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What weird smells do you like?

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CormoranStrike · 19/09/2020 17:52

I passed a garage today giving cars spray jobs and oh! The smell of spray paint was amazing.

I also love the smell of firelighters, the kind you would use to help a log fire start.

Freshly cut grass too, but that’s more normal!

OP posts:
LongPauseNoAnswer · 19/09/2020 17:53

Petrol and my yoga mat after a good workout Grin

Coldwinterahead1 · 19/09/2020 17:54


flourbroach · 19/09/2020 17:56

Aviation fuel

Wet horse

And if they aren't odd enough, I used to work with someone whose husband was addicted to sniffing their cat's feet Grin

youdidask · 19/09/2020 17:56


Coldwinterahead1 · 19/09/2020 17:57

@youdidask Snap😂

AgeLikeWine · 19/09/2020 18:00

Surgical spirit
Silage / haylege.

I dislike floral smells.

Itshissister · 19/09/2020 18:01

A freshly struck match Grin

Itshissister · 19/09/2020 18:01

*not a pyromaniac.

crosser62 · 19/09/2020 18:02

Furniture polish.

EssentialHummus · 19/09/2020 18:03

Permanent marker. Burnt matches.

BananaLlamaConCalma · 19/09/2020 18:03

Freshly lit match
Freshly cut grass
Bleach clean house
Castrol R in old cars and racetracks

Emmenelle · 19/09/2020 18:03


Smallsteps88 · 19/09/2020 18:04

Burning peat logs
A smoking cigarette (not the stuff people have breathed out- the pre smoked stuff)

happysunr1se · 19/09/2020 18:05

There is a particular smell i have come across in municipal buildings...I want to say borax, but maybe it's not that. Anyway I like that smell.

And I like the smell of pencil cases and stationery cupboards.

dustybluebell · 19/09/2020 18:05

Shoe polish. The old metal round tin type.

MsWonderful · 19/09/2020 18:05

Brackish water, harbours and sewage treatment plants Blush it reminds me of being on holiday near the sea

ZaraCarmichaelshighheels · 19/09/2020 18:05

New carpet, leather.

BaldAndWild · 19/09/2020 18:06

Slightly burnt toast.
Watercolour "blocks".

I used to love the smell of exhaust fumes when I was a kid.

MsWonderful · 19/09/2020 18:06

Also LOVE the smell of newsagents/paper shops. A mixture of newsprint and confectionery

SurreyHillsGirl · 19/09/2020 18:08

Horse manure
The inside of a play school or infant school
Fusty old books

cicatrix1 · 19/09/2020 18:10

Durian fruit.
First smelt it in singapore and automatically loved the smell.

Cribbins · 19/09/2020 18:11


Cribbins · 19/09/2020 18:11

But definitely not dentists.

ladybird69 · 19/09/2020 18:12

Cigars! I hate smoking but love the smell of cigars!
New carpet
My Dear old dogs ears(rip)
Wood having words burnt into it.

AgainstAllOdds1 · 19/09/2020 18:12

Petrichor, tis lovely!

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