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AIBU to want to send my DC to private school after seeing kids in park?

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Fishnchipsagain · 24/06/2015 19:16

DS is 2 so schools haven't really been on our radar yet. But the local primary is rated Outstanding so we just assumed he'd go there in due course.

This afternoon we met some friends at a park at 4pm. The park is close both to the state primary and local prep but is not one we usually go to (and we normally avoid parks at school turning out time).

The park is big but was packed with school children most of whom looked about 7 or younger, so was pretty chaotic. Most of the kids were dressed in polos and shorts or summer dresses and looked pretty much the same. However I rapidly realized that the children in one uniform were generally behaving far better than the others, so I looked at the uniforms to see which schools the kids attended.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving between the primary school kids, and one was utterly foul mouthed. These kids were also the ones who tried to shove the toddlers out of the way on the climbing frame, were clambering the wrong way up the slide, not waiting their turn or yelling at/pushing my DS and his friends if they tried to go in the play house. They took no notice of me when I suggested they wait. One picked up my son's toy and pulled the string so hard he broke it, then just chucked it down and ran off laughing. Obviously they weren't all like this, but a significant number were.

In contrast, the prep school kids we met were universally respectful and friendly to the toddlers, waiting their turn and not sliding into the child in front, one said sorry when he ran into my buggy and they generally seemed to be playing much more nicely together and have more social awareness.

AIBU to want to send my DS private after witnessing this or am I just not used to 4-7 year olds and this is normal? Ive looked on the prep school website and we could just about afford it if we scrimped and saved.

OP posts:
BertrandRussell · 28/06/2015 18:16

On my mother's life, Sparking, I swear I'll kill it.......

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan · 28/06/2015 18:52

Two of the sixth formers from our local independent school have just been arrested for stealing items from Auschwitz. Shock

My dc go to the local comp but I can guarantee they would never be have in such a despicable manner.

downgraded · 28/06/2015 19:11

Did private school cause them to be Auschwitz desecrating moral bankrupts?

Why, then aren't all the other private school kids doing it?

Sparklingbrook · 28/06/2015 19:28

Did private school cause them to be Auschwitz desecrating moral bankrupts?

Well it didn't stop them.....

BertrandRussell · 28/06/2015 19:51

"My dc go to the local comp but I can guarantee they would never be have in such a despicable manner."

Really? I don't think I could 100% guarantee that about my own children-let alone th entire 6th form of any school. I could 99.9% guarantee about my own, but there is always a chance of a moment of madness.

Sparklingbrook · 28/06/2015 20:13

All of our teenagers may have a stash of valuable items of historic interest under their beds.....

BertrandRussell · 28/06/2015 20:21

No use me looking- there are kids at my ds's school who would have taught him how to stash his haul where I can't find it!

Sparklingbrook · 28/06/2015 20:27

Or sold them on eBay? Grin

LotusLight · 29/06/2015 17:18

There is more criminality in state than private schools even proportionately adjusted, but the bottom line is most women don't earn enough to pay school fees so are lumbered with the state system because they did not make wise choices of career.

Sparklingbrook · 29/06/2015 17:26

Ah well never mind eh?

Lancelottie · 29/06/2015 17:43

Come back Sparkling! I wouldn't advise under-bed archaeology in the average teenage bedroom.

Sparklingbrook · 29/06/2015 17:49

Didn't find anything Lance. His last school trip was Berlin, but no artefacts found. Grin

vindscreenviper · 29/06/2015 20:55

Not even a chunk of Berlin Wall signed by The Hoff?

I managed to bring a ceramic pig full of peach schnapps back from my school trip to Bad Salzig

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