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to hate the term 'on the blob'?

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Champersonice · 04/05/2011 11:28

After reading about jam sponges on the mooncup thread, I googled and took a look. Under FAQs, they have used the term 'blob'. Yuk! I just hate that expression. Who agrees and what other terms do you dislike?? First one to say, 'got the painters in' gets a jam sponge Wink

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midnightservant · 05/05/2011 18:27

On the way to school, aged about 9, a friend asked me if I had been told about 'waste blood' yet.

Having no idea what she was on about, I interpreted this as 'waist blood'. I don't think she explained at that point, I think I just remembered this puzzling conversation and a few years later the penny dropped.

1lumpor2 · 05/05/2011 18:54

much hilarity at spiders think i may use internally sloughing from now on :)

Champersonice · 05/05/2011 20:07

Trudy, I am glad that you are going to explain "getting the blood" to your DS as well as your DD. I am with you on that one.

Jeremy, am starting to wonder whether we went to the same primary school because there was a girl in my class and you could be talking about her. I remember feeling so sorry for her, being so young and having to deal with periods and bras!! But not so sure anyone called her a slag Shock

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onceamai · 05/05/2011 20:31

My DH coined the expression gushing. "bloody hell love, you're in a bad mood, are you about to gush".

roomonthebroom · 05/05/2011 22:31

My friend talks about 'Rita red pants paying a visit. I once texted her to ask if she was enjoying her holiday and she replied that she wasn't as 'bits of chopped liver were falling out of her'. She is very crude, but very, very funny.

I started mine at 9 but my mum sensed it was coming before they actually started so she prepared me for it and really did just take it in my stride. She did- and still does call it menstruating- and I just can't call 'my period' that. My primary 5 teacher was great about letting me use the staff toilet, so it was fine. Can't believe I've had periods for over 25 years!

Champersonice · 06/05/2011 08:00

Oh my gosh, Room! That is just harsh to start so early - you are practically a veteren Grin

Your friend's comment is gros! I am enjoying hearing the made up terms for a period rather than the old tried and tested, so thanks for that one, Room Smile

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Trekkiemaiden · 06/05/2011 12:25

Personally I hate the American term "Auntie Flo(w) - yuch. Here in Portugal they call the time of the month - Benfica's at home (the football club's colour being red!!). Time of the month or period is Ok for me, no 1 daughter (12) had her first period this week and we have been discussing it and getting her ready for it for a long time. Menstruation sounds very medical/clinical like a Dr, so the aforementioned suits me well, but I do like "refreshing my womb" tho :) LOL!! My sister called tampons mice, and I called the super dooper ones sheep!! Jam rags, yuch, just like the boys at school ( I also remember minge munchers but can't remember if that was knickers or pads tho !) There is some ugly terminology around!

Champersonice · 06/05/2011 12:47

Minge munchers, Trekkie? You sure that isn't referring to something else???

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