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Richard Hammond

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cocolepew · 20/07/2009 17:58

Please cut your hair.

Thank you.

OP posts:
hippipotamiHasLost49lbs · 20/07/2009 17:58

I agree wholeheartedly!

FabBakerGirlIsBack · 20/07/2009 17:58


andiem · 20/07/2009 17:59

definitely he looks like one of those wierdy mullet men

nevergoogledragonbutter · 20/07/2009 17:59

maybe he still has short term memory loss and forgets on the way to the barbers?

cornsillk · 20/07/2009 18:00

And stop wearing that ridiculous necklace.

Picante · 20/07/2009 18:00

He's always seemed a bit weird since the accident... and the hair doesn't help!

LovelyTinOfSpam · 20/07/2009 18:16

he is no longer young enough to get away with the wide eyed boy look.

the mop must go.

nevergoogledragonbutter · 20/07/2009 18:22

i agree with the necklace thingy too. not good.

EccentricaGallumbits · 20/07/2009 18:23

Richard Hammond, for example, is a nob.

cornsillk · 20/07/2009 18:24

I think we should start a campaign about the necklace - my ds watches that show. I don't want him thinking it's acceptable to dress like a twat.

lucykate · 20/07/2009 18:24

i think he's quite a good looking bloke, but the hair is a mid life crisis.

nevergoogledragonbutter · 20/07/2009 18:25

tbh i'd be more concerned if they were looking to Clarkson for fashion ideas or anything else for that matter.

Clarkson, for example, is a twat.

cornsillk · 20/07/2009 18:27

I don't think Hammond is a twat. But he does dress like one.

CybilLiberty · 20/07/2009 18:29

Yes he is dishy in a 5 foot 3 kind of way (I have a box he could stand on)but I cannot abide men wearing those brown 'surf dude' necklaces.

suwoo · 20/07/2009 18:29

Would you???????

I can't decide. Probably not.

FfreckleFface · 20/07/2009 18:30

Bloke just returned from 4 months away. Watching Top Gear last night turned to me and said, 'When did Richard Hammond start modelling himself on James May?'

The hair is v bad. Clarkson currently most attractive man on the programme, which can't be a good thing.

TheCrackFox · 20/07/2009 18:32

DH thinks that after the accident he now thinks he is a pirate. Apparently it can be the only explanation.

nevergoogledragonbutter · 20/07/2009 18:34

yes, a fairly common side effect of car crashes is waking up thinking you're a pirate.

reallywoundup · 20/07/2009 18:34

well as none of you want him- i'll 'ave 'im Come on would you really kick him out of bed?? Maybe the hair is a little wild stupid rustic- but he's so pretty

CybilLiberty · 20/07/2009 18:35

I think I probably would. If he didn't say anything. And took that wretched neckware off.

squilly · 20/07/2009 18:35

I'm ashamed to admit, I would...regardless of the scary hair.

He has a very cute face, as do lots of little men. Being nearly 6ft myself, I probably shouldn't...but I like a wee bit of something to keep myself occupied at times

Paolosgirl · 20/07/2009 18:38

I think he's quite cute actually - but at 5' 1" myself I see him as a bit of a kindred spirit. On the other hand, they are all knobs in the personality department.

muffle · 20/07/2009 18:38

But pretty boyish looks with short manly hair - yes

Pretty boyish looks with long hair - Richard you look like a woman.

Long hair works on James May because he has a face like a bag of breezeblocks. I have to say that of the three of them I now fancy James most (I just can't fancy jezzer).

Cut it!

Northernlurker · 20/07/2009 18:39

The hair is definately trying too hard - but I'd forgive him

LaurieFairyCake · 20/07/2009 18:39

I fancy all of them

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