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to hate the term 'on the blob'?

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Champersonice · 04/05/2011 11:28

After reading about jam sponges on the mooncup thread, I googled and took a look. Under FAQs, they have used the term 'blob'. Yuk! I just hate that expression. Who agrees and what other terms do you dislike?? First one to say, 'got the painters in' gets a jam sponge Wink

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByALamb · 05/05/2011 15:21

But a blob, is a blob, is a blob

any definition of irony?though hundreds might be given, and very few of them would be accepted?must include this, that the surface meaning and the underlying meaning of what is said are not the same."


LadyClariceCannockMonty · 05/05/2011 15:22
Champersonice · 05/05/2011 15:40

Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha at MrsBumble.

Isn't it ironic, don't you think? Grin

OP posts:
mrsbumbledosem · 05/05/2011 15:40

Ok thanks Ok I can see the confusion. But Im not so much talking about on the blob and it's literal or otherwise meaning but the idea that language gets used ironically sometimes. I'm talking about use of this phrase not the phrase itself. I refer you back to my earlier link which gives a definition of ironic being when something is unexpected or incongruous.

Thank you so much those of you who explained irony for me. I'm 35 and I had no idea!!!!! Not to mention the fact that I'm a dopey yank.

Anyway my knickers are well twisted I'm flouncing.

Champersonice · 05/05/2011 15:41

And I thank the other posters for having the intelligence to at least understand irony Smile

OP posts:
thumbwitch · 05/05/2011 15:41

mrsbumble, it's not ironic use of language at all. It is, unfortunately, you who are not getting it. Re-read the first definition in your link - you appear to have misunderstood the application.

mrsbumbledosem · 05/05/2011 15:42

Not before I do this:
Champer you utter nob

Champersonice · 05/05/2011 15:44

Oh dear, MrsBumble bottom would you like a shovel to help with that enormous hole you are digging??

OP posts:
Champersonice · 05/05/2011 15:46

I do hope you mean a nob with bells on. Because you did mean nob? As in a person of social distinction?

Ah, I do believe you probably meant knob, but of course, I wouldn't expect you to know how to spell either Hmm

OP posts:
thumbwitch · 05/05/2011 15:47

Definition: ironic
interesting, strange or funny because of being very different from what you would usually expect
[+ that] It is ironic that although many items are now cheaper to make, fewer people can afford to buy them.

being "on the blob" isn't interesting, strange or funny, or very different from what you would expect. It is the meaning of the phrase that is being discussed, not the usage of it! Just because someone wouldn't expect you to say "on the blob" instead of something less graphic, that doesn't translate into you being ironic. Surprising, shocking, yes - ironic, no.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 05/05/2011 15:53

Champersonice... I think you've made your point. Do you need to be so narky? mrsbumbledosem didn't deserve that in my view. Hmm

This was quite a good natured thread... ho hum.

Champersonice · 05/05/2011 15:56

I apologise Lying, could have something to do with being on my blob Shock Blush

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByALamb · 05/05/2011 15:56

Don't you just love Mumsnet Grin

Champersonice · 05/05/2011 15:57

Actually I am not - I just got narky

OP posts:
LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 05/05/2011 15:58

Champer-so-nice... You are quite funny though. Grin

Profers a 'Feminax' and bar of Fruit & Nut...

Champersonice · 05/05/2011 16:05

Ah, thanks Lying Grin and I will happily accept all three, that is; your compliment, 'lady's thing' and choccy bar yum yum! Btw, it is Champers On Ice but you have now given me a double meaning name and I love it!! Smile

OP posts:
Champersonice · 05/05/2011 16:07

OK - it can be my alter ego! When I am Champer So Nice, I shall be nothing other than charming but when I morph into Champers On Ice I will become the ice queen!!

OP posts:
TrudyVotion · 05/05/2011 16:11

Ah dear, only on page 2 and already snorting at terms I haven't heard before! Must snort quietly as DD is having her violin lesson upstairs and I'm just too bushed for the "Mum, what were you snorting about when I was having my lesson?" conversation Hmm

Up on blocks, off games and Japanese flag week have my vote so far Grin

JeremyKylesPetProject · 05/05/2011 16:26

TrudyVotion Japanese flag and the communist one made me chortle. I forgot another one for a tampon. Clunge sponge. :o

Suncottage · 05/05/2011 16:28

'Breaching of the Beaver Dam' has an almost poetic ring to it I think. You could make a film out of that starring Bruce Willis.

TrudyVotion · 05/05/2011 16:34

I have a 9 yo DD and was shocked to hear at the pre-Brownie camp meeting recently that they've had girls starting their periods while away at Brownie camp Shock they're not yet 10! DD's seen me dealing with it and I've explained what's going on inside, which has somehow morphed into referring to it as "getting the blood" - there's accidental parenting for you.

DS isn't yet three so possibly a bit young for the biology lesson yet, but when he's older I think he should understand. Not in a forced "zyou vill unerSTANT!" way, but just gently so that he won't be a lout when he's 13 and knows girls who have to deal with it.

Melly19MummyToBe · 05/05/2011 16:45

I know someone who started very young, she was still at primary school, can't remember exactly how old though. She drew a pad in her maths book to show what one looked like and then couldn't rub it out :o

JeremyKylesPetProject · 05/05/2011 16:49

My childhood BFF started hers at 8 and was in a 34D bra by age 10. I can still remember another girl comment that she "hated" her for being a slag and growing up too fast. Kids are so cruel at times.:(

TygerTyger · 05/05/2011 17:18

My mum used the term 'friends' as in 'ladies have friends to stay once a month' - I was very confused - where were we going to put these friends?! And I must have been about 13. Awful. I was a late developer.

jugglingjo · 05/05/2011 18:17

Tyger - Can see it would be a problem were any of these euphemisms used during explanations to DD's.

"The communists are in the summerhouse"
"Auntie Flo has come to stay"
"It's Japanese flag week"

Could be confusing, I see that Grin

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