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To not want my in laws to get this dog ...

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FloralFantasy · 28/05/2013 07:42

I know this will make me VERY unpopular but as a rule, I don't like dogs. I hate the dogs mess on pavements, I hate being out for a walk and having dogs rush up to me and I hate aggressive barking when you go past houses or knock on doors.

I was attacked by a collie as a young teen and also have a cousin who was attacked by her friends dog (with no history of aggression, was not aggravated, lunged at a cat on her lap and it got nasty) in my presence requiring reconstructive surgery.

My in-laws provide childcare for my 7mo and 2yo DCs. They offered and were really keen to have them two afternoons a week. They also do other odd spells if I need to pop out (they live five minutes down the road).

They have used to have dogs but the last one passed away 18 months ago. My BIL has announced he is getting MIL a dog for her birthday. She is excited. He has found a two year old Staffordshire cross and they are picking it up today. In the advert it says "not suitable for a household with young children".

I questioned this but apparently it will be fine once it gets to know young children, it just has never had contact with them. The owners are selling as they are moving somewhere smaller without the room for a dog.

I have said fine, they can get the dog, but they can't have the children round there anymore.

I'm told I am being very unreasonable, hurtful and rude.

Am I? What would be the safest way to introduce the dog to children?

OP posts:
BinarySolo · 30/05/2013 08:22

There is just so much that's wrong with this situation I don't know where to begin!

  1. The people rehoming the dog aren't even the owner

2. The dog was advertised as not being safe around children
3. Your pil chose a dog without seeing it. Really the mind boggles at that
4. Presents from the dog sounds truly unhinged. Horrible attempt to manipulate
5. Very odd that there were several dogs available

Your pil seem so blinkered on this. I would point out that you are not willing for you children to be part of their 'experiment' to assess this dogs trustworthy nature.
Quodlibet · 30/05/2013 09:35

I think the OP has hit the jackpot - an unprecidented AIBU dogs n kids thread where 100% of the posters - even the dog lovers - agree YANBU.

pinkballetflats · 30/05/2013 11:14

Oh dear...your PILs dont' give a flying fuck about their grandchildren do they.

Wow, just wow - some people are so unable to see past their own wants, needs and wishes.

Sorry, OP.

KhaosandKalamity · 30/05/2013 11:14

YANBU, but I would still visit as long as the dog was out side, and some supervised contact. Staffys are known as the nanny dog because they are very good with children, but I would still not allow my staffy x to be around small children without my hand on her collar as she is too excitable (though the kids and dog find it very annoying). Though she does let the new kitten chew on her face without reacting, so I may be judging her a little harshly, I would rather be too careful than not careful enough.

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