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What did you hate as a child, but love as an adult

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00100001 · 17/06/2023 16:29

For me it's mushrooms and also showers.

Mushrooms were the disgusting things that weren't nice in any way! Now I love them, eat the raw, fried, grilled, in soup etc 😋

I absolutely loathed showers, even to the point where I'd sit in the showe tray and try and have a really shallow bath! Love them now. Absolutely hate baths now and only have them when no alternative is available.

Not sure when I moved from a hate to a love...but there we go!

OP posts:
orangegato · 17/06/2023 16:31

My parents.

FloweryName · 17/06/2023 16:32


AlexandraPeppernose · 17/06/2023 16:32


EyelessArseFace · 17/06/2023 16:36

Tea & coffee
Peanut butter
New potatoes

Shopping (apart from clothes shopping, which I still hate)

Socks - I used to absolutely hate wearing socks because the seam rubbed my toes. I now wear them inside out, problem solved.

user1471518104 · 17/06/2023 16:38


Lovestodrinkmilk · 17/06/2023 16:39

Bird watching and nature in general and anything else requiring patience.

SandyLand · 17/06/2023 16:41

Hummous (once I’d tasted homemade!!!!)

00100001 · 17/06/2023 16:43

user1471518104 · 17/06/2023 16:38


... really?? 😱

OP posts:
mintbiscuit · 17/06/2023 16:43

spicy food

still hate liver though!!

Jomummy1013 · 17/06/2023 16:44

@00100001 mushrooms for me too! Hated them as a kid. Now would eat them every day, just love them so much x

Jomummy1013 · 17/06/2023 16:45

On the reverse side, when I was very little I loved pork pies. Now I think they're truly revolting x

Unbridezilla · 17/06/2023 16:45

Gardening. Used to dread a sunny Sunday afternoon, so booooring

No mum and I spend most of the time we visit each other in the garden during the summer.

ShakeYourFeathers · 17/06/2023 16:46


BertieBotts · 17/06/2023 16:47

Potatoes in any form other than roast. Now I love them - fried, mashed, baked, chips I am still ambivalent about though.

Butter on sandwiches. I used to find it incredibly disgusting, and would only tolerate it if it was really thinly spread. Now I love a thick layer of butter, especially on crusty bread.

SandyLand · 17/06/2023 16:47

@Lovestodrinkmilk - yes re. Birdwatching! I’m entranced by birds these days and will stop to look at them. Being in the countryside is bliss when I can too (I was an urban urchin). I think Germaine Greer said it comes with ‘looking out into the world’ in a broader way as one gets older.

wobytide · 17/06/2023 16:48


inomniaparatis · 17/06/2023 16:48

Being sent to bed early. An early night is now the dream!

SandyLand · 17/06/2023 16:50

Another one for mashed potato, which I disliked as a child, but as an adult I realise it really depends how they’re made. Grey, lumpy or a fluffy, buttery delight! The same with gammon - delish and tender if cooked properly as opposed to a salty, chewy mess 😆!

Iridescentsy · 17/06/2023 16:50

Siestas! I grew up in a hot country and we’d be made to go to bed in the hottest part of the day. Now I have a nap most days

cushioncovers · 17/06/2023 16:51

Going to bed early
A lazy Sunday doing not much

BigPeople · 17/06/2023 16:51

Green vegetables
Blue cheese

musixa · 17/06/2023 16:52

My sister 😄

Mars27 · 17/06/2023 16:52

Cheese and tomatoes.

Funnily enough, cheese and tomato is my favourite sandwich now

Jesscococolake · 17/06/2023 16:53

Tomatoes !

cassiatwenty · 17/06/2023 16:54

Naps and sleeping

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