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What advice would you give to a woman in her late 30s?

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Inthetropics · 19/10/2020 04:16

Anything that you feel would help make her 40s, 50s and future in general a little better.

I am 36 now and have been feeling like time is passing very fast. When i was in my 20s i received some advice that made a big diference in my life. Some i wish i had taken more seriously!

OP posts:
Beechview · 19/10/2020 04:21

If you want a career change, go for it now.

gabsdot45 · 19/10/2020 06:54

Don't put on weight. It gets harder and harder to lose.

Bagelsandbrie · 19/10/2020 06:55

If you have good health now do everything you can to preserve it.

IdblowJonSnow · 19/10/2020 06:57

That you're still young even though you may not feel it!
Live your life for you, not the way anyone else thinks you should.

Cumbersome · 19/10/2020 06:57

Save money. Don't fritter it away on useless crap. Don't ask me how I know.

WisestIsShe · 19/10/2020 06:59

Pension, pension, pension.

LittleMissEngineer · 19/10/2020 07:04

Look after your (physios call hand emotionally): very much agree that you want a healthy lifestyle going forward.

Believe in yourself Smile

JacobReesMogadishu · 19/10/2020 07:05

Sort out your pension if not already done so, focus on your career. Heave a health kick if needed, overhaul diet and exercise. Reevaluate friendships.

ViaFerrata · 19/10/2020 08:55
  1. If you want kids and have no partner...either get on it or freeze your eggs. Fertility drops off a cliff after 40, and fast declines past 35. I'd probably advise a fertility MOT if you haven't had one, brings it all into sharp relief. I just had one age 40.

2. Get critical illness cover now if you are healthy. You will resent paying but if you (god forbid) got cancer or seriously ill the payments would sustain your income for 2 years. No one needs money worry and illness.

3. Start a healthier diet and give up any addictions- smoking, binge drinking

4. Exercise a little more

5. Sort out debts and learn to stop frittering, you will thank yourself in your 40s

6. Holiday lots, appreciate friends, family, enjoy hobbies

7. Boundaries with other people, don't let them waste your time, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, own your feelings

No regrets, accept the past, don't compare yourself, be kind, focus on all your strengths
BirdsInTheAttic · 19/10/2020 09:03

Watching with interest! Thanks for starting this OP, I’m making notes Grin

PineappleCheesecake · 19/10/2020 10:37

Also late 30s. Watching with interest.

justanotherneighinparadise · 19/10/2020 10:39

Retinol and spf plus frequent hygienist appointments as your gums will start disappearing on you in your forties.

Kanaloa · 19/10/2020 10:39

I would say if you think you want to try something try it. If you try something new and it doesn’t work out you can usually go back.

Tinty · 19/10/2020 10:42

Don’t waste time on good looking men, arrogant men. Consider nice (maybe not the best looking), men who work hard and don’t mess you around.

Breathmiller · 19/10/2020 10:43

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself well.
I have a card up by my bed...

"You yourself as much as anyone in the Universe deserve your love and affection"
So go easy on yourself. We all make mistakes. We all get it wrong sometimes. And its all okay. Smile at yourself.

DingleDangleCrow · 19/10/2020 11:01

I have just turned 37 and feel depressed about it. Really need to give myself a shake but the advice here is helping.

hesaidshesaidwhat · 19/10/2020 11:10

Depends on where you are in your life right now though doesn't it? For example you havent said if you are in a long term relationship or have children, are in a good job/career etc, are you fat/thin/happy and able to control your weight, have you travelled, do you have a pension, do you drink/smoke? etc etc. Need more info before advice can be handed out.

Endlesscoathunt · 19/10/2020 11:15

Gosh I’m finding some of this a little depressing so far! Pension, spf, gums, restrained spending, weight control! I’m sure it’s all very sensible but... Where’s the adventure and excitement? Sad

MrsJunglelow · 19/10/2020 11:22

Gosh I’m finding some of this a little depressing so far! Pension, spf, gums, restrained spending, weight control! I’m sure it’s all very sensible but... Where’s the adventure and excitement?
Me too!
I’m in my thirties and pissed off about it.
This thread is not helping so far...

Toilenstripes · 19/10/2020 11:26

Definitely pension! You want the freedom and flexibility of at least being able to retire and not have to have a job on the side to make ends meet.

Anordinarymum · 19/10/2020 11:28

Pension pension pension. Get good advice so you don't end up ripped off like me

Time40 · 19/10/2020 11:28

That you're still young even though you may not feel it!

Seconded - and still young enough to do anything and try anything, so if you want to do something, do it.

HarryLimeFoxtrot · 19/10/2020 11:30

Unsubscribe from all the marketing emails you receive. If you don’t see them then you are far less to fritter away money.

Neolara · 19/10/2020 11:31

If you're not already doing so, start exercising regularly.

supercee · 19/10/2020 11:32

Thanks for the OP.

I'm the same, late 30's and quite frankly not happy - well not so much unhappy, more not content - with where I am. Single, job and friendship group mainly. Accepted that I'll never have kids and I'm quite happy with that but the other three could be a lot lot better and I'm struggling to change this.

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