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How Many Of Your Senior School Teachers Went On To Marry Their Students?

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HowDidWeGetHome · 25/05/2023 16:34

How many of your senior school teachers had inappropriate 'relationships' with students or went on to marry them?

To my knowledge 3 male teachers at my school went on to marry students. 2 others had 'relationships' with 6th form girls. It wouldn't surprise me if there were more but I just don't know about them. This was in the late 80s / early 90s. Nobody was sacked but one left of his own accord and carried on teaching.

Was this common?

OP posts:
Just2again · 25/05/2023 16:39

Late 70s early 80s, I would say at least 3 for sure plus several others arrested for abuse of much younger pupils. Obviously relationships between 6th formers and teachers fell into a different category back then and merely caused a raised eyebrow.

x2boys · 25/05/2023 16:41

None that I'm aware of ,we didn't haver a sixth form in my school.though and frankly None of the teachers were in the least bit fanciable,I left in 1990.

merryhouse · 25/05/2023 17:16

One of the Music School staff married a former member of the Youth Choir (though I think they may have both been involved in music at the same church too). Maybe 5/6 years age difference? Almost certainly less than my parents (16 and 24 when they got together, 19 and 27 married), so though I thought it a bit odd from her point of view I didn't find it weird or creepy.

Apart from that, none that I'm aware.

SwedishDeathClearance · 25/05/2023 17:18

Were you at my school?
Deputy Head married one of my class. They were in a relationship in 6th form. 1983 ish.

LucyWarlowsRightHand · 25/05/2023 17:20

In the 80s, none that I know of - but one married one was, I know for a fact, sleeping with one of the students. Private girls' school.

MakesMeFeelSad · 25/05/2023 17:21

Left in 94 , 2 that I know of

DogsvsCats · 25/05/2023 17:21

PE student teachers tended to sleep with sixth form girls. Bus driver (who must have been 21- an immature 21 but still) in a relationship in full view of school and teachers from her being 14 / year 9.

Drama teacher in a relationship with 2 girls at the same time, all open.

Nobody got married as far as am aware.

turkeyboots · 25/05/2023 17:22

Left 96, 2 here as well.

Myn · 25/05/2023 17:22

One definitely relationship -- did not marry.

Chrispackhamspoodle · 25/05/2023 17:24

1 that I know of.He ended up marryng a girl in the year below me.I left school in the late 80s.He must have been about 30 when I was in year 11.

YukoandHiro · 25/05/2023 17:24

Ewww grim. None! Mid 90s. Ordinary state school.

Where the hell did you all go to school?!

EineReiseDurchDieZeit · 25/05/2023 17:25

1 Maths Teacher, Early 90s Married a Sixth Former they were definitely dating before she left

Mommasgotabrandnewbag · 25/05/2023 17:26

Two married their six former girlfriends whom they had affairs with and then got sacked.

One raped (because that's what it is when your under the age of consent) a year 9 and got the sack.

Late 90's

Nofixedabodewell · 25/05/2023 17:27

I wasn’t aware of anyone but someone I know currently is in a relationship with a former teacher . She’s in 6th form now.

Inthedeep · 25/05/2023 17:27

One had a series of relationships with 6th formers, eventually married one and had a baby. A couple of others had relationships with 6th formers, at least one ended in marriage too. The girls all just quietly left the school, teachers carried on teaching - this was early 2000s. A slightly different situation I felt was unfair was a 6th former who had to leave half way through year 13 because her newly qualified teacher boyfriend who’d she’d been with for two years got a job at the school, their relationship predated him joining the school by 2 years but she couldn’t stay and finish the year.

StayingZenInTheVipersDen · 25/05/2023 17:28

I went to an all girls' prep and grammar school and don't think we ever had this. Once a teacher snogged a sixth former on a night out, not knowing she was one of his students 😬. That was the only one I knew of. This was in the nineties

Magazinenotliving · 25/05/2023 17:29

I left school in 1989. None but our school had no sixth form so we left at 16. Our ‘form’ teacher pursued one of his former pupils very hard when she left at 16. Her younger sister was my friend and he was constantly at her house chasing her sister. He apparently told her he would ‘make’ her love him.

We had a couple of other male teachers known to be a bit creepy and inappropriate with the ‘older’ girls ( who were still only 15 or 16).

Beaverbridge · 25/05/2023 17:29

2 from memory, it was early 70,s. One was PE other was an Art teacher.

BridgeOverTheRiverWye · 25/05/2023 17:30

At least 2 but AFAIK neither of them were teacher & student relationships when they got together.
A head of subject had an affair with a sixth former, he was married to another HoS. He had 'form' IIRC.

There were rumours about other teachers, but nothing substantiated.

I was once at a party at a teacher's house and a student and an assistant teacher were DTD. I saw them and was shocked. I had left school by then but the student was still at school.

CaramelicedLatte · 25/05/2023 17:33

None, thank God.

One teacher went to prison for grooming and raping a girl in my year. She was 15.

SmartHome · 25/05/2023 17:35

One. Female PE teacher and girl from about 5th form. They would openly arrive and depart school together from lower 6th.

Jackienory · 25/05/2023 17:36

None that I'm aware of but then I went to a private all-girls school where most of the teachers were women in their 40's and the few male teachers were even older.

2bazookas · 25/05/2023 17:37

One youngish female married (to a man) teacher in our school, was caught having sexual relations on the school premises with a girl pupil under the age of consent. Teacher got sacked.

Silkierabbit · 25/05/2023 17:38

None married but a few male teachers sleeping with 13 and 14 year old girls 1980s Head aware nothing done. One of them at least is still teaching currently working abroad. The parents of the girls AFAIK did not complain, middle class parents who wanted to hide things to protect family name as girls were blamed then. I was targeted but declined and mother told me how lucky I was to have an attractive teacher after me, yuck.

TenoringBehind · 25/05/2023 17:45
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