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To ask what you weigh if you are 5' 4"?

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ilikeyoursleeves · 25/05/2013 22:58

Just curious to see what others weigh who are the same height as me, and are you happy with your weight?

I'm trying to lose a few pounds so just thinking about all this.

Apologies if I'm being too nosy!

OP posts:

weasle · 25/05/2013 23:05

I'm 5 foot 4 and a half. (164cm) Fluctuate around 60kg. Target is 58, but need to get back down to that for the summer!


NoWayNoHow · 25/05/2013 23:05

I'm 5'4", 35yo on Monday and weight 10st1.5.

I'm at the top end of a healthy BMi, so would like to like a to lose a few pounds, but my natural weight over the last couple of years has sat easily between 9st12lb and 10st2lb and I don't think I can go far below that without compromising quite a lot.

I eat really healthily during the week, and relax at the weekend. Trying the 5:2 intermittent fast at the moment to if that helps to shift a few more pounds, but if it doesn't work it won't be the end of the world. Life's too short not to enjoy lovely food and drink (in vague moderation!)


WawaSkittletits · 25/05/2013 23:05

I'm 8 and a half stone. I was quite happy at this weight before having my dd but I'm now a different shape and would like to go down to 8 stone.


HibiscusIsland · 25/05/2013 23:05

12 stone (More than you if you are only wanting to lose a few pounds Smile .) Need to lose a couple of stone so am doing the Fast Diet.


weasle · 25/05/2013 23:05

I'm 5 foot 4 and a half. (164cm) Fluctuate around 60kg. Happiest with 58, but need some hard work to get back down to that for the summer!


cerealqueen · 25/05/2013 23:06

9.5st at my best weight at my current age. I am currently 10st and my clothes don't feel great and as I love my clothes and can't afford to buy new, need to lose half a stone. The clothes thing always does it for me, but I know lots of people who have lots of different sets of clothes for different weights!


weasle · 25/05/2013 23:06

Oops, sorry double post.


PoppyWearer · 25/05/2013 23:07

I am 5ft 3 and weigh 9st 10lbs, currently trying to get back to around 9st 3lbs, which is the weight where I can fit everything nicely but don't look too gaunt in the face. If I go below 9st my face looks awful!


peppersaunt · 25/05/2013 23:08

Am also 9.5 stone and would like to 9. Was 10 about 6 months ago and NOT happy.


23balloons · 25/05/2013 23:09

Around 8-8.5 stone.


lucertola28 · 25/05/2013 23:09

5'3" and 7.2-7.4st but I am underweight because of a thyroid condition (was less than this but managed to get it up to this), before that my normal weight would usually have be between 7.7-7.10st


poorpaws · 25/05/2013 23:12

Im 5ft 4ins and weigh 10sts and I'm old. Was always 8st to 8s. 7lbs when I was young. Would love to lose half a stone and have been trying to do so for months but am failing.


Iwillorderthefood · 25/05/2013 23:13

9st 9lbs, just lost weight, I was heavier when I was younger, but was very fit so had a lot of muscle mass. After two children and no time to exercise in the same way, went to about 10 and a half stone, but recently gone down to my lightest for a long time. I walk six miles a day, but no rock climbing like pre kids. I miss how my body was then, no wobbly bits.


pinktransit · 25/05/2013 23:14

Crikey, you're all tiny!
I'm around 5'3" or 5'4", and according to my scales (first thing in the morning, after a pee and before a cup of tea) am around 10 st 3.
According to slimming world scales on a Monday night at 7.30 pm I'm around 10 st 7 lb.

My aim is 9st 7.


HibiscusIsland · 25/05/2013 23:14

I can't be the only overweight person on Mnet who is 5 ' 4.


Snowflakepie · 25/05/2013 23:14

Normally 9st 2lbs, I have gone below 9st but it was hard to maintain. I feel heavy at 9st 8lbs and if I get there, find clothes don't fit anymore.

At the moment I am 10st 13lbs but at 37 weeks pg that seems fair, although I seriously cannot wait for this critter to be out and I can get back to myself again!


MrsRickyMartin · 25/05/2013 23:16

About 5'3'' and weight 58 kg, which is the same as it was before having DS. Body shape not the same, I am bf so I have big boobs and how can I put this... I could be in the video of 'baby got back' Grin.

Just kidding, but I went up a size wearing trousers/skirts, so I am 10 or 12 depending on the brand. Top size 12 now because of breasts mainly, I still fit into some size 8 dresses.

I am happy with the way I look, but I have to confess I watched carefully what I ate when pregnant and only put on 10 kg.


SgtTJCalhoun · 25/05/2013 23:16

5ft 5, 9 stone. Happiest at 8 stone 10 but not obsessed with getting to it. I'm a size 10 and happy with that.


Musicaltheatremum · 25/05/2013 23:17

I'm obese at the moment at 14st 13. Was16.9 but its coming off. I'm only 49 but lost my husband last year so ate my way up out of comfort.
I would like to be 10 stone as I was 7 years ago but would be happy with 11


monicalewinski · 25/05/2013 23:17

5' 2" so a bit smaller than you, but 11 and half stone. I am quite muscular though as I have a physical job and train a lot so although heavier than most I am not wobbly!

Weight shouldn't be the driving force anyway, it is purely down to how you look and feel and what is not a constant job to maintain.


newbiefrugalgal · 25/05/2013 23:18

69kg here.
Ten heavier than I should be! Grrrrrr


DewDr0p · 25/05/2013 23:19

I'm 5'5". Normally about 9st3 but realised recently that my weight has crept up to 9st10 - I'd feel better without that extra half a stone tbh.

When I was younger I was much much lighter but now I would look too thin much below 9st I think. (I temp went down to that through illness a couple of years ago and had great cheekbones for once but think I was too thin)


singmelullabies · 25/05/2013 23:20

I can't be the only overweight person on Mnet who is 5 ' 4

You're not, Hibiscus. Haven't weighed myself for months, but would be amazed if I was under 12st. Oh well, bring on the Wine Grin


drinkyourmilk · 25/05/2013 23:22

I'm 5.4 and about 14 stone.
Just coming out of depression, so refusing to worry about it.


ColinCaterpillar · 25/05/2013 23:22

8 stone but can happily go to 8 1/2. I'm a size 8, apart from jeans where I'm a bit in between an 8 and a 10

9 doesn't suit my face.

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