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to not want DH to dress DS like this for a wedding...

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TwigletMonster · 11/05/2011 19:57

DS will be 6 months on the occasion of BIL's wedding. DH wants him to wear this or similar.

He is half-joking, half-serious - I am taking the bait and duly appalled by the notion! DD will be a flowergirl, and I think it's a very silly idea to put DS in a fancy dress outfit.

AIBU? Will DS look "cool" or a bit silly?

OP posts:

strandedbear · 11/05/2011 19:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tee2072 · 11/05/2011 19:59

I think that's adorable! Not silly at all.


nethunsreject · 11/05/2011 20:01

i love it!

kitch and cute!


borderslass · 11/05/2011 20:01

I think it's quite nice DS had a romper suit like that and that was 16 years ago.


MumblingRagDoll · 11/05/2011 20:01

There's no pic...but I can imagine the horror! YANBU! He would look far nicer in this or similar!


MissPenteuth · 11/05/2011 20:02

Well its probably more comfortable for a 6mo than scratchy trousers and shirt! I think it's cute. What kind of clothes do you normally dress DS in? By 6mo you can get away with 'small versions of adult clothes' on babies, to a certain extent.


SpeedyGonzalez · 11/05/2011 20:02

I thought it was going to be an actual mini-penguin suit, and I was sterling myself for some self-congratulatory sneering.

I actually rather like it.


Flisspaps · 11/05/2011 20:02

My DNiece wore that to my birthday - she looked really cute. Far comfier than 'proper' trousers and a shirt for a baby.

Babies are for dressing up, aren't they?


Needanewname · 11/05/2011 20:03

Sorry, I'm going against the grain here and saying silly. Do not like it at all, I think it looks naff


itsabiggywhatdoidonow · 11/05/2011 20:03

its adorable


CurrySpice · 11/05/2011 20:03

I think it's vile op. And bordering on common. So no YANBU


scarletfingernail · 11/05/2011 20:03

I'd rather see a 6 month old in that which looks comfortable than proper shirt and trousers.

Sometimes these novelty outfits can look a bit chavvy though so I suggest you choose it if your Hmm about your DH's taste.


WriterofDreams · 11/05/2011 20:03

YABVVVU. He would be so unbelievably cute in that! The pictures would be absolutely priceless :)


SpeedyGonzalez · 11/05/2011 20:03

Argh - steeling myself.


MumblingRagDoll · 11/05/2011 20:03

Linen trousers and top with a little vest isn't uncomfortable!


MinesaGandT · 11/05/2011 20:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MumblingRagDoll · 11/05/2011 20:04

I also think it's common but didn't want to be so outspoken. Blush


usualsuspect · 11/05/2011 20:04

Its awful ..never in a million years would I have dressed mine in that


DuelingFanjo · 11/05/2011 20:05

I think it's lovely. So much better than trussing a baby up in a shirt and suit type thing.


usualsuspect · 11/05/2011 20:05

and I'm common as muck


scarletfingernail · 11/05/2011 20:05

Meant "you're" of course Blush and love that romper suit MumblingRagDoll posted


ChaoticAngelQueenofAnarchy · 11/05/2011 20:05

Not too keen on it myself.

OP you could work this to your advantage. Tell your DH that if he insists on your DS wearing this then he has to look after him all day which will free you up to have a few drinks Wink


MumblingRagDoll · 11/05/2011 20:05

Why do so many MNrs think that its cruel to dress babies in anything other than a blinking baby gro! "real" clothes are fine! If you choose natural fibres and put a soft vest underneath!


foreverondiet · 11/05/2011 20:06

I agree its silly and tacky and looks cheap.

I'd put him in either chinos and a shirt, or a posh baby all in one thing.


shinyshoes · 11/05/2011 20:08

it's blimmin awful


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