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Anyone else's DH do the post food shop 'parade'?

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CraneBoysMysteries · 18/03/2023 10:34


Most of the time, with two small children, I will organise the food shop. Either go and get it or do a click and collect order. We have a system of writing on a whiteboard everything we need. It's not too onerous and sort of just happens in the background

Today my DH has physically gone to the shops. And I've just had the post shop 'parade' as I call it

DH reached into bag and pulls out a cucumber 'look at this! We've not been able to get salad for weeks and I found one!!' (Beaming)

Pulls out loo roll. 'Now this is more expensive but is a bigger roll! Look how much fatter it is! So I reckon I've saved us some money here'. Me 'yes, we've had them for ages'

Reveals a dozen eggs 'AND I was able to find twelve eggs, but they're white! WHITE!! Amazing!'

Pulls out a couple of bottles of bleach. 'Now, I know you said bleach but you didn't say scent so I decided to go for lemon as thought it would make the loos smell a bit nicer! Good idea, right?'

...and on it goes. Each product has some story to it or money saving.

The food shop takes an hour but I reckon the post shop parade takes just as long 😆

Anyone else's other half do this or just mine? I do remind him that when I do it, it just happens but he seems to enjoy going over his haul for some reason

OP posts:

royalrecording · 18/03/2023 11:02

Oh dear. I think I might be the parader 😳

We do it online but I really like getting stuff that’s slightly different or adding little surprises then revealing them on arrival! It does sound a bit sad now I say it out loud 😂


tirednewmumm · 18/03/2023 11:02

Hahaha OH NO I have learnt from this thread that I am guilty of post food shop parade 😂 my poor DH


Softsoftsleep · 18/03/2023 11:03

I get a silent parade. He leaves the shopping for me to put away so I 'know what's in there'. I could figure it out by looking in the fridge, but hey 😄


Undethetree · 18/03/2023 11:03

Omg this is so funny OP!!!



lemons44 · 18/03/2023 11:03

I do this too.

'And guess what I've got .... FOR LUNCHBOXES' pulls out exotic cheese with a flurry.

Obviously have to present the dog with a purchased treat too.


BruceAndNosh · 18/03/2023 11:05

Pip1402 · 18/03/2023 10:51

Yep. When mine gets back from a food shop he calls me into the kitchen to 'see what he's bought'. Like a hunter gatherer proudly home having successfully killed our dinner.

I'm imagining him wrestling a lasagne into submission in aisle 5 of Tesco


Floomobal · 18/03/2023 11:05

Mine does this. I love it, and find it totally endearing. He also likes to lay everything out, so I can go and look at it all, when he’s veered away from our standard shop.

Enjoying this thread 😂


QueSyrahSyrah · 18/03/2023 11:06

Both me and DH do this Blush


BugLight · 18/03/2023 11:07

I used to do this myself bc it was easier & more fun for me than facing twenty questions about what food was in, or worse having long-dated food scoffed first & short-dated stuff thrown out.

in my own head I’d also play the generation game music to accompany the ‘parade’

didn’t work perfectly but definitely helped the men in the family to remember what had been bought/needed used first

and amused me at least more than once thinking up a ‘story’ for each item that might make it more visible to those of the male persuasion easily remembered aa being in the cupboard/fridge/wherever


anerki101 · 18/03/2023 11:08

Haha, yes! My DH does this too, bless him. He's always so excited to show me what bargains he's found and how well he's done 🤣


BruceAndNosh · 18/03/2023 11:08

Or bearing a 2 dozen pack of loo rolls across his manly shoulders like a deer hunter


Thornrose · 18/03/2023 11:08

This thread is pure fun and joy, I love it. Thank you 😊 🥰


Nottodaysausage · 18/03/2023 11:08

My dp piles up all of the exciting* purchases on the kitchen counter for me to fawn over 🤣

*by exciting I mean a larger than normal camembert, my fave bread, chocolate buttons


Rauha · 18/03/2023 11:10

This is so endearing. I love it 😍


endoftheworldniteclub · 18/03/2023 11:12

Chilloutsnow · 18/03/2023 10:49

Oh my GOD I also get the parade. He will often hide things behind his back too like “guess what the treat is?” 😂🤦‍♀️. Usually something with copious amounts of sugar in. I am laughing a lot at this thread.



ToDoListAddict · 18/03/2023 11:12

Just realised me and my husband both do this 🤣🤣🤣


Bridgingthefeckingmassivegap · 18/03/2023 11:12

My DH does this, but he also keeps it all in bags in the kitchen and expects me to go through to see his purchases, and also put it away...under the guise of this sort of parade! I've cottoned on now so no longer fall for this.

When I do a shop, it's just assumed I get everything needed or a useful replacement!


Standbyguest · 18/03/2023 11:14

My DH doesn't realise that I do at least one shop a week, thinks all the food and cleaning products just magically appear. Then when he does do a shop makes a big deal of "doing a shop" - needs half a day, goes on about how expensive it was etc.


squix · 18/03/2023 11:17

I thought it was just mine! He shops, puts it away but leaves out the interesting things on the table for me to …approve / praise / critique? I think it stems back to our cave dwelling ancestors who who go out and hunt and gather and display their goods when they came back to the cave.


BigLittleOwl · 18/03/2023 11:18

It’s not called a parade, it’s called Show and Tell. I make my husband watch mine 😂


bizzywiththefizzy · 18/03/2023 11:18

My dog gets involved too and has a right good rummage through the shopping bags , as often he will have remembered something for her too.😃


tara66 · 18/03/2023 11:21

Don't spoil his enjoyment, it must be a new thing for him - how refreshing. Hope he keeps it up, at least he's not moaning or refusing to do it! Bear with him! Life's little pleasures!


Agapornis · 18/03/2023 11:23

I do this for myself, but only for good yellow sticker discounts. Love a yellow sticker.


Tombero · 18/03/2023 11:23

Mine does it a bit. Especially with reductions. I find it quite endearing.


deveronvalley · 18/03/2023 11:24

I’m with your fella but I like to put all the purchases on the worktop in a ‘harvest festival’ style arrangement. Usually it’s only me that sees it but omg if there’s someone else home they better come take a look and if they make an appreciative ‘oooh’ noise that’s me secretly happy. I don’t do a speech to go with it, the visuals tell the story well enough.

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