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Anyone else's DH do the post food shop 'parade'?

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CraneBoysMysteries · 18/03/2023 10:34


Most of the time, with two small children, I will organise the food shop. Either go and get it or do a click and collect order. We have a system of writing on a whiteboard everything we need. It's not too onerous and sort of just happens in the background

Today my DH has physically gone to the shops. And I've just had the post shop 'parade' as I call it

DH reached into bag and pulls out a cucumber 'look at this! We've not been able to get salad for weeks and I found one!!' (Beaming)

Pulls out loo roll. 'Now this is more expensive but is a bigger roll! Look how much fatter it is! So I reckon I've saved us some money here'. Me 'yes, we've had them for ages'

Reveals a dozen eggs 'AND I was able to find twelve eggs, but they're white! WHITE!! Amazing!'

Pulls out a couple of bottles of bleach. 'Now, I know you said bleach but you didn't say scent so I decided to go for lemon as thought it would make the loos smell a bit nicer! Good idea, right?'

...and on it goes. Each product has some story to it or money saving.

The food shop takes an hour but I reckon the post shop parade takes just as long 😆

Anyone else's other half do this or just mine? I do remind him that when I do it, it just happens but he seems to enjoy going over his haul for some reason

OP posts:
Botw1 · 18/03/2023 10:43

If he enjoys ot that much he should do it every time.

Just make sure you're not in when he comes back

gingersnappz · 18/03/2023 10:44

Nope but this has made me laugh 😂

NewCarOldCar · 18/03/2023 10:46


Does he also hoover/wash up/ make the bed "FOR YOU" ?

OnTheThames · 18/03/2023 10:47

Me and DH share the food shopping - sometimes I do it, sometimes him. When he does it he absolutely HAS to tell me how much it cost and how much money ‘he has saved us’.

I’ve worked out it’s actually code for ‘I’ve spent shitloads today - much more than you would’ve spent - BUT IT’S ALL GOOD VALUE , PROMISE’.

Wisterical · 18/03/2023 10:48

I do it. And I live alone.

Slimjimtobe · 18/03/2023 10:48


dh often does similar (even though I do most of the thinking and cooking and stuff he is a hard worker)

I just say ‘thank you for the announcement’ in a train announcement type voice that makes the dc laugh and he cops on

Tidsleytiddy · 18/03/2023 10:48

Aah he sounds so sweet

Meandfour · 18/03/2023 10:49

Oh bless him 😂 he seems very proud of himself. I agree with a pp; he should be in charge of The Food Shop from hereon in.

Chilloutsnow · 18/03/2023 10:49

Oh my GOD I also get the parade. He will often hide things behind his back too like “guess what the treat is?” 😂🤦‍♀️. Usually something with copious amounts of sugar in. I am laughing a lot at this thread.

Pip1402 · 18/03/2023 10:51

Yep. When mine gets back from a food shop he calls me into the kitchen to 'see what he's bought'. Like a hunter gatherer proudly home having successfully killed our dinner.

Hwory · 18/03/2023 10:51

I do that 💀

friskybivalves · 18/03/2023 10:54

YY and also to show off his high performance packing (which I know will have driven the queue behind him totally nuts). Jenga-style geometric layering of items in neat archaeological strata so as to fill the carrier bags to optimum space efficiency - but not time efficiency 👀

OutDamnedSpot · 18/03/2023 10:54

I don’t live with DP, but I am absolutely certain he’d do this 😂

My tolerance for it would be low though. It’s good that we live separately!

Mushroo · 18/03/2023 10:55

😂 I love a post shop parade.

DH does all the shopping and cooking and I love a good nosy at what he’s brought back / planned to cook for the week.

99victoria · 18/03/2023 10:56

My OH does our supermarket shop usually but if I occasionally ask him to buy something that isn't on his 'regular' list eg shampoo, razors etc he will leave it on the kitchen table when he unpacks the shopping to 'show' me that he has bought it! It drives me mad - he knows where the shampoo and razors go, why doesn't he just put it away when he's unpacking everything else? 😂

CapitanSandy · 18/03/2023 10:57

Aww I love the post shop parade!

Polis · 18/03/2023 10:58

I do that 💀

So do I.

Miadi · 18/03/2023 11:00

I'm a woman and I do this. Not about every item of course, but some items.

InSpainTheRain · 18/03/2023 11:00

Surely he's just chatting to you? You sound like you want to rain in his parade! Ok it's not the most exciting thing but he's given it thought, got it done and sounds sweet.

dottiedodah · 18/03/2023 11:00

Are you married to my DH! Honestly he is just like this.I have a bad knee so hes doing shopping alone at present.Comes back full of himself ,and how well hes done .Also says he saved money and his bill is cheaper.Mmm but not everything we need!

Girliefriendlikespuppies · 18/03/2023 11:00

Wisterical · 18/03/2023 10:48

I do it. And I live alone.

Me to, sometimes I tell the dog what a good bargain I got 😂

Theredfoxfliesatmidnight · 18/03/2023 11:01

This has made me laugh, I love your writing style OP!

beachruns · 18/03/2023 11:01

My DH does the food shop every week and then does this. He invites me to view his wares.

He doesn't really unpack it properly so it's sort of on display for a bit with the fridge beeping whilst he faffs.

I also get the surprise treats which aren't really a surprise.

Love it. Love his wares.

Throwncrumbs · 18/03/2023 11:01

Mine doesn’t do that but he takes everything out of the bags and leaves it all over the worktops, I’m frantically trying to clear it away and he’s refilling the worktops as I go, he knows where it goes so he makes two jobs out of one. I can’t be bothered to mention it anymore!

bizzywiththefizzy · 18/03/2023 11:01

Aww that is so sweet that he was excited to finally bring you a cucumber home .
My husband does all our grocery shopping . I actually get quite excited waiting to find out what delights he has found for us .😋

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