks of life receiving the same education as them - all these 'chav' kids that treeshine would like to keep her children away from.

I do find the whole, tarring all children in independent schools with the brush of being upper class degenerates ridiculous and hypocritical though.

TheWordFactory · 24/06/2015 20:40

Oh we go to the chippy, sometimes I ask DS to all in and collect on his way home from top public school Grin.

usualsuspect333 · 24/06/2015 20:41

I've read a few private school threads before, can you tell? Grin

Cumbrae · 24/06/2015 20:42

Morris I am merely reporting my personal childhood experience. I didn't say that all privately educated children were 'druggies' or 'rapists'.

I have lots of very nice friends who were private educated. Lots of whom are planning to privately educate their own children.

Nothing wrong with that, parents make the best choices they can for their children. However I do object to the pervasive attitude that 'private is best' and that private school children will a) do better academically and b) be better behaved.

My personal experience from growing up with lots of private school kids as friends doesn't back either one of those assertions against children from good state schools.

Choose a private school if it seems the best choice for your particular child in your particular area.

Don't choose one because you somehow think that it will shortcut good parenting into making your child a better behaved/nicer/cleverer person.

Richer does not equal 'better' and I'd be embarrassed if my children (who are growing up in fairly privileged circumstances thought it did.

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