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Anyone else's DH do the post food shop 'parade'?

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CraneBoysMysteries · 18/03/2023 10:34


Most of the time, with two small children, I will organise the food shop. Either go and get it or do a click and collect order. We have a system of writing on a whiteboard everything we need. It's not too onerous and sort of just happens in the background

Today my DH has physically gone to the shops. And I've just had the post shop 'parade' as I call it

DH reached into bag and pulls out a cucumber 'look at this! We've not been able to get salad for weeks and I found one!!' (Beaming)

Pulls out loo roll. 'Now this is more expensive but is a bigger roll! Look how much fatter it is! So I reckon I've saved us some money here'. Me 'yes, we've had them for ages'

Reveals a dozen eggs 'AND I was able to find twelve eggs, but they're white! WHITE!! Amazing!'

Pulls out a couple of bottles of bleach. 'Now, I know you said bleach but you didn't say scent so I decided to go for lemon as thought it would make the loos smell a bit nicer! Good idea, right?'

...and on it goes. Each product has some story to it or money saving.

The food shop takes an hour but I reckon the post shop parade takes just as long ๐Ÿ˜†

Anyone else's other half do this or just mine? I do remind him that when I do it, it just happens but he seems to enjoy going over his haul for some reason

OP posts:
Rebel2 · 26/03/2023 11:58

QueSyrahSyrah · 26/03/2023 11:04

DH went and did a shop this morning while I was still in bed. He came in to the bedroom on return, asked me to close my eyes, and presented me with a massive joint of gammon he'd got half price GrinGrinGrin

My face would have been ConfusedHmm

DeeCeeCherry · 26/03/2023 12:04

Ahhh bless him. You should've been absolutely prostrate with fawning praise OP. I would've been, so he'd feel compelled to do the food shopping always and forever๐Ÿ˜

KohlaParasaurus · 26/03/2023 12:24

This made me laugh. I wish I'd thought to tell the family to pull up chairs and given them a performance for them with the shopping instead of letting them rummage through the bags themselves under the pretext of "helping to put the food away". Or got them to take turns at a public unveiling of the shopping, with commentary. It would have been better than board games and a million times better than the television.

(My DH wouldn't. He avoids supermarkets unless I ask him to pop in and get a bottle of milk on his travels or he runs out of giant bags of cheese and onion crisps.)

ensayers · 26/03/2023 14:27

Seems like a happy sort of guy. Let him stay that way :)

QueSyrahSyrah · 26/03/2023 15:22

@Rebel2 I've spent several years training him to be price savvy including lessons such as 'the big brand offer at the end of the aisle isn't always the cheapest available' and 'if Pesto is on the list it means own brand or similar. If that's not in stock you do not need to buy the artisan hand blended by virgins one at ยฃ12 a jar', so my face at his 50% bargain and how proud of it he was was more like SmileSmileSmile Grin

Lndnmummy · 26/03/2023 16:04

neitherofthem · 19/03/2023 23:36

Yes, I know exactly what you mean!

When I've been out for a few hours and he's been at home I also get a blow-by-blow full rundown of absolutely everything he's done. Emptied the bins - wow. Have a medal. Did I notice that he's done the hoovering? Yes I did, because he's untidied at the same time. Cleaned the bathroom? Yes, I noticed that as well, because he's stuffed everything back any old how. Done the shopping? Yep - I can see that's been done because half of it is on the side in the kitchen waiting to be put away, and there's an empty carrier bag in the middle of the floor.

Oh man! I get this! In teeny tiny irritating voicenotes throughout the day. 'Just a heads up, took the bins out'. Next one 'hi, was trying to stick the dishwasher on but ran out of tablets. I'll pick some up'
Next one 'hi, managed to find parking. I'm outside M&S. thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and drop the returns back'

And on and on and on it goes. Literally a narrative of every single thought, minute action'

20 years. I have alot of botox

CraneBoysMysteries · 26/03/2023 16:09

Ahhh love that this thread is still bringing joy

It will please people to hear that I was upstairs changing the baby on Sunday and we had PILs round. I heard him down in the kitchen declaring how he'd 'decided to change the brand of earl grey tea bags' and was 'interested in feedback' ๐Ÿ˜†. He also regaled them with the huge news that the deli counter is back!!

OP posts:
housemaus · 26/03/2023 16:39

Awwwwww, hahaha. DH and I both do this to each other - if one of us is upstairs when the other gets back from the shop, we call them down to come and see what we got. Sometimes in a pretend YouTuber haul way, sometimes in a "LOOK, THE GOOD BUTTER!" way.

We also do what PP said with the voicenote updates throughout the day haha - probably best we don't spoil another couple, isn't it? ๐Ÿ˜…On the plus side, it's nice to find bits of joy in the mundane bits of daily life - I'll take a voicenote off DH telling me he's just got driveway cleaner as though he just got nominated for the Oscars (and me sending them to him with similar excitement when I remembered to put the bins out) over the alternative!

Snazzysausage · 26/03/2023 17:21

QueSyrahSyrah · 26/03/2023 11:04

DH went and did a shop this morning while I was still in bed. He came in to the bedroom on return, asked me to close my eyes, and presented me with a massive joint of gammon he'd got half price GrinGrinGrin

That's hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Actually I'm quite jealous,we love a bit of gammon - he did well!

Secretboringsister · 26/03/2023 21:46

Please keep these coming !! To be woken up with a gammon joint is comedy gold @QueSyrahSyrah

Rottweilermummy · 27/03/2023 07:52

Wow my DH does that too lol never thought about it til now how mad it is, usually when both home do shop together, it's if I'm at work he does it, and sends me pics, usually if I've asked for something particular, he also likes to bulk buy so if I ask for shampoo or shower gel for example he will have bought 4 or 5 bottles lol and explain the reason for the number of bottles, bless him ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™„

Madmanc · 27/03/2023 10:07

My partner does a PSP ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I really donโ€™t mind as I hate shopping & Iโ€™m grateful that he loves it. He always looks a bit sheepish though when he admits to buying a bag of shite - chocolates & sweets, especially if weโ€™re trying to be a bit healthy. The best thing for me is that he is so good at organising the cupboards and fridge that he puts it all away. Our fridge looks like something out of the film โ€œSleeping with the Enemyโ€ ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ.
I love cleaning and washing & ironing so it works well for us ๐Ÿ‘

justasking111 · 27/03/2023 14:21

We have seven recycling bins plus having to fold up any cardboard stick it together and tie with string. OH said that he'd carried up the cardboard I'd carefully folded collated to the pavement for me which meant I only had to drag up the big wheelie bin, the triple trolley block and the food bin up the steps and onto the pavement. ๐Ÿ™„

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