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wanting to have serious words in school about this teacher.

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Oakmaiden · 07/04/2011 21:02

My daughter was VERY upset today. She is 7 years old, and was asked by her teacher to draw and label a circuit diagram - basically a battery and bulb, led together with 4 crocodile clips. Now the teacher DID say to the class that they should only label one of the crocodile clips, because it would take to long to label them all.

My daughter chose to label them all - and claims she had still finished before most of the class.

Now - the teacher had specifically told them not to do this, so I completely understand her getting into trouble for not following instructions. But I feel the teacher's reaction was WAY over the top - she took my child's work and tore it up in front of the class and made her stay in all playtime to do it again.

Now - whilst I do understand that a reprimand was in order, and if she had had to simply stay in and redo the work I wouldn't have said a word. But really -is it ever acceptable to tear up a child's work? I just think it is so very rude and disrespectful - almost bullying actually. My daughter was devastated.

Beyond this - my daughter tells me that the teacher does this "a lot" - and it makes me really uncomfortable. They are only in Y2! I am really tempted to go in and speak to the head and see what the school policy is on this sort of thing...

Am I being too precious? I just think it is an unacceptable thing to do to any child, really....

OP posts:

SequinsAndSparkles · 07/04/2011 21:05


She sounds like a horrible bully. I can't abide those kind of teachers.


MorticiaAddams · 07/04/2011 21:07

YANBU. She shouldn't have torn up your daughter's work and I think even making her stay in and do it again sounds extreme and unnecesssary.


ApocalypseCheeseToastie · 07/04/2011 21:07

Fucking hell !!! Shock

I'd be bloody furious !


FAB5 · 07/04/2011 21:08

Fucking hell, year 2?!?!?!

Words need to be had.


MoonGirl1981 · 07/04/2011 21:09

Yup, speak to the head.

This isn't on.

What's year 2, 5 year olds?? Too young to be treated like that.

She's a bully!!


thenameiwantedwastaken · 07/04/2011 21:09

Go in. It is way ott and teacher sounds scary. I had an awful teacher in year 5, I did a piece of work wrong and got on the wrong side of her. She was also generally over strict and meant so much that I could rely on my mum to go into school and standp for me.


winnybella · 07/04/2011 21:11

YANBU. Definitely talk to the head.


pointythings · 07/04/2011 21:11

YADNBU - this is not acceptable behaviour from the teacher. Even making your DD do the work again would not have been reasonable, a quiet word explaining the need to follow instructions should have been all. Go in and have words.


Mollymax · 07/04/2011 21:12

Sounds like a teacher i had when i was at school, many, many years ago.
I had hoped they had all retired.
Definitely make an appointment to see the Headteacher.


herbietea · 07/04/2011 21:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

smallwhitecat · 07/04/2011 21:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

twolittlemonkeys · 07/04/2011 21:14

Totally out of order and sooo demoralising for the child. I would have to have a word too.


peanutdream · 07/04/2011 21:14

i'm a teacher. this one sounds old skool. ripping up work in front of kids is very... whats the word... autocratic?

not on basically



Tisallafaff · 07/04/2011 21:15

I don't agree with ripping up a child's work and it doesn't sound like there was any differentiation to the task to cater for pupils who could do more.


Mothigail · 07/04/2011 21:15

Yanbu. Totally unnecessary and in any case your dd did have time to do all the labelling...


TiggieWiggle · 07/04/2011 21:15

From what you've said YANBU. BUT I would go and speak to the teacher herself about it first and hear her version of events before going to the head. I do not know any teachers who would do this - your poor DD.


scurryfunge · 07/04/2011 21:16

Do you have any independent people who can confirm this actually happened?


ChristinedePizan · 07/04/2011 21:16

That is absolutely unacceptable. I would go straight to the head and kick off big time. To do that to a 7 year old is likely to put a lifelong hatred of education into them.


bubblecoral · 07/04/2011 21:17

The teacher took it too far. Ripping up a child's work is a horrible horrible thing to do. Definately complain.


JustAnother · 07/04/2011 21:17

She sound awful. What sort of message is she giving the children? I would most definitely put a complain in.


Mothigail · 07/04/2011 21:17

Yanbu. Totally unnecessary and in any case your dd did have time to do all the labelling...


mitochondria · 07/04/2011 21:17

YANBU. That is unacceptable.


donnie · 07/04/2011 21:18

tearing up a child's work is wrong on so many levels. Doing it in front of the class is extremely wrong - and I speak as a teacher. I have never done that , nor would I. I would make an appt to see her and make clear it is in the context of a complaint. Be very calm throughout though - do not lose your temper or get upset. Request that a member of senior management is present to take notes.


CurrySpice · 07/04/2011 21:18

What tigglewiggle said. Go in and see the teacher because on the face of it, it sounds really harsh and unnecessary

I would be really fusrious too Angry

Just hold your fire, stay calm and see what teacher has to say first.

Then go ballistic Wink


Toughasoldboots · 07/04/2011 21:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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